Dignity Funeral Plans - How a Funeral Plan works

how does a funeral plan work one of the

certainties of life for all of us

is that one day we're all going to need

a funeral we just don't know when it'll

be this is where a dignity prepaid

funeral plan can help it lets you take

control of the unexpected it helps you

protect loved ones from difficult

decisions and financial pressures when

the time comes a dignity funeral plan

makes it easier by sorting out the

essential arrangements and costs in

advance a funeral plan protects against

rising funeral costs there are other

ways which are often used to pay towards

funeral costs such as savings accounts

or over-50s insurance policies but these

don't provide the same guarantees as a

dignity prepaid funeral plan as funeral

costs have risen faster than both the

rate of inflation and savings rates it's

highly unlikely that money kept in a

savings account or what is paid out from

an over 50s insurance policy will be

enough in the future and you'll never

know for definite until the time comes

you see a dignity funeral plan helps to

protect against rising funeral costs and

uncertainty by paying in advance the

plan freezes funeral costs on the day

you take out the plan so that however

much costs may increase in the future

there will be no more to pay for the

services in the plan so you'll know

exactly how much you have to pay and you

won't ever need to worry about rising

funeral costs again

a funeral plan includes the funeral

arrangements as well

a funeral plan from dignity is more than

just putting money aside it takes care

of funeral arrangements in advance too

and guarantees to deliver the funeral

services set out in the plan which

include if the services of a trusted and

professional funeral director the coffin

hearse and if selected limousines the

minister's fees unlike most other plan

providers dignity also guarantee the

actual cremation or if you prefer a

burial contribution is also available

which increases each year in line with

RPI customer service team available 24

hours a day 365 days a year advice and

bereavement counseling for loved ones if

you want to you can personalize your

plan at any time with as much or as

little detail as you choose you can set

out your wishes for the ceremony itself

how you want the service to be conducted

special readings you'd like music you

want played your favorite flowers or

whatever you want and if you change your

mind or your circumstances change you

can alter the special wishes in your

plan at any time it's easy to apply with


taking out a funeral plan is simple

there's no medical or health questions

and everyone age 50 or over is

guaranteed to be accepted you can take

out a plan from the comfort of your own

home either online by phone or by post

I'm paying is easy too you can choose to

pay either by lump sum or by 12 monthly

installments you can also pay over a

longer period of up to 10 years if you

wish with an additional administration

charge the dignity guarantee when you

take out a prepaid funeral plan from

dignity your money is paid directly into

the independent national funeral trust

where it is held securely until the time

comes at which point the money in your

plan is used to pay the funeral director

it also means that should you want to

cancel you can at any time you'll get

your money back with only a small

cancellation fee to pay for added

security and peace of mind to you

dignity is also a member of the funeral

planning Authority the professional body

that oversees companies like us ensuring

we are dear to a specified code of

practice with your money securely held

the real purpose of a funeral plan is

the promise to provide a funeral at some

time in the future with a dignity

prepaid funeral plan that promise is a

guarantee when you take out a funeral

plan you're trusting us to be there and

look after your loved ones and at

dignity we take that responsibility very

seriously dignity has a network of more

than 1140 own or approved Funeral

Directors across the UK so there will be

one near to you and if you move home

your dignity funeral plan is secure it

will simply move with you to another

dignity funeral director at no extra

cost and you can be assured that they

all deliver the same professional and

caring service to the families they

serve whenever your funeral plan is

needed however much funeral costs have

increased its dignity who guarantee

there will be no more to pay for the

services in the plan

dignity is a financially stable company

with a long reliable history we are a

major provider of funeral related

services in the UK owning crematorium as

well as funeral directors across the

country this means that unlike some

other providers we have the stature and

capability to stand behind our

guarantees even if times the

difficulties what happens when you take

out a dignity prepaid funeral plan

once you've taken out a few more plan

from dignity you will receive a welcome

pack which contains all the details of

your chosen plan it will also contain a

funeral organizer path for you to give

to your loved ones which will tell them

everything they'll need to do when the

time comes

leaving you to get on with life

and living it to the full safe in the

knowledge that everything has been taken

care of when the time comes when the

time comes a single phone call to

dignity puts the funeral plan into

motion a trained and professional

dignity funeral director will take care

of everything and provide support and

guidance to your loved ones they won't

have to find the money themselves for

the services in the plan go through

probate or get the estate to release

funds because the money in your plan is

used to pay the funeral director with

all of the essentials taken care of in

advance your loved ones won't have the

stress or worry about deciding on the

most appropriate arrangements leaving

them to focus on their own personal

tributes each and every dignity funeral

director maintains the highest standards

of professional conduct facilities

services and care providing a friendly

and comforting service to each and every

family they serve

but don't just take our word for it 99%

of families said we had met or exceeded

their expectations and 98% of families

of our customers would recommend us to


what to do now dignity is the uk's

leading provider of funeral plans we've

helped hundreds of thousands of people

enjoy peace of mind having made

provision for their funeral in advance

dignities uk-based award-winning client

service team are available all day every

day to answer any questions you or your

loved ones may have

so now you've seen how a funeral plan

can help you and your loved ones prepare

for the future callers on 805 872 541 or

visit dignity funeral plans co dot UK

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