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inside you're here to talk about career

and don't worry okay all right well the

French word counts are here so I can

take care of that for you fill this

follow me we'll get started so much

journey you just have to sit wherever

you'd like just fear not first of all

I'm gonna give you a copy of our DPL

general process and that insight has

everything that we offer on there you

can look that over if you have any

questions just let me know it's sort of

prearrangement we can do all different

kinds of options here you know what can

put on file your information on what you

would like to do at the time will you go

the score picking out casket muna price

today and even as far as paying for it

in Appendix A and then deciding

insurance it's a great thing to do for

your family and I think you're making a

lot of decisions because people that

come in and do it beforehand can make

financial decisions a little more

clearly because they're not in such

distress and emotion you know one

that's a car well before we get too far

I just have a couple questions okay

neither end of money will be taken back

to my church and having the funeral

there or does it all have to be here at

the funeral home oh no if you think

about your church wherever you would

like to have the service you know we'll

get into those details in a few minutes

you know but we can certainly talk about

going to the church versus the chapel

okay now should I go ahead and talk to

the people that I want to be there or

should I write them down for you to

contact or should I go ahead and contact

them no no we'll take care of that at

the time we'll get down there their

names and if you have information as far

as phone numbers and things we can go

ahead and get that down but before I do

if it's okay I'd like to go ahead and

start a chart here this would be four

thousand if except for ranking that we

would name for death certificates and

the increments and things like that and

if we get all this down ahead of time

usually it's more correct because you've

given it to me and then also it saves

your family from having to go and give

me that information at the time which

can be hard

well that's what I would love to do here

okay all right well we'll start out with

all statistics and what I mean to begin

with is your full legal name okay okay

Brenda I think I'll pick this modest

cherry unit the Warfield okay that's a

very nice choice and I could certainly

got that man and would you like me to go

ahead and figure a price for you guys

process so you can see exactly what you

can pick they're out how much it comes

to absolutely okay all right if you'll

just maybe have a seat and I'll get you

some water and I'll get that figured out

oh you got it okay and this right here

is the grand total of what you picked

out it includes everything we've talked

about so I had went ahead and and

prepared documents as far as if you

wanted to go ahead and take

today here and not what you would do

certainly go ahead and get that taken

care of well this looks good but but let

me ask you what's the benefit of go

ahead and buying the insurance that

you're selling versus just keeping my

money in the bank and it growing over

time to take care of the funeral when I

pass oh well our our insurance is

specific to the funeral so what the

benefit is we are going to guarantee

that we can do what you picked out for

what's in the account now if you put it

in the bank and the amount that growing

up your family is going to be

responsible for the difference but we

actually guarantee it

so that if it falls short we take the

loss and but if it overpaid your family

would get that everything back but

that's the benefit if the prices are not

I don't like the term locked in because

the price is not luck men we are going

to our prices will increase but you do

have a guarantee and that's what's

important as far as your family being

covered with the interaction so either

way you guaranteed this process if I buy

your insurance i don't guarantee the

price I guarantee we will provide the

goods and services for whatever is in

the camp at the time okay well that

sounds like a good do I think I'll go

ahead and do that okay okay

John here it is the the part were

talking about the price guarantee and I

have kicked that it's guaranteed here

meaning that we will provide all the

business services that you picked out

for what then that count at the time so

I just need your signature right here

that you acknowledge that it is

guaranteed because sometimes it's not

take that this one is so I missed a

clear signature right here well let me

ask you before we do this even my family

has a summer home in Florida we spent

four months out of the year there if I

was to pass away down there what does my

family need to do is this money still

good or or is that just good for your

funeral home okay well what we do with

the money is we go keep it here well you

don't deposited in our account and I

always set it aside with a third party

that's what these forms are far they're

actually the insurance application and

it says I would with this insurance

company the reason we use insurance

company instead of the bank is it's just

a lot easier as far as paperwork wise

and taxes on the interest so it put

inside with a third party it's sitting

there and driving interest safe for you

it's something were to happen to you and

when you're at your summer home and you

decide to give someone there this is

this plus the interest is good anywhere

it's not locked into our funeral home

necessarily oh so that's why we like to

do it this way it's a safe safe place

for you to take your money even if you

don't use that so yes it and in that

show yes it would be good okay well that

sounds corrected

we start all this interplay germanium

and I hope we get care about your name

absolute and if you have you questions

when you get home or I'm here just give

me a pop I'm glad to help you any way I

can put around you surely have taken

care of a lot of thoughts off my head

well I'm glad all right you never get

out real thank you tap here


and that's a wrap

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