How to Sell a Domain Names at GoDaddy

hey now Mike chemin here and today I

wanna show you guys how to sell a domain

on GoDaddy so I have my domain already

in GoDaddy right now I'm actually back

in my domains right here I'm gonna go

over to the auctions tab and how you get

here views go to the domains investing

and you go to lists the domain they'll

bring you right here to list the domain

and now you want to pick a domain name

that you have inside of your GoDaddy

account and if you don't have any say

you go to any account that you can

verify it but for right now we're gonna

do inside of our GoDaddy account

I saw a domain called casino Airport I'm

gonna put in here

com just put that in here alright and

then you have your listing type so if

you sit the drop down offer counter

offer offer counteroffer with by now by

now only or seven-day public auction

usually I just do offer counteroffer by


some of them do that offer counteroffer

by now and I'll load up here and if you

did want to make multiple listings you

could do the multiple listings button

here but where some did this one for

right now all right now you don't come

to the pricing so with the pricing you

always wanted to look to hire for the

buy it now so since this deal with

casinos and airports I'm gonna do 49 n/a

and then the minimum offer you can set

your minimum afterward is and on let's

say I'm gonna get this or this is the

right price to set for this domain I'm

just using as an example

now GoDaddy is the king of up sales so

they're gonna try and upsell you on just

about every single thing they can when

you list this domain and it's free to

list when you're part of the domain

auction club so or or I think cost like

5 bucks to be part of the domain option

club but right here you can see if they

includes a website you can check that if

it's adult content you can check that as

well then you're gonna want to select

the category that's in so this isn't a

gambling let's see if I have a gambling

category here gambling right there

and you can select other four categories

if you want it for $2.99 more and you

can add a description

great casino domain all right so I just

put a little description they're great

casino gambling domain two words easy

remember and then right here again up

sales at GoDaddy if you want to make it

on the home page for our 20 bucks so you

knew that there's a lot of names I do

that if you want to make it on a

category feature page you can do that

for 10 bucks and then you don't want to

select your payment profile and if you

haven't got this set up if you don't

have one it'll have a link here like set

up your payment profile set up your

payment profile and then you want to

make sure you check the agreements there

and just hit finish and a payment

profile is just like putting your you

know first last name information and

basically your paypal email address or

your other form of I believe that allow

you to put in your bank routing number

to do that as well so once you do that

click OK and now if you didn't have your

domain that GoDaddy you just require use

copy and paste this into your txt record

there they verify it all right but now

since mine's up it'll be verified in

just a few minutes here probably and

it'll be up and ready to go

and once you list your domain you'll

also receive an email from GoDaddy

saying successful listing confirmation

so you'll you'll receive this email once

you list your domain right there on the

GoDaddy as you can see casino Airport

has been listed and it may take up to 72

hours for the compactive okay I want to

show you that they sell this email so

that you know that your listing has been

confirmed so I thought you sell a domain

on GoDaddy I hope this helped you guys

out now if you go to your search you

should be able to find it and see how

much it is worth

alright if you all learned some other

stuff about domains about where to find

expired domains where to find sold

prices of domains or how to buy a domain

on GoDaddy go ahead check out my other

tutorial videos that will help you out a

lot and I will see you guys in the next