Premium Bonds after a year: Were they worth it?

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so one of the most popular videos on my

channel is my look at premium bonds how

they work and how they compare to

savings accounts well i've actually had

my money in premium bonds for a year now

so i've always a good opportunity to

give you an update and show exactly how

much money i've made

in comparison to if i put them in a best

easy access savings account available at

that same time so i put 10 grand into

premium bonds on the 31st of january

2021 so that's 12 months they've now

been in that account one year exactly if

i had put the money into the best easy

access account right now let's say i

opened up an account right then on that

date the rate i was got would have got

was 0.55

which is pretty poor it did get better

throughout the year so maybe i could