Types of Preference Shares (Preferred Stock) - Explained in Hindi | #9 Master Investor

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Namaskar, my name is Mukul and welcome to Asset Yogi.

Friends in the last video we got to know the difference

between common equity shares and preference shares

If you haven't watched that video,

watch that before watching this video

So that you can understand it properly.

You will get the link below in the description.

In that video, we saw that common equity shares holders

mainly get returns in the form of share growth.

The company sometimes declares dividends, sometimes not.

And mostly very few dividends are declared,

if we talk in comparison to share price movement.

On the other side, preference shareholders are given

fixed returns in the form of dividends.

The company says take these returns of 12-14%.

These are always fixed,

Whether share price goes up or down,

or profit goes up or down.

You'll always get these returns.

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