Tips to Selling & Buying Collectibles by Dr. Lori

on this episode of value this was dr.

Laurie Carol and I are going to talk

about when you should sell your

collectibles how you should buy your

collectibles do you know if there are

authentic collectibles and it's the next

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kind of a winter wonderland here but it

lends itself to the topic today which is

collectibles and what is collectible and

how do you value your collectibles you

know people will collect categories of

objects so they might have a particular

object or type of objects that they like

you know maybe it's a Lladro finger

greens or Hummel figurines or any type

of collectible object so people will

amass these collections and then they'll

say well I have all these and now it's

time for me to sell what do I do

right so the first thing you have to do

is make sure that you're getting

authentic collectibles by that

particular company whoever that might be

right is in this day and age it's still

a good idea to be in that collectible

market because is there a market beyond

you and you want to sell it okay it can

be if you collect enough of them and if

they're all authentic because remember

now what we have in our 21st century

world is all of these people replicating

collectibles so the mass-produced pieces

you want to be aware of and careful of

because they may not hold the same type

of value and many experts can identify

the knock-offs

even Hummel figurines have knockoffs for

example you know so they were made in

Germany by the global company and then

what ends up happening is they in fact

are also knocked off by Japanese

companies so how does an individual know

oh I love the Hummel figures but now

I've got these others and they're not

Hummels okay so I know they're not as

valuable they have to be marked properly

they have to be made with the same

material and the same craftsmanship so

what you start to do when you're a

collectible collector you start to

educate your eyeball about what the

actual authentic ones look like so you

start to identify quality this is why I

tell everybody go to museums and learn

from what are the authentic pieces so

you can educate your eyeballs and spot

quality okay because if you're just out

buying fast something that looks really

close to what you have you could just be

buying junk yeah you're wasting money

yeah you're wasting money so you have to

make sure that you get those things and

there's certain things that are criteria

for those respected collectibles so

maybe it might be a particular mark or

maybe it might be a particular signature

or maybe it might be you know the way

it's constructed or the size of

something and these are all the clues

that experts use to authenticate

properly these objects how do you know

if you are seeing something right now

that's kind of hot over the last year so

that that's going to become a

collectible and you're in on the ground

floor okay my experience I always say

collect what's coming and what's usually

coming is of course that anniversary of

a particular collectible time period so

the longer a collectible stays in the

market over decades the more valuable it

is because they retire the old one so

you can't get the old one so the old

ones become more valuable and spike in

value okay but what about a new

collectible like you were mentioning

these things that everybody oh the

spinners yeah the little spinners well

they're collectible I mean those pieces

you know if you have a red one and a

green one is about as collectibles

you're gonna get or pong or yeah or

whatever is called those kinds of things

so basically when you start to see those

types of things coming to the market

remember it's the difference between a

fad and a collectible okay okay so like

the pet rock well it says something

about the 1970s and culture but it's

basically a fad right never gonna really

spark skyrocket to collectors and you

can't have all different types of pet

rocks there's one pet rock okay okay

alright so not a collectible all right

so so you have to sort of if you if you

think you're getting in on the ground

floor of some kind of a new trend like

the Furby right right right and then it

falls out of favor so and then remember

toys are not are collectible you can

collect them in categories but they're

not only collectibles and and you're

thinking milori I don't really

understand that well a toy like a Barbie

you can collect many Barbies but Barbies

are not collectibles okay so a

collectible doesn't do anything but sit

on a shelf well and you add to that

particular collection right for anyway

you're not playing with yeah it's for

the integrity of its display which is

why when we talk about collectibles we

oftentimes talk a lot about displaying

we also want to talk about how the

market changes right so the market will

change at anniversaries it'll usually

spike the market will also change when

some other related collectible comes

into the market so when you start to see

for using our Hummel figurine example

when we start to see the Hummels right

and then we start to see giant Hummels

you start to go okay so this collectible

market has sort of made a change a

transition in that time and that's when

everything in the market starts to

change as well is that a time to buy or

sell a a time to sell meaning the


starting to the market is starting to

change and that change could be for the

good but it could be for the bad okay so

if you see a change like that in a

collectibles history you may say okay

it's time for me to get rid of my early

collectibles of that type okay all right

it makes sense but it doesn't make sense

you got plenty more information on this

dr. laura be calm so many questions

answered and you can you know send a

couple of pictures of your collectibles

to dr. Lucas she hasn't seen enough

stuff in her not yet I'm still looking

I'm still looking but the collectibles

are fun to collect and fun to display

but you want to make sure that you get

the right thing absolutely dr. Laurie

thank you so much and thanks for

watching we'll see you next time