How to sell your Precious Metals.

hello everybody it's spectacular

the silverstack Euler today we're going

to talk about how to sell your precious

metals when it's that time so now I'm

making this video does that mean that it

is time now to sell your silver ah no

not necessarily that is up to you that

is a personal decision that you have to

make when you buy this stuff you also

have to consider when you may need to

sell it so that is all up to you so now

I'm just gonna give you some advice on

things you should look for to do etc

when it's time to sell so now I have a

few different things laid out here I've

got poured silver junk silver I've got

like collectible stuff I've got some old

like sterling silver things like that so

one of the first things I would

recommend to you is if you don't have it


you need to really consider getting some

form of other types of payment besides

like a credit card etc and I mean like

PayPal if you haven't got a PayPal by


you're really really missing out it's

it's a very trustworthy company I've had

PayPal for over a decade and I've never

been let down by them they're very buyer

friendly when the buyers on the right

and they're very seller friendly when

the sellers on the right they definitely

look out for both parties when that

person is in the right so I would

recommend getting PayPal also consider

things like venmo venmo is actually

owned by PayPal so again it is

trustworthy so now what a lot of people

will do is when it's time to sell they

just want to get rid of it maybe a loved

one has died and that inheritance has

gone on to you now and you're like

overwhelmed you don't know what all this

stuff is you haven't watched the videos

etc you just want to get rid of it it

may be the easiest for you to go to a

coin shop or a pawn shop and just get

rid of a lot

but I guarantee you if you do that

you're going to lose a lot of potential

money there for sure at either the coin

shop or the pawn shop without knowing

what you have now one really awesome

thing about precious metals is that

precious metals don't have to be sold to

pawn shops and coin shops and businesses

like that this stuff is great because it

can be sold from person to person other

people besides just you or your loved

one the past etc finds this stuff

valuable I do there's tens of thousands

of other people probably hundreds of

thousands of people out there ready to

buy this stuff at any given moment

because they also you know find it

valuable so don't think that you have to

go to some place that will sell it for

you because you know somewhere in your

neighborhood I'm sure there's somebody

or a few people that would buy this

stuff from you believe it or not is it

safe to go to those doors you know door

to door and say hey you want to buy some

so you know maybe not but I'm trying to

make a point that other people find this

stuff valuable so now let's say that you

don't want to just go to a pawn shop and

coin shop and make it just you know a

fast process and lose a lot of money you

want to try to get the most bang for

your buck so now first thing I would

recommend is doing a little research on

the things you have it's so simple you

could just you know grab a piece look at

it find out who makes it find out how

big it is find out exactly what it is

okay it's made out of silver and then do

a little research on it and find out

approximately the going rate for such a

thing you can do that by looking at

places that have sold it before so for

instance I got this off of social media

you could go to the right to the source

and find out how much that's being sold

for there you can look at eBay sold

listings I'm sure there's something

similar on sold listings you could ask

around in a community if you're in a

forum on social media what's something

like this

poured silver wise would go for so

that's definitely how you could you know

do some research look it up the Internet

is full of information I made a video

before about how to quickly check sold

listings on eBay that's that's a great

way to check out

you know what something is valued at so

let's say for instance you have a dollar

or right here two dollars worth of junk

silver just type in two dollars junk

silver coins on eBay and then go to the

options and switch it to sold listings

so you can see everything that's been

sold for that that's worded that way two

dollars junk silver and it will show you

what the average prices are not things

that are sold I mean it's it's what it

what a great resource for information

there so I would avoid things like like

when you're doing coins I would avoid

things like red book things like that to

get a accurate selling price you want to

go to actual like sold listings that you

can see at that very given moment so you

have an idea and also you may want to

keep that information handy somehow so

that you can give that information to

other people when it's time to sell you

can say well you know this right here

says it's sold for this much at this

time so that's kind of around the area I

would like to be when I go to sell mine

all right so you have ways to get the

payment like PayPal venmo etc you have

done your research you've looked on ebay

sold listings you've looked up prices

you've scoured the internet etc so now

where can you sell I would also

recommend considering getting an eBay

account if you don't already have one

and it's so simple to sell things on

there it's not even funny

and I would also recommend selling just

some stuff on eBay you know things

around the house there's things that

you've seen a dozen times around your

own house you're like I really don't

need that anymore I just I wish I could

sell it you can you can actually sell

that no problem you know wrap it up and

ship it out get that eBay account sell

those little trinkets here and there

build up some reputation so that when

people you know see your items there's

more people that are drawn in because

you do have a little bit of reputation

built up so it's that's easy to do find

something you like wrap it up in like a

little bubble wrapper or go to the post

office and get there free boxes or

bubble wrappers that they already offer

for their priority shipping wrap it up

have the post office put a label on

there for you pay pay them right there

and it gets shipped out

it's a really simple process a little

bit more simple and a little cheaper if

you have a little thing you can do at

home with like a computer a printer and

or a label maker and so a little cheaper

if you go through PayPal for shipping so

there's there's definitely some options

there and you can save a few dollars if

you're able to do it in your own house

and you just put it on your mailbox and

put the flag up and there it goes out to

the next person real simple but okay so

you know eBay is definitely a great

option but I feel like eBay is just a

little bit above in most cases what a

like a pawn shop or a coin shop will end

up buying it for not not not too big of

a difference but you could probably

still lose some profit you know some

possible profit there there is also a

profit possible 'ti that the auction can

start going crazy and it goes way up and

then you end up getting more than this

thing is actually worth if a lot of

people are interested in the bidding

starts going nuts alright now I want to

open your eyes to this possibility that

you think is just totally wild right

Facebook Instagram I know there's social

media you have people on their posts and

selfies of you know and and showing how

cute they look today because they you

know did their hair this way but it's

also a great place to sell stuff believe

it or not absolutely great and it's

totally free it costs you nothing to

both buy and sell there you can make a

page show what you have and say hey I'm

selling this right here for a hundred


and if somebody's interested they go

like hey I'm interested in that you

start communicating right back and forth

in that social media platform and then

you ship it out to them real simple real

simple and you can use things like

PayPal friends and family which costs

you nothing it costs them nothing extra

except for exactly what they're going to

pay you and ship it out now real quick

since I'm talking about PayPal I do want

to give you a quick warning PayPal is

very very protective of both buyer and

seller even more so for the buyers as

long as certain criteria are being

so for an example when a person ships

something out so let's say you're the

person and you're shipping out this

right here okay you wrap it up etc you

put a label on there it's in the mail

now okay as long as this right here goes

to the exact address that PayPal has

listed for that person when you do your

transaction when the person pays etc it

gives you a you know their address you

need to ship that out to that exact

address and they're gonna be able to see

so see you exactly where you shipped

based on the label that was printed so

now that has to happen otherwise PayPal

does not have your back and you could

lose out on a lot of money there and

potentially so otherwise if that label

says that this item was shipped to the

person as the seller you are protected

you have a lot of protection there and

if the person goes I didn't get it well

according to the label and the tracking

etc from the post office it says you got

it we're gonna go ahead and side with

the seller in this case so you know

that's something to think about that

they do have your back for sure as the

cell as the buyer if somebody you know

sends you something and they send it to

the wrong address they send it broken

it's you know this right here let's say

this comes in and it's got a giant chip

on it that didn't have that chip on it

when you when you first saw it you know

in the pictures and when you bought it

you sell that to PayPal they got you


you know like they're going to protect

the person that's that's in the right

for sure so I also want to say that

being said that is the regular PayPal

service now I want to talk about PayPal

friends and family for a second and VIN

moe PayPal friends and family is a

totally free service it costs nobody in

the extra money there's no fees it's

going to be taking out for you know

either party normally there would be

fees taking out for the seller with a

regular PayPal a little bit I think it's

like 3% will be taken out but that will

not happen with PayPal friends and

family but here's the catch there's also

no protection from PayPal either if this

gets sent out to somebody and the person

goes yeah I never got it you know

neither parties going to be happy


PayPal is not gonna help the buyer and

they're not gonna help you any other way

either they're gonna say hey you use

friends and family you know you guys are

on your own

there is no guarantees there is no

safety net when you use friends and

family so you need to buy from somebody

who's trusted so when you're buying on

one of these social media platforms buy

from somebody who's trusted build up

your reputation as a good seller so that

people can trust you to do the right

thing when it's time to sell them stuff

so now unlike Instagram and Facebook

again totally totally free people sell

stuff on there all the time

I've bought many things on there in fact

everything you see right here plus many

more things have been purchased from

individuals selling on Instagram totally

you know free for me to go on there and

look through their stuff it cost me

nothing above the price they quoted me

there was no fees the person that bought

our sold these to me had no fees on

their on their half it's just it's a

nice way to do things so again I bought

from trusted people they're very

reputable in that community and if they

weren't reputable if they were doing

some shady stuff that community would

filter them out themselves they wouldn't

you know people would be spamming them

with a lot of hate basically you know

telling them that you know they're

terrible and they would get no business

at all so these people do want business

they want to continue getting money so

they are going to do the right thing

that's just how it's going to work

so it's my opinion that in like places

like Instagram Facebook social media

even Craigslist potentially you know be

careful though be very careful with that

you know if there's a lot of safety risk

there with Craigslist if you do I meet

somebody meet somebody in a public place

but anyways those places right there

have the best potential to get the most

from your stuff now you know why is that

right because again when I was talking

about selling from person to person

rather than to a business when you sell

to like a coin shop or a pawn shop they

have to resell it and make money so when

you sell this right here maybe you get

you know 50% of you know whatever it

costs to them maybe since it supports

silver they ignore the fact that it's

art and they go yeah we're only paying

for the silver content only so you know

a piece that's you know worth close to

100 bucks now only goes for you know

maybe 80 bucks maybe 70 bucks you get a

lot less when you sell it that way so

there's none of those reselling concerns

when you sell stuff on like social media

platforms like your Instagram your

Facebook etc because those people they

may be like you were one day they do

plan on selling it but that is not their

business they're not trying to buy it

and resell it real quick they're buying

it to hold it so that's where you can

get the most bang for your buck it's

telling from person-to-person and like I

said before the great thing about

precious metals is you can do that you

don't have to sell to a business and I

get a lot of questions like oh what am I

supposed to do when I you know want to

go sell this stuff I don't know of

anybody who buys it there's many many

people that are buying this stuff that

is why they have businesses that sell

precious metals is because there's

buyers for it so don't be worried about

you know people buying it from you

because there is many people out there

that's gonna buy it so now let's say I

want to sell a big-ticket item right now

you know this right here let's just

imagine this piece right here is worth

about $1,000 okay you can't afford to

lose $1,000 in the mail all the time so

protect yourself as much as you can you

take lots of pictures of these things

take all the angles of the sides get

some close-ups of the coin front and

back that way you know if there's any

little certain spots on there you can

identify the coin that way you know that

there was a crack in the case then

that's already been told to the buyer

that way they know everything and if

there's any kind of description that

you're allowed to put in for these

things make sure you put that stuff in

the description too you know the hey

there's a crack here hey there's you

know a problem with the coin right here

you really make those focal so that you

can you know let the let the buyer know

that those those are the issues and when

they go to you know buy the thing

they're already aware of that there's no

surprises so now again we're saying just

for pretend because we're pretending now

that this is a $1000 little coin here so

now you want to put insurance on this

and when you I mean that when you go to

ship it out you know let's say you're

doing it at the post office you go to

the post office say yes I want to have a

1,000 dollar insurance on this package

and it's gonna be a few dollars extra

you know just don't worry it's not gonna

be a thousand dollars it's gonna be like

you know maybe like five six seven

dollars probably for a thousand dollars

worth of insurance and that just

protects you you know saying if

something happens if the package goes

missing one day that you have some kind

of claim that you can file and that's

you're you're saying that the value of

the package is a thousand dollars so I

would do that also consider things like

signature confirmation that cost an

extra couple dollars as well and that's

when you know this right here gets sent

out into the mail and it goes to the

person that person will sign for that

package saying that yep I received it

right then and there from the postman so

that's all that saying and that way you

have a little bit more you know

guarantee that that package actually got

to that person and PayPal will

definitely be siding with you if you

cover all those little little check

marks off let's say you are the seller

and you ship it to somebody and you know

the tracking on there is good the

tracking says the package was delivered

you know there's no problems the person

tells you yeah you know the package was

stolen I don't have it I understand

what's going on tracking says it was

delivered it was stolen it is not your

responsibility to find that package okay

and you are in no way responsible you

shipped it out once it leaves your hands

it's no longer in your hands think of it

that way when it leaves your hands it's

out of your hands

you can't do anything anymore about it

so when that gets to that person right

the buyer

it's the buyers responsibility to you

know contact you know their local law

enforcement to contact the post office

to try to find this package etc about

stolen items all that that's that's

their responsibility so don't be fooled

by some people that goes like yeah I'm

gonna need a you know a new one because

that one was stolen that's on them at

that point and it's it's rough to say

and it makes me sound like a bad person

but once it leaves your hands it's out

of your hands

simple concept alright now I want to

talk real quick about researching this

stuff and making sure that you're

selling it for the most money you can

some things I want you to pay attention

to right so let's say you have a coin I

want you to check things like dates


you know the type of coin it is you can

even look for you know rarities within

the coin different varieties etc think

about those things when you go to sell

because that's all going to increase or

decrease the value based on the

different numbers you know dates etc so

definitely research and know what you

have when it comes to coins because you

could end up having a simple looking

coin like this right here and it could

be a $400 quarter you just never know

unless you do know so make sure you do

your research

things like porch silver they could have

some rarities to them you know this this

could be a vintage pour it could be a

really limited edition one I've seen one

ounce poured silver bars though for a

couple hundred dollars so do not just

you know say like oh yeah it's poured so

typically it goes between twenty to

twenty-five dollars an ounce bah blah

blah that's what I'll sell it for make

sure you're researching this stuff these

little knickknacks like this like little

forks and spoons and silver pieces and

you know sterling silver etc make sure

you do some research on those because

there's some rare ones of those you know

Tiffany pieces for instance those are

through the roof he has some Tiffany

sterling silver you could be sitting on

a little mint or gold mine there so

definitely research this stuff like I

said go to ebay look it's old

things make sure you look at the little

numbers all on these things make sure

you identify who the maker is etc you

could be sitting on a little bit of

profit there when you go to sell junk

silver some people say that junk silver

is sold by the ounce we don't buy junk

silver that way we buy junk silver per

face right so let's say right here this

these are two half dollars we'll buy it

these two half dollars times let's say

ten dollars per face value right

so one dollar times ten is ten dollars

so ten dollars for these two pieces

right here okay so definitely when

you're when you're selling or buying

junk silver we're selling it you know by

you know times face it that makes sense

so don't try to do it by the ounce

that's not how junk silver works junk

silver is times face value so again 50

cents right here this is a 50 cent piece

times 10 because that's just assets

imagine that's the going rate is 10

times face right this would be $5 if you

have to that's $1 $1 times 10 times face

is $10 buy and sell like that don't do

it differently if somebody says that hey

I don't I don't buy junk silver people

you know that way I only buy it by the

ounce and be like okay well I like to

buy some from you buy the ounce then and

let's see how how well they do that for

you you know they're not gonna do it

that way then why would they do it the

other way - it doesn't make sense let's

say if you have collectible stuff so

let's say you have things like this make

sure it's not like a you know a rare

piece a limited edition piece you know

look all over it make sure there's not

like some stuff on the side saying

there's limited a certain serial number

etc you know check it out look for

things also when you go to sell it make

sure you note any kind of dents mark

scrapes etc you know let the buyer know

that when you go to sell it

put it back in this little box if it's

coming with boxes and stuff for COAS

make sure you identify those two that

they are coming with you know extra

things and COAS and whatever else the

case may be so you may not want to sell

everything individually you may want to

just try to get it all out as one lot so

now that could cause some problems

because where you have people that you

know collect just poured silver or just

junk silver they may not be like me

where they collect a lot of different

types of silver like right now I'm

really not interested in the sterling

silver I want a lot of this kind of

stuff right here what you see in this

area so you know I would I would see

this and I would value it personally

less so I would give the person less for

this whereas these right here I'm you

know I'm down to buy so that's that's

something to consider

that you could end up getting you know

less money so if you're gonna sell it as

a lot maybe sell these pieces right here


so the poured silver together so the

junk silver together so you're not quite

selling it all together but you're

making it smaller little portions and

it's more appealing to different buyers

that way more things before I go is I

don't want to see you get burnt on your

stuff when you buy this stuff don't

think that it's automatically taken long

you know a loss right away this is not

the same as when you drive a brand-new

car off the lot this is a little

different because again you're not

selling this stuff back to a car lot you

know I mean where you have to you know

just go ahead and take that hit because

you know they got to resell it you are

selling this from person to person those

people are not reselling it so I could

buy this for a hundred bucks and I could

sell this for a hundred bucks believe it

or not sometimes you can flip a lot of

this stuff for even more you find a good

deal rare piece where the case may be I

bought it for 100 maybe I can sell it

for 125 like how quickly shown you here

there are options out there for you you

don't have to be pigeonholed into

certain little shops and in places to

sell there are a lot of options and I

did not cover them all there's a lot of

other places you can sell to other

places on the internet you can go to

forums oh my goodness I've totally

forgot about forums but coin forums and

precious metals forums are

there and it's the same scenario now

people are looking for some deals on

there but they're also willing to pay

you a lot more than the coin shop or a

pawn shop is gonna be selling you know

they're buying these things from you for

I want to say don't be that dinosaur

it's just old school yeah I'm not

getting into social media I'm not

getting a PayPal I don't trust them you

know I'm not gonna I don't worry about

building a reputation etc those people

are bound to fail I want to see you sell

this stuff for the most possible money

that you can I see a lot of people that

they you know you know this or this

happens you know my whatever the case

may be my washing machine broke down I

need another one you know what am I

supposed to do I just got to go to the

pawn shop take a little extra time post

this stuff up on some social media get

more bang for your buck by - washing

machines right because who doesn't want

to washing machines anyways I don't

wanna see you get burnt I want to see

you do your best I don't want to see you

be that dinosaur that's afraid to do a

little changing and to do things a

little differently you know let's try to

sell this stuff for the most possible

you know we can't consider this that

when you go to these different shops to

buy you know you see this stuff right

here for you know 11 dollars you can see

it over here for 12 dollars and over

there for 13 dollars what shop do you go

to you go to the ones that sell it for

11 right generally you go for the lowest

price so let's be a you know let's shop

around when it comes to selling our

stuff as well we can take a little bit

more time and sell our stuff the right

way so we can make more money there's

definitely a lot more to consider when

it comes to selling stuff I gave you

some very basic stuff and just some

thoughts that there's other options out

there start this stuff now if you don't

have these this Instagram stuff these

Facebook's if you don't not a part of a

coin or precious metals form just get an

account there maybe once in a while make

a post etc just to build up some

reputation so people know that you're

you know you're the legit you're not

just some fly-by-night person that's

just in and out day after day you know

you've built some reputation I hope this

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