Getting licensed to sell LegalShield pre paid legal services

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hi this is David Griffin in Charlestown

Virginia wanted to make this quick video

to show you how to get registered to

with the state to sell legal services so

you must be licensed and there is a fee

fifty dollars and seventy-five dollars

for renewal so what you want to do is

you want to navigate to the Virginia

Department of Agriculture and Consumer

Services yes I did say the Department of

Agriculture to get licensed so you want

to go to ww vdac s that's virginia

department agriculture consumer services

virginia gov you'll land on this page

what you want to do is go over to the

left here you'll see some bullets

consumer services I click on that I

scroll down a little bit and there you

will see prepaid legal service plan

there's never to choose a number of them

to choose from and you want to go into

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