Becoming a Preneed Specialist and Preneed Basics at a Funeral Home

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How to sell pre need insurance?

Step 1: Understand the product Before selling pre need insurance, make sure you understand the product and its benefits. Research the policies and the company you work for to be knowledgeable and confident when presenting to potential clients.
Step 2: Identify potential clients Find people who may be interested in purchasing pre need insurance policies. This could include older individuals, those with dependents, or people who have experienced a recent loss.
Step 3: Tailor the pitch Customize your pitch to fit the needs of each potential client. Learn about their specific situation and present the policy in a way that will benefit them the most.
Step 4: Be transparent Be upfront about the costs, benefits, and limitations of the policy. Hiding details or being dishonest can ruin your reputation and hurt your sales in the long run.
Step 5: Follow up After making a sale, make sure to follow up with the client to ensure their needs are being met and to address any concerns or questions they may have.



hi everyone

we are here at brown funeral home in

michigan i'm here with mandy rodriguez

and she

is a pre-needs specialist so she is

going to

educate us and give a little more

information on how to make some

pre-needs differences in pre-needs but

we're going to learn a little more also

about how to become

a pre-need specialist because i know i

get a lot of questions about that so

tell me how long have you been here at

this funeral home

at this specific funeral home since we

started in 2004

um i've been in the funeral cemetery


uh for a little over two decades i will