Selling New Construction Homes | Tips for beginners

you know what be great I'm gonna do this

I'm gonna take the open the open house

flag here that all realtor's people that

do open house no I'm gonna tighter on my

neck and I'll do like the Superman pose

with you know with my arms crossed and

I'll pick a nice nice windy day where

this can be just flailing in the wind

behind me wouldn't that be cool

especially if you're gonna get your

photo taken for sunny cold but it's open

house day I don't expect a huge turnout

today because I didn't put out any posts

on Facebook regarding this I will now

but open house stays Sundays are also my

day to just get things done I've got a

number of people that I'm trying to get

their building agreements finalized and

get their stuff over to the bank so that

we can get some starts in December and I

think we'll possibly dig three three

houses this December all right first

thing I'm due to get all set up and

situated here is get all of the lights

turned on in the house and it's not that

everything looks better in you know

lighting when all the lights are turned

on but with a model home especially that

has lots of recessed lights you want to

make sure you're showcasing all the

lighting that's in the house so number

one and a lot of you may know this this

may be a no-brainer but get all the

lights turn on a mouse every single one

even if there's under cabinet lights

lights in cabinets the rangehood always

has lights

lots of switches in this house I'm still

still learning them all but number one

get all the lights or not a cool feature

in this house and I'll show show you

here okay so check out the lights behind

me here hey Alexa turn on welcome lights

come on automatically and then there's

gonna be music to place from these those

are features you're gonna want to make

sure to point out to the people walking

through this house because not only does

it just do something cool turning on the

lights turning off the lights turning

out music you can operate your TV which

is behind the barn doors hear the music

you can set this up so it links with

garage door openers locks on the front

door hey Alexa make sure lots are locked

and it'll check to make sure all the

locks are locked in and then the other

nice thing is when you're leaving hey

Alexa turn on goodbye is that'll turn

the lights off turn the music off kind

of shut everything down so it's a cool

feature and all these things are

designed to save time and that's

something that you can point out to the

potential clients that are walking

through here as everybody needs more

time so I believe you can also integrate

Alexa with choler has what's called the

DTV which is a system that operates

everything in the shower and I'll give

you a shot of that here real quick okay

so here's our master bathroom shower and

this is something that would be good to

let your clients know about as well

we've got two body sprays we've got a

fix our head and then we've got another

showerhead here on a slider bar this

would be a a handheld and instead of

having a separate valve for each one of

these three things which number one

coming into the shower it takes a little

bit of time to turn those valves on now

I realize that's not

huge time-saver but if you're trying to

get everything on one consistent

temperature or as the hot water and your

hot water cake drains down you have to

keep adjusting these valves to wear with

the DTV system you can simply turn on or

you don't have to get behind the wall to

fix the valve there's a box that is down

in the basement it's wired to the to the

keypad right here and if there's ever an

issue with anything that can be accessed

from the basement floor and they don't

have to get into behind your tile walls

which is a good thing you don't have any

tile repair or anything like that to

deal with do these cool fixtures that we

checked here or my wife picked for the

master shower so these are colors

vibrant French gold we got the black

sink gold drain me go with it we did

quartz this is one of my favorite rooms

of the house the office the study the

den the library whatever you want to do

with it we've got a sliding barn door

here and you don't see this until you

walk into the room but come into the

room here and it's a complete wild

factor you've got a 16-foot tall ceiling

just a really cool feature then we did

some nice up-and-down lighting some of

the nighttime it kills some of that dead

space some of that dead wall space when

you're doing an open house don't just

plan on sitting there and reading a book

or you know unless it's an educational

one or watching the game or scrolling

around on Facebook make sure you're

planning and getting work done because

you're gonna have days where you may

have a couple people that come in with

me or maybe nobody comes in and the

entire three hours that you're there

don't just sit there not getting

anything done feel productive have a

productive day and you'll thank yourself

for it something that's really really

cool about sales are commissions and

closing you usually get your

Commission's paid to you at closing my

case when a construction loan closes and

that's what we do here in the state of

Wisconsin is the client closes on the

construction loan prior

to us starting the bill so I actually

get a portion at the closing and then I

get the remainder of it after we

backfill the foundation and we take

what's called the first draw so we're

gonna be coming into December in a few

weeks here and Christmas is in December

and it's nice to have some extra money

around the holidays and I've got three

new construction home closings all in

the first two weeks of December for you

as a salesperson this is something that

I'm doing now for 2018 is determining

you know going through figuring out what

all of my expenses are what I'm spending

money on every single month and seeing

okay this is this is how much I'm

spending maybe this is how much I want

to stop spending but this is what I'm

spending and in order to pay my bills

and you know fun what I'm doing I need

to make this much per month which breaks

down to this much per week that's going

to tell you how many homes that you need

to sell and how many closings that you

have to have every month so I'm in the

process of planning that out for 2018 I

did not do that for 2017 I pretty much

just you know sold as many homes as I

could like I always do but it's way

better to have a plan and a big picture

in place so that you can focus on things

and really keep things you know there

there may be a matter of a week or so or

maybe you get complacent with somebody

and you start working on somebody else

but that first person that you were

working with if you were looking and

when you needed them to close on their

construction loan you were - kept

bringing them along so that they could

have closed a week or two weeks earlier

which could have a huge impact on your

budget and and paying bills as opposed

to working with the other client and and

moving them forward but you still want

to do but you should have placed the

priority on the client who is close sort

of to closing and making sure that

they're closing and coincides with with

your budget now you're not of course

just planning and moving people along

according to

your budget that's not the right thing

to do that's not what I'm saying

but once you've already got to commit

with a commitment with somebody and

you're moving forward with them their

closing is pretty much dependent on you

and how quickly you're going to be able

to do things so if you've got somebody

here and you need a commission check um

you know a month and a half from now you

better make sure that in two weeks their

stuff is at the bank so that they're

closing four weeks from then and you're

getting your commission in a month and a

half so those are just some tips on how

to plan a budget because that is one of

the hardest things and 100 percent

commissioned sales job is to plan and

budget but if you can control when your

commissions when you're closing closings

are going to be happening that'll make a

world of difference and make things a

lot easier for you alright well the days


okay let's end it like this so open

houses are still a hugely important tool

and resource for you to do especially if

you are just getting into this industry

this is a way to practice and like any

other profession that's out there you

need to practice if you're going to be

good at it

so with doing an open house you get to

practice and feel those questions that

you're gonna get how you're talking with

people leading them through the house

and there are going to be days where you

don't get a lot of people that come

through the open house and that's just

how it's going to be you can find other

things to do that can make you efficient

and keep your time occupied like putting

pricing together getting back to people

on emails so on and so forth still

something to always be said for coming

through the house walking through the

house meeting the salesperson seeing the

quality of the home no matter where

technology goes that's always going to

remain a factor

sidenote we're building that house can't

see it it's too sunny and if you're new

it's just a great way to get experience

and practice alright well thanks again

for your time if you find this video

helpful or useful for somebody who is in

the industry please like share if you're

just starting off in the industry let me

know you've got any questions what'd you

think of the new construction home

building industry thus far I would love

to hear thank you