Selling Google Adwords: How to Find PPC Clients - Prospecting Strategies For Advertising Agencies

hey guys this is Ryan in this video

we're gonna go over two quick ways that

you can find clients currently running

ads in a particular area for Google

AdWords this is useful if you're trying

to get clients for AdWords management

because it's easier to sell someone

who's already been sold if they already

have an account they're already spending

money on it it's as simple as just

saying I can improve what you already

got and secondly we're gonna be looking

for low-hanging fruit so people that you

are quite sure that you're gonna improve

their campaign immediately the most

obvious way to find these clients is

simply by doing a google search and

seeing who comes up in the advertising

space however you're gonna be limited by

the amount of clients that you see in

the first place both by the limited

amount of space as well as your IP

address which is associated to your

geographic location so the ads that you

see are only going to be the ones that

didn't negate your location I believe

there's a Chrome extension tool that you

can use to change your IP address and

see ads from different areas however the

tool that I'm going to show you right

now just does that anyways and is for

free so I'm just gonna show you how to

use that the first one you might already

know but the second strategy is

something I stumbled upon in the past

couple days and I haven't used this for

prospecting but it has a huge potential

for finding a lot of people all around

the country and I wasn't gonna

originally share this with you guys but

I think it's it's worth it it's a really

good tip and you're gonna eat it up so

let me know what you think about this in

the comments below and let's jump into

these two strategies okay so let's go

over the first strategy for finding

local businesses running ads in Google

depending on your area the device in the

language that you're using you're going

to need to have a Google AdWords account

to do this so once you have this all set

up go up to the wrench in the top right

corner and click that and then go to the

ad preview and diagnosis tool what this

tool is gonna do is pull up the results

based on your area and the device in the

language that you set for it and also

the search term so unless you say we're

looking for a family attorney or a

family law attorney and then we're gonna


area to let's say Boston and then we'll

leave it on English and a mobile device

and as this loads you're gonna see that

it shows all the ads as well as the

information such as the description the

headlines the extensions in this wall so

you can see what your competition is

running this is really useful for a

competitive research but what we're

looking to use this for is simply to get

the the URLs of the competition in this

area that is currently running ads so

scroll all the way down here and you can

see some of these call-only ads right

here further you can see the map results

and you can even see organic results if

you go to the very bottom you can see a

little bit more ads because usually

those will show up there so what we want

to do is just take one of these domains

you can't actually click this so you're

gonna have to just manually put it in so

let's do this one

Dyanne P long law

and the first thing you want to look for

is how fast the site loads in the first

place if you're looking for a

low-hanging fruit for clients that you

can help if they're websites the loading

slow and they're sending traffic to it

then that's a good sign that you can

improve their campaign immediately just

by improving their website the second

thing to note is whether they're sending

it to a landing page or a home page most

local businesses are sending their ads

to a home page which isn't necessarily

bad in some industries however it is

still sign that you might be able to

improve their campaign by increasing

conversions with a landing page the

third thing to look for is just general

design like does it look professionally

done is it doesn't make sense does it

flow well look for a phone number in the

top right corner as well as a call to

action for scheduling a consultation or

an estimate depending on the industry

you're looking at and just scroll down

and get a general sense of the website

so this one looks pretty good I probably

wouldn't even make any changes to it the

other thing that you want to look for is

how well it's performing on mobile so

right click on the site click inspect

and this is going to pull up a view of

the website in an iPhone and you can

actually change this to iPod mini or

ipad mini ipad pro iPad any form of I

phone and for this website it doesn't

look too great on mobile this is a

little bit too big this is too small and

the layouts a little messed up so this

would be like a minor change that I

would suggest but I would just use this

as a start off in an initial

conversation and just show that you

actually did some good background

research and you can add value to them

up front just by showing them an image

of this and saying you can probably

improve your conversions by simply

making these improvements to your mobile

version of your website because my guess

is they're also running to mobile

devices so they're probably they're

probably losing money on that v I think

yeah the fifth thing that you want to

look for

is whether they have tags on this site

so if a prospect is running ads to a

website to the homepage it doesn't look

that good on mobile and they also don't

have tags on their website it shows that

they probably aren't tracking

conversions and in that case it's going

to be really easy for you to quickly

tell them you can improve their campaign

essentially they're throwing money into

the wind if they're not tracking

conversions so that's a big deal so get

this Chrome extension if you don't

already have it Google tag assistant you

can do the same exact thing with

Facebook so Facebook pixel helper if

you're trying to sell those services but

for Google tag assistant just press a

naval once you have this and then

refresh the page and this tag managing

tool is going to pull up if they have

any sort of Google Analytics a Google

tag manager any sort of tag really

sometimes it's a little redundant but

what this is going to tell you since

this has no tags on the site is that

they're likely not tracking conversions

even if this did show Google Analytics

or other tags like Google tag manager it

doesn't necessarily mean they're

tracking conversions however you can be

quite sure that they aren't when there

aren't any tags here so this is someone

that I would definitely reach out to

let's just check their contact

information a good thing to look for by

the way when you're prospecting is just

to see yeah this email is a good one

DP long 8ey at law office you can tell

this is likely going to the decision

maker at this company so it's not like

some generic email address like info app

so this would be a really good prospect

and this is a good one to start off with

so we're lucky we jump to this one not

every client is going to be low-hanging

fruit like that but that's generally

what you want to look for then head back

to Google preview and diagnosis tool

here and you can switch this to like

tablet or mobile devices and the ads

that show up are likely going to be

different so let's just see here oh

that's mobile

so this is on desktop you see some of

the same businesses advertising here and

you could probably see this if you just

searched for this in that area but if

you're not in Boston then this is really

helpful so yeah anyways that's the first

strategy to use the second one is a

little bit more under the radar a little

ninja this is something I figured out a

couple days ago so let's just jump back

over to the main dashboard here and

you're gonna need to be running ads for

in targeting keywords in the local area

that you're looking to prospect in in

order to leverage this strategy you

could do so with a simple like five

dollar day campaign and just run all

those leads to a Fillion Network that's

what I would suggest doing it but let's

just I'll just show you what it is first

so click on the campaign itself so this

one's for a divorce attorney and you go

to auctioning sites up here you may

already know about this I knew about

this for a while but never thought of it

in terms of prospecting and what this

will do is bring up all the different

businesses currently running ads and

that you're competing against and this

was really useful information just

because it gives extra data such as

impression share which is going to show

you pretty much how much of the market

share they're actually getting which is

a good sales tool for sure like if you

go to Jay James law calm and you reach

out to this person you can show them a

snapshot basically of their impression

share and say you're hey you're getting

less than 10 percent of your market

share for your ads right now further you

can look at the average position and you

can say let's say Petro Petrov law net

their average position is the four spot

although ads above the map area

sometimes there's up to five there's not

always up to five so if their average

position is that four then they're

likely not getting seen as often as they

should be or it could be and there's all

these other columns that you can look

into yourself if you just hover

we'll explain each one these are

basically how they're competing against

you and how your ads overlap with theirs

but anyways this is really useful

information I think this gives more than

this other strategy if you use the

preview and diagnosis tool so let's just

go to one of these real quick like

Petrov law dot net good thing is you can

just copy these two you don't need to

put them in manually and this website

loads pretty fast it looks really good

and phone numbers up there it's got call

to actions it's pretty clean they

definitely hired someone to do this

unless they're just good at design in

the first place let's look at it on

mobile on mobile it's decent as well I

would say right here they should fix the

coloring at least of the headlines here

that's a little low but you can use that

as an outreach tool just to add value in

a small way just to get your foot in the

door and exiting out of this let's look

to see if they have any pixels you can

tell they have a Facebook pixel in here

so they're likely running Facebook ads

so enable that and then refresh this and

you can see that they also don't have

any tags on here so it's likely that

they're also not running or tracking

conversions which is pretty awesome for

these guys because well not awesome for

them but awesome for you to reach out

because they have a well-designed site

in the first place so all you need to do

is set up tracking for them and you

likely can just send traffic here and it

will convert well and a strategy would

be to not even try to set these people

on management services so you don't need

to go in guns blazing and try to say hey

also management of your AdWords for the

next few months for this amount of money

instead you could just do one off and

tell them that you could sell them a set

up of conversions so you can just do

like 50 75 100 bucks just to set up

conversions for these guys whatever you

want to price it but that's a good foot

in the door it's a smaller

and service that you can offer and then

the next step up from there is simply to

say hey I can manage these for you here

are some improvements that I can make to

your campaign once you're in it you'll

be able to see specifics of what you can

do and you can just continue adding

value to them over time and say hey you

can improve this you can improve that

and then pitch them on selling the

service monthly so hopefully that's

interesting to you guys I found some

uses myself for this I might

I looked into running a national

campaign and running that traffic and

the leads to a landing page and then

sending those leads to an affiliate

Network and then just looking at the

data on a national scale but you're

going to get a lot of national

advertisers rather than these local

advertisers so I think if you want to do

it that way and just get a bunch of data

you're gonna have to set up campaigns

for like individual cities and then run

ads in those cities each and then it

will break down more granular data of

who's like advertising in each city it

sounds like a lot it sounds like you're

going to spend a lot of money but I

think for 200 dollars you're gonna get a

really good list of people who are

advertising and and may not be doing it

the right way so you can reach out to

them and it's gonna be a lot easier to

sell them let me know in the comments

below if you guys end up using this and

getting a client or any ideas that you

have for this I plan on using this for

the new year and prospecting quite a bit

with it so I'll let you know and keep

you updated with that if you like this

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time guys Cheers