How To Make Money Online With Powerpoint Presentations! - Perfect For Beginners

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so in this video I want to show you guys

a really easy method you can use today

to start making money with PowerPoint

slides and affiliate offers so let's go

hey guys this is Ayub from viral world

and today I want to show you a method

you can start making money with like

always so in this method you need two

things to make it work an affiliate

offer which I'll show you how to find

and SlideShare now SlideShare is

basically the YouTube of PowerPoint

presentations so think of a platform

just for you to upload PowerPoint

presentations or slides and what I like

about this method is that you don't need

a website that you rank on Google you

don't need to worry about building a

website SEO or anything like that

because most of your traffic is coming

from SlideShare and Google because

SlideShare already has the authority

within Google they have the backlinks

they have the PageRank they're our

trusted source - the big G so whatever

you post on SlideShare will easily get

ranked on Google within a week or two on

the search results and you'll end up

getting more traffic to your slides and

the good thing is you won't only be