How To Make Money Online With Powerpoint Presentations! - Perfect For Beginners

so in this video I want to show you guys

a really easy method you can use today

to start making money with PowerPoint

slides and affiliate offers so let's go

hey guys this is Ayub from viral world

and today I want to show you a method

you can start making money with like

always so in this method you need two

things to make it work an affiliate

offer which I'll show you how to find

and SlideShare now SlideShare is

basically the YouTube of PowerPoint

presentations so think of a platform

just for you to upload PowerPoint

presentations or slides and what I like

about this method is that you don't need

a website that you rank on Google you

don't need to worry about building a

website SEO or anything like that

because most of your traffic is coming

from SlideShare and Google because

SlideShare already has the authority

within Google they have the backlinks

they have the PageRank they're our

trusted source - the big G so whatever

you post on SlideShare will easily get

ranked on Google within a week or two on

the search results and you'll end up

getting more traffic to your slides and

the good thing is you won't only be

getting traffic through Google but

through SlideShare itself because like I

said SlideShare is a platform like

YouTube there's traffic in the platform

as long as you use keywords in your

description and everything you should be

able to get ranked and for people to see

your slide now you're probably thinking

to yourself why the hell am i making

powerpoints am I going back to my high

school and college days by the way guys

one fact in middle school I copied a

whole slideshow for a history project

that I downloaded off Google a perfect 8

Plus on that project anyways guys the

reason why you're making powerpoints is

to build the value okay because as you

know with selling anything on the

internet or online you need to build

that value first okay you can't just

come out of nowhere and sell tickle

traffic and expect to convert so build

that value first with giving them the

PowerPoint presentation how to do

something teach them about something

they don't know and then you hit them

with that offer so what you'll be doing

is making four to five page slideshows

powerpoints about a niche whatever it is

that you're doing and I'll go over the

different niches but you make the

PowerPoint and then at the end of the

PowerPoint you link to the affiliate

offer landing page which then hopefully

turns into a sale but basically that's

how or a build a slideshow give value in

that slideshow help them out in whatever

they're searching for and then

their problem with that affiliate offer

link to that affiliate offer in the end

of the slideshow and in the description

though let's go to my computer screen

and show you how the process goes and by

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guys so like I said you need two things

so SlideShare you need to sign up for an

account so sign up for a cow with a

SlideShare a SlideShare is owned by

LinkedIn so I think you could just sign

up your LinkedIn account and linked up

just sign up for an account on

SlideShare and as you can see on

SlideShare these are today's top slides

this slide right here got 1 million

views so SlideShare is a really powerful

platform as you can see just it's just

like YouTube ok it's just like YouTube

it's just like YouTube but it's

basically just for stuff like slideshows

powerpoints I think you didn't even

upload books to this PDF books so what

you basically do like I said you find a

problem people are having and solve it

in that slide ok and then find an

affiliate offer that can solve that

problem at if people are having okay so

you're solving it by giving value in

that slide and then you're linked into

an extra way that they can solve that

problem through an affiliate offer ok so

as you can see this is an example ok

this is an example of what you can do so

this says simple weight loss tips

secrets and strategies of losing and

maintaining weight it's basically just

telling you about losing weight for

basic principles of weight loss you just

given value again value through this get

enough sleep all you got to do is give

them value ok give them value through

that PowerPoint teach them either by

teaching them something that they didn't

know or helping them out and then at the

end you can hit them with that offer ok

so what you do is put the offer link at

the end of the slideshows ok ok so at

the end of the slideshow you can put the

link you can tell them click this link

here to see other ways to lose weight or

whatever it is and then you get and then

you're gonna direct them to an offer and

you can also put that

here in the description so just like I

said this is just like YouTube as you

can see there's everything just like you

see they have the views they have the

title they have the description as long

as you can title your title that with a

good keyword a good description you're

easily gonna get ranked okay because a

lot of people are on here don't even

focus on that they're not focusing on

ranking on SlideShare or ranking their

SlideShare presentation within Google

and like I said not only are you gonna

get views from SlideShare itself but

you're gonna get them from Google just

like I found this one right here see

right here it's ranked within Google I

found it right here so yeah that's what

you do you basically make slideshows

four to five slideshows just giving

value in them and then you link to the

affiliate offer at the end and in your

description make sure you always rank

make your title look good SEO friendly

your description SEO friendly just soak

it rank in Google and you could get more

views on your PowerPoint and yeah you

don't want to do just one PowerPoint and

sit there and wait to make money you

want to make a lokay I'm talking about

five powerpoints a day 20 powerpoints a

month okay just so you can get that

initial traffic if you do 20 powerpoints

a month one of them has to get ranked on

google or ranked within SlideShare the

platform and it's gonna get views and

they're gonna start clicking on that

link so guys to find these affiliate

offers that you're gonna be promoting on

the slideshows all you got to do is go

on offer vault ok and search the niche

that you're actually doing so in that

example where I showed you guys

weight loss I'm just gonna search for

weight loss so let's see if we can find

a good one hold on so this is like a

ketogenic diet and you get one hundred

and forty four dollars per sale so if

you make slideshows here about ketogenic

find an offer you want to promote you

want to promote so let's say I want to

promote this offer and I want to make

ketogenic cariogenic diets every I would

I want to just talk about ketogenic

diets on those powerpoints on SlideShare

and I'm just gonna make powerpoints on

ketogenic diets so I joined that Network

this is promoted by max bounty okay this

is the affiliate network

so offer vault is just basically a

search engine that finds you the offers

once you find the offers it's gonna take

you to the

network that's that has these offers

available so let's say let's say we

actually join the network once you join

the network you're gonna wait for them

to approve you

they usually approve within 24 hours if

you talk to them on skype and this is

gonna be a really good one because right

here as you can see in the landing page

it looks like it it would convert well

because it tells you right here right

when you get on the website it tells you

your height and it tells you your height

and weight and when you enter that let's

see five five eleven wait and then once

you enter your email tells you free tote

bag okay

and once you activate that free tote bag

I'm guessing they make you apply for a

dire or whatever a diet plan whatever

this is and then once they actually

convert on that offer you you get paid

one hundred and forty four dollars so

imagine putting out thirty powerpoints a

month and you don't even have to get a

lot of views on these powerpoints you

could get like fifteen views on a

PowerPoint and as long as one person

converts that's a hundred and forty-four

dollars and most of the time you're

gonna find that these people actually

convert because they're searching for

this stuff on Google okay that's how

they found this PowerPoint by searching

on Google as you can see lose weight

well yeah guys you get the point all you

gotta do is give value and help people

out with the powerpoints what they're

actually searching for if they're

searching for how to lose weight with

the ketogenic diet make a PowerPoint

five slides helping them out with how to

lose weight with a ketogenic diet what

you need to do what you need to eat

whatever and then at the end you could

tell them if you want to lose up to

seven pounds and your first seven days

with a ketogenic diet then click right

here and you're gonna direct link them

to that landing page with it which is

this one right here and it's gonna

linked them it's gonna link them to this

landing page and hopefully they're gonna

convert so yeah guys it's that easy

remember posting one PowerPoint is not

gonna do anything you need to post a lot

of PowerPoint so think of twenty

powerpoints a month thirty powerpoints a

month just do one PowerPoint

presentation a day and post every day

just like you're posting on YouTube post

one every day on SlideShare okay and

hopefully they start getting views once

they start getting views

you're actually gonna get free traffic

that's free traffic that's gonna click

on that link and hopefully convert you

get that cold traffic at first that's

searching for this stuff searching how

to lose weight on a ketogenic diet they

stumble upon your powerpoint they read

it and then you turn them into warm

traffic at the end of the PowerPoint or

in the description of the PowerPoint

link them to the landing page and

remember this is just an itch that I

came up with randomly okay you don't

have to do with fitness you don't have

to do weight loss you could think of any

type of niche that you're interested in

and even if you're not interested in

okay just go through all four vault

you're gonna find a lot if you're having

a hard time choosing a niche to write

about on the powerpoints just go on off

the vault first okay you don't have to

write up a PowerPoint you can go on

offer vault first and see what's

actually going on what people are

promoting so we see here find a girl

making maybe you could do dating advice

okay that's popular that's an evergreen

niche that's always gonna be popular

just like fitness and if you don't know

how to make powerpoints then I don't

know what to say powerpoints are the

easiest thing to make you could make

them on PowerPoint if you don't have

PowerPoint that's fine you could use

Google slides same exact thing and then

you export them save export and put the

PowerPoint on SlideShare posted on there

so SlideShare is basically just like

YouTube you're getting free traffic and

you want to convert that free traffic

through that affiliate offers okay and

you can do some advanced stuff later on

you can do some advanced stuff where you

send them to your own landing page and

collect their email and then once you

collect their email you could actually

use those emails to actually make your

own course on ketogenic diets or

whatever it is that you're promoting or

make your own ebook and sell it for

seven dollars or eight dollars okay you

just gotta think outside the box okay

guys you got to be creative with this

and you got to add your own twists my


whenever I'm posting a method on YouTube

you always got to think of a twist to

add on okay just because you go and take

this method and do the same exact thing

that I said doesn't mean it's gonna work

for you okay you need to add your own

twists and be creative with it that's

what I learned through my internet

marketing journey that just because

someone is showing you what to do step

by step showing you what to do doesn't

mean it

gonna work okay you need to add your own

twist to it like I said your own twist

could be collecting their emails okay

you don't have to make the sale right

away you could collect their emails and

then email them a series of

autoresponder emails you could send them

that affiliate offer through email you

don't have to make them buy right away

okay so that's just the thought anyways

guys if you have any questions with this

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