PV-TV EPISODE 4: How much solar power can a home sell back to the grid?

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How to sell power back to the grid?

Step 1: Install a solar panel system at your home or business to generate excess electricity to sell back to the grid.
Step 2: Register your solar panel system with your local utility company to become a supplier of renewable energy.
Step 3: Negotiate a power purchase agreement (PPA) with your utility company to sell your excess energy back to the grid at a set price.
Step 4: Install a bidirectional meter to measure the amount of energy you are sending back to the grid.
Step 5: Start selling your excess energy back to the grid and receive payments for the energy you produce.


welcome to episode 4 of PV TV which is

the solar TV show yeah yeah it's like a

TV show we answer all your solar

questions and today's question comes

again from Claire who's one of the

lovely ladies who works here upstairs

who said to me today she said Sam just a

second question on the show four

episodes in Claire you're a gun so

today's question comes from Claire who

asked me how much power can you sell

back to the grid on to the power lines

from your solar system like if you have

a solar system when your house and

you're selling power back to the grid

what's the limit on that well the short

answer is there is no limit on how much

you can sell back to the grid it's great

don't put a limit on you insane thank

you for watching

they don't say well you know we'll cap