5 ways to SELL your ART!

what's up guys welcome back to another

powdery video how are you doing today

sorry my voice is a little got a little

sickness but today we're talking about

how to turn pots into cash how to sell

pots this is something everybody that

makes pottery wonders about yeah I can

make it but how am I gonna sell it so we

got five different ways that we're gonna

sell pots let's do it


all right before we get started on this

video I just want to say a shout-out to

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the clay for more information okay so

we're talking about five ways to sell

your pottery so this list that I have it

starts out basically the order that I

have kind of sold my pottery so you

don't have to do this at all you can

start with number five you can start

with number one you can start with

number three but the number one the

first way to sell your pottery is to

friends and family I remember when I was

first starting out one of the first

things that we did was ec my wife and I

who's also an artist we put together a

little art show and we just invited our

friends and family and said hey if you

want to come along and check out our

pots buy some pottery so that's number


friends and family number two this is

probably one of the most popular ways to

sell pottery is at arts and crafts shows

so you set up your 10 by 10 foot booth

you set up your shelves and you sell

pots so this is a great really common

way for people to do it

summertime I mean you get a ton of

people in one area coming through

looking at different art some of the

pros to selling at art fairs is you have

people that are there to look at art

they have money to spend you capitalize

on a lot of people that are coming

through you don't have to pack and ship

any pottery most the time people are

there they're ready to take it home

right then some cons is you have to pack

it up and travel set up and take down

can really take a long time so there it


number two pros and cons of art and

craft shows number three would be sell

it in retail locations so retail for me

would kind of be like what I do with

mocha monkeys so I sell the pots in my

coffee shop and so retail could be

anywhere from

he shops to like gift shops like home

decor shops that sort of thing some pros

and cons to retest selling in retail you

don't keep a hundred percent of the

money most of time when you sell out of

retail they're gonna take a percentage a

cut that's obviously a con a pro would

be you don't have to pack and ship it

you bring a bulk load or you send a bulk

load and then they worry about the

logistics of distribution yeah retail

the fourth way to sell your pottery

would be through a gallery and so

galleries it's similar to retail it's

kind of the same thing but the only

difference is is that a gallery is more

of an art centered area and so they're

gonna display really nicely often a big

con - this one is often the galleries

will take 5050 so you're actually only

getting 50% so for that reason they

price it higher but typically the person

that goes into a gallery is looking to

spend a little bit more money so that's

that that's the fourth way and last but

not least the fifth way to sell art how

to sell your art the fifth way is online

so this one I'm gonna do a whole video

about just ways to sell online but I'll

go through some of them really quickly

so online you got Etsy you got eBay you

got Kickstarter you got websites

WordPress Squarespace what else

Wix there's an endless amount of ways to

sell online so the bonus so my bonus one

so it's actually six this is number five

and six they're kind of combined but

they're kind of separate so you can sell

online through a place like at the eBay

whatever Kickstarter but you can also

sell online through the social media

sites so like Facebook Instagram Twitter

you post a picture on there and you say


anyone want to buy this pot if you want

to buy it message me and then people

will message you say hey I want to buy

that pot then you use PayPal or you use

venmo and then you can take payment and

then you send them their pot it's as

easy as that

I mean basically selling pottery or

selling art in general it's as easy as

that you're collecting money from

somebody and you are giving them a pot

in return sure so you're just looking

for different ways to do that the pros

and cons to online the huge con for

selling online is packing and shipping

you got a package you got a ship it it

takes time it's expensive it is it for

sure you have breakage things break but

the huge huge Pro to selling online so

you're opening yourself up to the entire

world six billion people have the

opportunity to buy your pots

tune in for in one of my next videos

I'll do a whole thing about just selling

pottery online so that's things like we

just completed our Kickstarter all these

pots that are back here that you see are

all going out for the Kickstarter that

we just finished we raised over $15,000

to help build this studio that we're in

and so that is the Kickstarter so I'm

gonna talk about that we've sold on Etsy

we've sold stuff through a website on

WordPress House of we've sold just like

private messages someone private

messages us on Instagram and says hey I

wanna buy this pot how much is it so

yeah there's opportunities online are

crazy we got a package we're gonna open

a package now we got a package in the

mail yes we do - John the Potter from

Paul Bob's kik Paul Bob's his name oh

yeah so this is a little sneak peek of

the new studio while we open a house the

echo the echo is still really bad I was

hoping we got stuff in here and it would

go away maybe it's better what do you

think better not baby mmhmm yeah

well that was aggressive PB and clay

that's very cute P being clay yeah

this mug looks like it's gonna be pretty

sweet Wow very cool that's awesome yeah

what do you what else do you think about

it you like the brown yeah it's a nice

handle yeah what else do you think about

the mug very nice Paul I love it those

it right away it looks like so smooth on

the bottom my name is Peter Bob I'm a

ceramic artist and educator the name

ceramics off-and-on so check out his

Instagram at Peter Bob's or this his

Studios Instagram at clay on first so

thanks Peter Bob's check him out on

Instagram at Peter Bob's and thanks so

much for the mug I really do I really

think it's it's very well done I don't

know I don't have any critique for it I

like the handle I got I'll use it for a

few days and then Allah I'll report back


California advice that he can get about

growing the business or being a more

consistent thrower yeah do you want to

show them show them show the camera show

them what it is so consistent throwing

comes from time on the wheel that is the

one and only thing that makes you a more

consistent thrower is tons and tons and

tons of time yeah yeah

that's it MOG after mug after mug I

think the best thing that I've ever done

for my throwing was when I said I was

gonna make 250 mugs for my wedding so

everyone that came to my wedding got a

mug that I made and it was one of the

best things for me as a Potter to throw

250 mugs in a matter of a month that I

tried to be all pretty similar so I take

throw throw throw throw the more you can

throw throw sets of things okay alright

so the more you can throw sets of things

so if you throw 10 of one thing or

twenty one thing or thirty one thing

then that makes you just really

consistent just keep working at it so

exciting this video is not about the new

studio though so we're gonna have to

wait till it's a little bit more done

I'll give you just this quick a quick

peek ready just a quick one it's just

gonna be really quick oh that's it

that's all I get right now that's all

you get stay tuned though for some

future videos we're gonna do videos all

about this we just finished making this

table finished making those shelves so


thanks again shout-out to our sponsor

content with the clay thank you so much

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