How To Make Legitimate Marijuana Money | The Highs And Lows Of The Weed Business

I moved out here because I didn't care

for the lifestyle and the pace of life

from the East Coast I moved from New

York City

I have always consumed you know in my

life I never expected to be in the

cannabis industry

I'm Jeremy Bamford I'm the CEO and

founder of pop

we were created as a resource for

consumers for marijuana tourism in

Colorado we're an ancillary business

meaning we don't touch the plan we don't

grow it we don't sell it we're a

strictly informational our website is

comprised of business directories

showing people where to buy where to

stay and what to do and so essentially

you know we don't provide any our

services ourselves other than promoting

these businesses we are hoping to change

the way that people view the cannabis

industry some people still think that we

just come to work and get high or you

know we're just going to events and

there's often this this different light

that I shed upon the industry that

really should should not be there

anymore really challenging part of the

cannabis industry is raising money a lot

of these investment firms are very

cautious about investing this industry I

mean they understand art the growth rate

cannabis was the fastest growing

industry in the US and 2014 and 2015 I

know there's expected to be over 12,000

dispensaries open in the United States

by 2020 and so this is a huge industry

the stigma that the cannabis industry

carries is very interesting and one that

we continue to fight every day it took

us once a months to find a banking

solution and the banks are very

concerned about accepting our deposits

because they know a lot of our revenue

is generated directly from promoting

dispensaries and obviously were

accepting money from them so we're kind

of one one off the chain from the drug

money I guess you could say most of the

companies are receiving funding not

provincial capitalist firms but from

angel investors it's the best in our

companies they have to be what's called

an accredited investor and to be

accredited and in regards to the eyes of

the IRS you have to have over a million

dollars of net worth excluding your

primary residence and/or earn a salary

of $250,000 per year

we're seeing these larger companies come

around and recognize the value that

cannabis can bring to their business and

so some of those larger names

I know ones that we are working with in

the very near future are more accepting

and realize the potential and obviously

the money that can be made there one of

the biggest issues here is is

consumption and where do people consume

at and especially from a tourism

perspective Colorado does not allow

social lounges for marijuana consumption

very--it there are some gray area

businesses operating but there hasn't

been a lot of clarity so you're seeing a

lot of tourists come out here and they

have nowhere where they can actually

combust like smoke a joint when it comes

down to it people are asking well once

we buy pie weed where do we go what do

we do we hope to be able to overcome

that and be able to provide our users

with an answer to that right now

Denver and Colorado we're forcing people

to break the law that is something that

you know as a legitimate cannabis

business we do not want to support that

I mean that leads into this huge issue

about driving under the influence we

don't have that test yet to accurately

determine from a legal standpoint

whether or not a person is high that is

definitely a topic a huge topic

especially in the state of Colorado it's

interesting to think about you know when

you're on the road who is high and you

worry about that with drinking but all

of a sudden now you have another

substance which you know we believe

should obviously be respected but where

is that line

I saw what you know the investors and

what other people are seeing in terms of

the potential the industry if you know

the green rush as they're calling it

this community that we've become a part

of in Denver we're leading the way

people are looking towards us to

establish the start of this revolution