Selling Weed Legally


CHADD MCKEEN: In a time where our economic stability is--

it's in shambles.

We're in trouble.

And if we're not willing to look at possible solutions

outside the box, we're doomed.

If money could grow on trees, wouldn't we start growing

those trees?



I really get a feeling you can't imagine

when you help somebody.

You have somebody come in here who's dying.

And they say, hey man, I'm dying, and they tell me I got

x amount of months to live.

I'm not even going to be able to enjoy the last

six months I have.

And they say, I don't want to take these pills.

They make me constipated.

I can't eat.

I can't sleep.

And to give them a medicine and say, OK, you have what?

OK, cool.

This one.

And you give that to them.

And they come back a week later.

And they go, oh my god.

You have no idea.

I stopped taking all my pain pills.

I've stopped taking all my insomnia pills.

I stopped taking this.

I stopped taking that.

And that's incredibly rewarding to me.

Medical marijuana is legal on a state level in 17 states.

It is illegal federally, period.

What this all originally started out

with was a great idea.

Proposition 215 was basically an idea that people who were

dying from wasting and pain issues, like cancer or AIDS,

benefited greatly through the use of cannabis.

That's Prop 215.

Now the problem with that is it was written so vaguely, it

was just a real simple, simple piece of legislature.

And it really got whored out, so to speak.

And people began to realize they could take advantage of

the looseness of the way this was written and make it a

profitable situation, people who really didn't care about

medical issues.

We decided to start Otherside Farms out of selfish reasons,

to be honest.

I wanted to find a way to cure my wife's cancer.

My wife was fighting cancer, and the chemo

wasn't really working.


And she actually saw firsthand on one of her biopsy spots

that it worked.

I had some Rick Simpson oil, and I put on a Bandaid, and I

said let's put this on there.

So I put this right there, and in 36 hours--

36 hours--

it disappeared completely.

This stuff works.

It's irresponsible to not take advantage of the situation.

That's kind of weird, too, because it's supposed to be

95% Chocolate Thai.

You'd think it would be more of a prevalent.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Smells more melony to me.

CHADD MCKEEN: Smells super melony.

Mm, smells so good.

Now a letter went out from the Department of Justice to all

city attorneys.

It basically says, if you have someone that has

1,000 plants or more--

250 kilos, I think it is, that's like 400 pounds.

Crazy, dude.

400 pounds, dude.

If you have someone in your city that you think falls

within these parameters, let us know and we'll come help

you check them out, raid them, and you know, the whole thing.

6:00 in the morning on January 17, I hear a

pounding at my door.

My wife ran downstairs, opened the door for them, and said,

hey, I've got a sick child upstairs

on a breathing machine.

If you're going to shoot me in the back,

shoot me in the back.

I'm going to go take care of my kid.

And so she ran back upstairs to take care of Trevor.

They stood at the door, got my daughter

out, put her in handcuffs.


And I looked at him like, hey, you didn't have to come in my

house like this, man.

(IMITATING COP VOICE) Come downstairs, sir.

And I went down there, and they threw me in handcuffs.

So I gave them the combo to my gun safe that's upstairs,

where they found probably a half a pound of shake.

And that's all they got out of our house.

No guns, no other drugs, no huge dashes of cash, no huge

stash of marijuana.

They took the keys to our dispensary,

opened everything up.

And you know what they got out of my store?

Huge safe.

They got it open.

They open it up.

One jar.

And they killed a couple hundred plants.

They got me with ounces.

They got me with a couple hundred plants.

I was stunned.

I was absolutely stunned.

So afraid they were going to come again.

Because they could come take whatever they want.

This is America.

This is not supposed to happen here.

This is not supposed to happen here, man.

You see here, this is our storage room.

Every facility I have always has a nice storage room where

we keep stuff-- tools and whatnot.

The way things are in our society today, we've gotta get

kind of sneaky about things.

I got to go through this kind of stuff, and risk my freedom

like a superhero, to help save people's lives.

But I got to do what I got to do.

This room is being prepped.

Those plants are all going to come into this room.

Every time that the plants get taken out,

this all gets cleaned.

It's like a lab.

So, this is cool.

Shh, the babies are sleeping.

We want to come in so the light doesn't hit them.

You guys see how big these fucking plants are?

Things are massive, dude, like a half pound

each off these guys.

In the state of California, it used to be that you could have

six mature plants or twelve immature plants per patient.

Well, then people started making tinctures and started

making the Rick Simpson oil, where you need 16 pounds of

quality marijuana to make one ounce of this

stuff that cures cancer.

Now we've got a whole different situation, because

those six plants aren't going to take care of the way I want

to do my medicine.

So California Supreme Court said that you can't put

limitations on a patient's medicine.

So now you can grow as many as you can justify growing.

We still went by the six and twelve guideline.

I wasn't going to push the envelope.

That's why our plant count was down low.

We grew trees.

I waited and I had a system.

That's why they're all in different sized things.

It's math here.

This is all math.

I've maximized every square inch.

I figured out how to tax this.

I figured out how to create jobs.

Isn't that worthy of at least a conversation?

I mean, why do you kick the door open of the man that

invited you to his house?

How do you raid that man?

I don't understand.

I was doing everything the way you're supposed to do it.

This shouldn't have happened to me.

Hey, I'm going to keep doing things my way.

That's the bottom line.

You got to kill me if you want me to stop helping people.

Because I actually get off on the fact that you

want to stop me.