I-Team: Prosecutor: Trill Treats Founder Pocketed $5000/Month Off Pot Edible Sales To Kids

new tonight at 6:00 the Fairburn man

exposed by the Fox 5 i-team for selling

marijuana laced snacks to high school

students why the chance to get out of

jail on bond a judge set bond at $30,000

for a die a simmons charged with five

felony drug counts in connection to an

operation he ran called trill trees Fox

by i-team reporter Randy Travis is here

with a list of which schools authorities

say Simmons targeted yeah dude run Tom

yeah prosecutors say the list comes from

Simmons own Ledger's meticulously

detailing who he sold to and how much

money he made manufacturing and

marketing edibles to minors on behalf of

a day a died eight Simmons marked his

20th birthday while inside the douglas

county jail held since early December

without bond after authorities caught up

to him in a very public way those Hill

Police teamed up with Fulton County

police to arrest Simmons a Fairburn man

who openly bragged on his Instagram page

that he had friends and local high

schools selling his illegal products for

him he called his operation trill treats

with 4100 followers police used a

helicopter to see whether they could

identify other dealers Simmons might

have visited on his way to the

undercover Buy

they also executed a search warrant at

Simmons home inside the defendants

residence where he lived with his mother

and father they located over a dozen

crock pots which were strewn throughout

the garage and the living room in those

crock pots were large amounts of

marijuana the police operation came

after the Fox 5 i-team conducted our own

hidden-camera investigation buying a

dozen treats from Simmons in the

shopping center parking lot oh you like

you know the colleges and everything


parents of summer simmons customers

complained their high school kids got

sick one even hospitalized it's

definitely a lot of kids that that sell

it for him for him in fact prosecutors

said comments on the troll treats

Instagram page made it clear one of the

school-aged high school children told

him they were running out of the Edible

was to sell by second period

when the brownies tested positive for

THC the active ingredient in marijuana

that amounts three times the approved

level in pot friendly States the lab we

used turned over the evidence to

douglasville police to police undercover

buys later Simmons was under arrest

authorities say they also recovered

Ledger's at Simmons house where he

carefully detailed how his business was

going according to his numbers he was

clearing $5,000 a month prosecutor David

Ahmadi said those Ledger's also listed

the high schools that Simmons targeted

at Langston Hughes Westlake banker North

springs Creekside and Douglas County

High School just down the road on campus


Simmons attorney Tawana Morgan stressed

to the court how many people showed up

to support her client an official

GoFundMe page for Simmons legal fees

called him a young man with dreams of

starting his multifaceted business

empire with the main focus of creating

jobs and opportunities for his friends

see a guy for a young man youthful

indiscretion may have made a mistake

however that does not indicate that he

is not a good candidate for mine now

again judge Cynthia Adams set bond at

thirty thousand dollars even if Simmons

makes bond in Douglas County though he

still faces three felonies in Fulton

County where he lives and where police

say the drug operation was based so he's

got to make bond in Fulton County as

well before he can actually go home so

he was living with his parents at the

time the question now to his parents

face any type of criminal action well

the DA's office in Fulton County only

telling me that the case is still open

and under investigation so I really

can't answer that question his dad was

in the courtroom I understand his mother

was not today all right Randi thanks