welcome to my channel my name is ultra

and today we are going to discuss how to

sell the Internet to a new customer so a

lot of sales agent had a hard time in

terms of how to sell the Internet to the

new customer so for those agents who is

working and a BP over and you are in a

sales account especially for

telecommunication or you're selling

Internet service phone service or TV

service this is free but today just

gonna focus in just one product alone

which is how to sell Internet to the new

customer the first thing that you are

going to ask when getting information

from the customer or if our new customer

is how much you are paid how much the

customers came for his internet service

each month so you have to take down

notes the prices the amount the customer

is paying let's $150 for the Internet

then you write it down so you have to

make sure you know how much is the

amount that's number one number two ask

the customer who is using the services

just you alone your daughter your wife

your husband or the entire family

members so you have to make sure you

have those information as well

number three what are the carrots that

needs entering it in your house which is

your phone your TV service because we

all know that TV service in its Internet

and the US and like in our country in

the Philippines or in it doesn't need

entrance well in the u.s. they really

need Internet

and their TV service so you have to make

sure your Amelie are where the gadgets

they use the Internet and you will use

that later on when you do the sales

number four you have to ask the question

what do you like about your internet

provider right now that other provider

so all those information you write it


when does he loves about this internet

service if he loves the speed of the

internet then you write it down

number five question you will ask him

what are the things that you do not like

about their service so you have the

advantage and disadvantage of the other

providers service number six you compare

the prices of your internet service to

the customers providers how much is the

difference if the customer is paying

right now around hundred fifty dollars

you have to check the offer available in

your end for a new customer what do we

have for them okay if you see that you

have a hundred ten dollars compared to

hundred fifty dollars with the same

services for the internet the phone the

TV service so if the customer will get

your service you will have $40 savings

each month so in my end what I'm getting


for a direct customer is I'm going to

multiply the $40 for six months we're in

I can tell the customer you will have

$240 savings for six months or you can

multiply the $40 for one year so the

customer will have a savings of $480 now

the reason why you are going to multiply

that for six months or one year just to

make it sounds huge in terms of the seed

instead of having a savings of $40 it's

much better if the customer will here

$240 savings or

$480 savings so you have highlights

those words you know what you can save

as much as $240 for six months or much

better for one year you have like $480

huge amount for your savings so that's

number six for number seven you have to

check the advantage of your company in

terms of the internet service versus the

provider of the customer its comparison

between the two services and two

provider once you're done checking the

advantage of your company of your

internet service then you highlight the

advantage disregard the disadvantage do

not mention the disadvantage just tell

the good things about your service about

your internet provider so avoid telling

the negative things in number eight

while getting all those information from

the customer you have to check the best

offer available for the new customer so

normally all those information

commercial offer good offer for new

customer are all there in your screen so

you maximize it you play with the offers

which which offer is available for this

customer which is the best offer that I

can provide to this new customer that

way he will not decline my offer

so you maximize all those information

all those offers promotions normally for

new customers there is a lot of

promotion I'm telling you if you're

working in a telecommunication company

normally there is a lot of offers for

your customer since you know that

number nine you have closed the same

okay mister customer based on what you

told me you're paying around hundred

fifty dollars for your internet service

what I can give you is only one hundred

ten dollars when you can save as much as

$40 and for six months you have a series

of two hundred forty dollars so for one

year it's around like four hundred

eighty dollars which is a lot of money

for you injured em see you have a lot of

savings so why not start savings today

so you create urgency you create needs

to the customer to decide right now do

not let the customer a thing gets twice

do not let customer decide it tomorrow

tell the customer that you really need

because it will save you a lot of money

so for a new customer let's start having

a savings so the installation for this

service will be tomorrow or the next day

so that's it you do the assign them

close I'm telling you it's going to be a

closed deal I hope that this video will

help you when you go back to the Florida

taking calls and I hope that this video

will be beneficial for you it's a good

luck and let me know what will happen

after once you apply all this strategy

and how to make a sale in terms of

selling the internet service for the new

customer it's all for today see you next