How To Build An Art Print Business

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hi guys Melanie here at vision city

thank you so much for joining me on this

episode where I want to talk to you

about how to build an art print business

now this is something that I hold near

and dear to my heart because that's

obviously what I do and so for that

reason I love to talk about it this is

something that I do daily and I

absolutely have loved doing this

I personally sell black-and-white art

prints and I've been doing so for

several years now I really began my

journey selling art prints on Etsy and

that was the first place and the first

time ever that I had taken my creative

skills and actually turned them into a

product and I chose art prints because I

felt like art prints is something that

would be simple enough to ship and for

just purely you know nerves reasons I

was kind of nervous with the idea of

shipping 3d art or 3d products and so I

thought okay I'm going to start with

prints and lo and behold I fell in love

with printmaking and actually the idea

of selling art prints to customers all

over the world now I love selling art

prints for a few reasons

number one you can take a variety of