in this video I'm gonna show you how to

make $1,000 a month selling posters

online let's go what is going on

everybody welcome back my name's Kyle

here with the prosper project and in

this video like I just mentioned we're

gonna be going over how to make $1,000 a

month selling posters online I'm gonna

give you an example I've actually done

in the past and show you kind of the

potential of this business model we're

gonna get into the details and all that

stuff how to actually get a poster how

to get it printed and sold and where to

sell it all that good stuff so please

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let's get right in the video where we're

gonna be going over how to start your

own online poster business let's go

alright so the first thing I'm gonna do

is actually show you one of the posters

that I've been selling now I am gonna

blur it out just because I don't want

the competition this poster has been

doing well for me so I don't want

someone to come and replicate it which

would be somewhat easy to do so as you

can see this one poster has generated

over eight hundred dollars in the last

month and a half or so and I have more

posters just like it in the making but

as you can see there is a very very big

possibility with these posters and this

is only one platform I'm selling it on I

can actually put this on multiple

different platforms and really really

raise my sales and in my income and all

that stuff so I just want to first show

you that yes I am making money with

posters and I'm gonna show you how I do

it alright so the first thing you

actually want to do is figure out what

you want to sell what kind of poster do

you want to sell what design all that

good stuff now what you want to do is go

through some of these platforms like

eBay Etsy maybe even Amazon and you want

to go through here and just see what are

the best sellers alright so this Tyler

the Creator won the top 100 board games

there's Kobe Bryant won

Steve Jobs and you can just go through

here and look at some of these

bestsellers and kind of see what is

something that I'm interested in because

I will definitely make it a lot more fun

to make or whatever is just selling the

most you can literally go through here

and see you know this one sold over 200

or 640 the Star Wars 1 Kobe Bryant 1 so

you can just go through here and kind of

see the different posters that are being

sold and and all of that good stuff even

go to read bubble tea spring all those

stuff and we're gonna come back to these

platforms later we're gonna actually

sell on them but once you have a good

design for example if we wanted to sell

this basketball hoop dreams one of Kobe

then what we could do is just simply go

over to up work or maybe Fiverr and

let's pretend that maybe this is a

drawing or something like that because

sometimes it's hard to actually you know

create a picture like a physical

real-life picture what you can do is

just go on to up work and post a job

about hey I want a poster done

I want to remake this image of Kobe

here's the poster on Etsy see if you can

do your best to kind of replicate this

and maybe change them up the colors a

little bit the design a little bit of

stuff like that

or you could go on five and potentially

and do the same thing it looks like

there's tons of good drivers on here so

look at this these are some good good

quality drawings more posters so you

want to go through here and find someone

who's reliable someone who you can come

back to over and over again and maybe

you know over the next few months a

couple months you're doing 50 or 60

posters together make sure someone who's

reliable but yeah you could just post a

job and up work for example I did I need

someone to create a poster look similar

to this with the same quote the overall

feel should be is the same but maybe

with different colors and backgrounds so

that's a that's a post that I went over

so that's pretty much the steps you need

to take in order to actually find

someone to design the poster you've

chosen and you just want to make sure

that one it's a poster that's been

selling in the past and two this is

someone who has experience designing

posters and someone you can rely on into

the future all right so the final thing

that I want to go over is how to

actually get your product printed and

made by someone else and how you can

sell on these different platforms so the

first thing I want to go over is a

company called printful now there are

tons of other companies like this who do

this kind of print on demand stuff so I

highly recommend you go with one that's

gonna you know one have a high quality

print and gonna do a

and is cost effective so printful is

kind of like the leader they're pretty

big so you can just go through here and

see what they do they integrate with all

these different kind of companies and

what they do is they'll actually print

your poster so just like this as you can

see right next to this t-shirt they will

actually print a poster like this now

they're not gonna include the frame but

they will print your poster so what you

can do is take this and put your poster

on this platform and then you could go

and sell it on Etsy or eBay and what

happens is when someone buys your poster

you can actually just go to print feel

calm and you know click send order and

you just put in the customers address

and then printful will send the poster

to that address so what you want to do

is just start an Etsy store or start an

eBay store or start both and just are

uploading your posters to these

platforms and then what you can do is

just whenever you get an order simply

copy and paste that address from Etsy or

ebay to printful and they will send it

out for you now usually the timing on

this could be anywhere from you know two

to five days before it ships out and

then another five or so days for it to

actually get to the customer so you want

to make sure you put that on your

listings but what you can do is just

create powerful-looking listings like

the ones you see right now and as you

can see you know you're getting sales in

your sleep you know while you're at work

and then you could come home and just

you know copy and paste a few addresses

and you are well on your way to starting

a poster store on eBay or Etsy another

thing you could think about doing is

actually putting your stuff on RedBubble

now there are other companies like red

bubble but I think this is one of the

more popular ones what you can do is

actually just post your poster onto it

with a red bubble market place and what

red bubble will do is actually print

everything for you

meaning you actually don't have to you

know try and find a fulfillment partner

you don't have to worry about printful

you can just put the digital file of the

poster on to red bubble and what they

will do is put it in their giant market

place and they'll actually sell it for

you so you don't have to worry about you

know having to deal with shipping or any

customer support you're getting less of

a percentage of the money I think you're

getting they take a larger percent red

bubble does but they are providing all

the traffic they're doing all the

printing and all you are doing is

providing the actual artwork so this is

potentially something that could make

you a lot of money especially once you

get 10 15 20 posters on there making

you consistent money over and over again

so this is another example of something

you could do and I highly recommend you

do it especially if you're getting a

poster design you might as well take

advantage of all of the different

platforms alright so the final thing

that I want to talk about is actually

putting your design on duty spring or

similar platforms and then actually

running Facebook ads or getting

instagram traffic to the post so what

you can do is put your poster on to this

site right here it's called teespring

like I just mentioned and what you can

do is just put it on here and you're not

gonna get sales from the marketplace

because there's not a lot of traffic but

what you would need to do is actually go

onto Facebook and run some ads or

potentially go to Instagram fan pages of

the kind of content you're posting about

so for example if there's Kobe you'd go

to basketball pages or you'd go to you

know other sports related pages now I

recommend you stay away from Kobe

because he has passed away so rest in

peace Kobe but I highly recommend you go

to whatever niche you are actually going

into so for example if it's dogs you

would go into the dog niche find dog

Instagram pages and ask for them to post

a sponsored post and that's how you get

traffic to teespring

or you could try and work on actually

getting facebook ads and running

Facebook ads there's a ton of videos on

YouTube about how to generate traffic to


I highly recommend you look it up I've

done it in the past on my channel so you

could look on there as well but you know

other than that that's what you can do

with teespring

run some Facebook ads run some Instagram

traffic and you can make money with

teespring as well alright guys that is

all I have for this video I went over

how to make some money selling posters

online now I didn't go into super super

in-depth detail but I just did have the

time that is your job you can go onto

these platforms and learn everything you

can go and make your own posters find

out what route is best for you and you

can start making your own online money

passively pretty much with online

posters so I hope you enjoyed this video

please leave like if you did and other

than that go and get that money and I'll

see you later