Expecting moms sell positive pregnancy tests online

wing pregnant is no joking matter but a

new baby trend is stirring up a lot of

controversy Kakes Annette lawless takes

a look at a growing business where women

are helping others faked their own

pregnancies it's a trend sweeping the

country pregnant women going to sites

like Craigslist cashing in on our

delicate state by selling positive

pregnancy test the ads read you could be

pregnant too makes a great gag gift or

for personal use I read I was like oh

wow they really are doing it the idea

caught the attention of a Wichita woman

Jessica she's among the dozens who are

faking pregnancies for others why don't

you do Mark Smith too I guess do you

know what you're having a girl exciting

yeah at just 19 years old Jeff kids

eager to make some cash so she recently

went to the web and starting selling

pregnancy tests like this for twenty

bucks I know my mom she said that she

could girls can vibe and like kind of

like chopped her boyfriend to manipulate

people in that way I don't agree with

Ali gouges donated breast milk to help

family in front and though she has been

compensated for her work she says

expecting mom should never profit from a

prank if women are using the pregnancy

test maybe to keep the relationship from

from leaving them or something there's

it obviously wasn't meant to be that

isn't stopping websites from pushing the

pregnancy craze for example fake a baby

calm sells pregnancy test and now

sonogram pictures choosing that one it

really is destructive jolyn bright works

at a counseling service impact

incorporated in Wichita she says these

online gills are bound to destroy

relationships the thing is then it

breaks trust I mean secret deception

their trust is foundational for

relationships and so that can't go for a

long period of time and many online

agree on cakes facebook fanpage Jennifer

says this is ridiculous Hannah replies

sometimes when you're in a great

relationship it's

joke I did it to my heavy after our

first kid and Trina responds positive

pregnancy test for any girl that has to

con her man into staying does that worry

you to have some people think it's like

so negative no not really whether it's

for a gag or something to lure in a

significant other some are hoping the

Train is a lesson for women our

generation of women is changing we're

becoming more co dependent on other

people and then in particular and we

need to learn to stand on our own two

feet and be strong women an important

thing to note is that the pregnancy test

do not stay positive forever in fact the

one that Jessica supplied us only stayed

positive for a few days in addition we

contacted fake baby calm and craigslist

for their response on this issue and

they have not replied to us for a

comment in the newsroom Annette lawless

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