How To Make Money & Sell On Poshmark Using INSTAGRAM | 5 Tips to Grow Your Poshmark Business

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

if you were watching along yesterday I

posted a video on how you can get

started on Instagram and I will link

that video down below so you can go and

check it out if you need help starting

an Instagram and actually like creating

your account and starting to kind of get

it started if you are looking to promote

your Poshmark

on Instagram that is going to be the

video for today I get a lot of questions

from people wanting to know how do they

make an Instagram for their Poshmark

how do they market their Poshmark on

Instagram and today I'm going to give

you five tips that will help you to

market your Poshmark on Instagram and

actually make sales from it Instagram is

a great great place that most people

don't realize you can actually sell

things on okay and it's super easy to

link your Poshmark

to your Instagram the link will just go

in your bio at the top ah you can get

your link to your Poshmark closet and

then post that in the link in your bio

on Instagram and that will actually take

people when they click on that it will

actually open the Poshmark

app and it will take them to your


so and then also it will help if you put

your referral code up in the bio on your

Instagram because in case somebody has

never used Poshmark before that is going

to let them get five dollars off their

first purchase immediately and they're

going to be more likely to buy something

so include your link to your Poshmark as

well as your referral code up in the bio

on your Instagram so my first tip for

you is to make a Poshmark

um excuse me make an Instagram just for

your Poshmark you know it's gonna be

kind of weird if you have

a personal Instagram or Instagram for

something else and then all of a sudden

you start posting all this stuff about

Poshmark Instagram actually allows you

to have up to five linked accounts at

one time so you can just switch between

accounts so make an Instagram just for

your posh mark that you will only be

posting Poshmark things on the second

tip I have for you is to decide on what

kind of photos that you want to post on

your Instagram so a lot of people um

this can go kind of wonder one of two

ways you can make your Instagram focused

around your posh marking business and

actually create content and post

pictures of like what you do in terms of

Poshmark or you can make an Instagram

that you are going to have kind of like

a boutique has an Instagram or a store

has an Instagram where they post new

arrivals they post their inventory they

put it on Instagram um

and run it like as if you had an actual

store which you do it's just online but

you can post new arrivals and things on

Instagram um so you know you kind of

have to choose which direction that you

want to go and you can always post up in

your stories like no matter which

direction you go you can post things in

your stories um those won't go on to

your main feed they'll just be in your

stories for 24 hours and then they'll

disappear or you can actually add them

to highlights and keep them on your

profile so say you want to run your

Poshmark Instagram like a boutique

Instagram you could kind of post some

behind-the-scenes stuff in your stories

and then you know make a highlight that

says behind-the-scenes and add that to

your highlight so that people can

actually see like what you do and you

know it just makes you it makes you look

more it'll make them more confident and

buying from you as a seller if they see

like you know you

and all of this and you know you can do

the same thing vice versa as well you

just have to kind of pick a direction

that you want to go and go with it

my third tip for you is to utilize

hashtags hashtags are a way of searching

in different keywords on Instagram so

when somebody does a hashtag you can

actually click on that hashtag and it

will take you to a page where

everybody's posts who have used that

hashtag are located so you know say I do

hashtag Poshmark if you click on hashtag

Poshmark it will take you to a page

where everybody who has used hashtag

hashtag Poshmark this is where their

pictures will be and they will be on you

can do top pictures which are like

popular pictures or you can switch to

recent and then they'll be in

chronological order and this is a great

way to find other people that you can

follow and connect with and also see

kind of what other people are doing I

will actually be posting a list of

hashtags in my posh boss mentor group

that is included with my ebook bundle

with on my sourcing guys and stuff I

will link all of that down below so if

you are in the posh boss mentor group

keep an eye out for that if you are not

in the group I would love to have you on

this is my private Facebook group that I

have four meant amore and then it also

includes my private share group as well

but I will put all that information down

in the description box below

my fourth tip for you is to follow other

boutiques and stores for inspiration so

a couple of boutiques that I like to

follow our shop hopes and shop readdress

odd they are both in Georgia and red

dress is a boutique that I saw I think

back in 2014

yes 2014 I believe it was on Shark Tank

Dianna Harbor is amazing she owns red

dress and she is just absolutely a

phenomenal business owner and

entrepreneur she has she has ran this

boutique so successfully if you look up

her Shark Tank episode it's on Hulu

you'll have to Google exactly which

episode it is but it is on Hulu if you

want to watch her segment where she

pitches her boutique and talks about her

sales and everything else it's crazy

what she was able to do online like her

boutique is majority online I think they

do have one store but the majority of

her sales are online so that is a huge

boutique that you need to follow you

also need to follow Diana because she is

just amazing and she talks a lot about

business and her Instagram stories so

Diana harbour her last name is spelled

har B oh you are just an amazing amazing

person if you are trying to have a

boutique she's just awesome to follow um

but follow these boutiques follow

Plato's Closet stores and watch what

they post like watch what they post on

their Instagram I actually used to work

for a resale store and I have worked in

so many areas of like retail and stuff

but I works in a retail store and they

would get a ton of sales from Instagram

people calling in and they would ship

stuff out so if they can get sells from

Instagram you can get sales from

Instagram for your Poshmark

when people just have to click the link

and go to your Poshmark and buy it and


a bit to them it is absolutely doable to

make these sales on Instagram so you

just have to be really consistent with

posting your inventory and using the

hashtags and you know you just have to

be consistent with it you just have to

do it so my last tip for you which is

gonna help you kind of with networking

is to follow other Poshmark sellers so

you can use the hashtags like I said and

find other Poshmark sellers who are

within your niche and you know comment

on their photos network with them like

their photos and then they will come

back and they will comment on yours and

this will help you this will help

Instagram push your photos and help you

to get more exposure like support each

other like don't go into something like

thinking oh I'm gonna do this myself

like that's not really what Instagram is

for Instagram is for it's a social app

so you need to be social on Instagram so

these are my five tips for you I'm for

starting an Instagram for your Poshmark

and I hope that this has helped you kind

of get a vision in what direction that

you would like to go with it

you have any questions leave them in the

comments below for me and I will see you

guys in the next video