How to Find Value of Old Dolls by Dr. Lori

we are talking dolls today what's yours

made out of corn husk the corn hostile

unbelievable and it's valuable why would

you say that's worth probably about $200

Wow I love it shape - well we've got a

bunch of other dolls from the 1800's you

will learn so much stay tuned


value.this with dr. Lurie I've got a

little tiny dolls dress here because it

was cute because today we're talking

dolls the really old ones you took this

off a doll to reveal what I took that

off this style because that's from the

1930s and the doll is from the 1800s

Wow that's why I wanted you to see you

know up close and personal you know

expose over here okay hugely hugely

co-op collectible hugely collectible you

know what objects come with emotions

none of us want to get rid of our dolls

you know and even guys people are like

you know the dolls are things that when

I was photographer Bill Fraser heard

this sound and it went back to his

childhood I mean this just half of five

minutes because I recognized that yes

you recognize it then the same thing

happens to us with dolls whether they're

from our time period or not that's right

that's right the other thing is the way

a doll smells means something brings me

back to my house my little room in right

netiquette where I grew up you know the

smell right way anyway

this particular doll is a great example

it's not bad to do this that this

particular piece is protecting the doll

it's okay and it's good and it's great

can you put it in the washing machine no

we're gonna hand wash this with

something like wool light okay okay I

think that's very very pure or ivory

soap how would I know that this doll was

this old as this doll is okay here are

some of the things first of all the head

the heads of these dolls are actually

made in the same way that a piece of

china a china plate is made at the same

time sometimes they're made in the same

factories the other way you're going to

be able to tell is usually from a mark

on a doll on the back of the neck okay

back of the neck or back of what's

called the shoulder blades the chicken

bones correct thing okay there's that

the other thing about these dolls and

you've got to pick up the skirt and

you're got to go looking around you know

you've got again these leather areas and

you even have places that are literally

cut out to expose what would be an elbow

a joint okay

so it looks more natural look how long

again how long the arms are even bent

that tells you that it's 19th century

reticulated or cut out toes oh wow and

fingers the attention to detail on a

19th century doll is beautiful they're

really trying to

it look like a human hand painted

eyebrows and eyelashes and lips and

glass eyes glass eyes how valuable is

this this doll is probably somewhere

around $600 Wow

very nice in this condition because we

don't have chips we don't have cracks we

do have the original mohair wig but it's

not good when a hair made of human hair

human hair or mohair it's all about the

head all the values really in the head

there's probably worth you know four

hundred and fifty dollars in the head

and the rest is the body of that six

hundred bucks okay okay so think about

this in terms of condition and then I

want you to think about other materials

so corn husk dolls dolls that are made

usually from the Civil War period of

corn husk or also of walnut heads so

they're called nut dolls now they can't

still be around from the Civil War yes

the courthouse lasts that long

oh yes I've appraised corn husk dolls in

great condition from the Civil War 1865

to 1870 those are worth $1200 a piece

they're very very fragile and of course

corn husks will deteriorate over time

what you want to do with your china

cabinets for example she has them on

display in a beautiful curio side corner

cabinet every month or so open up that

cabinet let some of the heat escape

because the heat is damaging the doll


this particular doll is actually put

together with elastic bands inside right

so they're kind of strung together the

arms and the legs and this particular

doll is one which is all hand made of

native woods and then painted that's

about a two thousand dollar doll

Wow even though the nose is gone right

even without a nose it's really truly

very very valuable and very rare because

it's made of a material you don't

usually see it's all handmade and it's

an original one the other thing you want

to think about is some of these are

called sundae dolls that means in the

1800's on Sunday was the only time that

you as a little girl got to play with

these you weren't playing with these all

week long only on Sunday for a

particular short amount of time after

church were you allowed to play with a

doll like this and those dolls came with

their own babies and they would be up in

it up on a shelf they would not be able

you wouldn't be allowed to play with

them at all and a Sunday doll is more

valuable than any of these dolls

when I was growing up or when you were

growing up we could play with a doll

whenever we wanted to play with a doll

not in the 19th century it was a special

problem that is that the Sunday doll

this is not a Sunday doll this is a

Sunday that's a Sunday done and this is

a Sunday dolls baby oh that's it

because sorry right I'm the sunday dolls

baby might even have a carriage okay


okay she's about $35 okay okay all right

where's the dolls somewhere between 600

and 1200 I love it yeah so much to talk

about with dolls and you've got a ton of

information on your website at dr. Lurie

vidcom okay your tips

okay great because so much to learn

about that in fact so much story about

dolls we're gonna talk about them again

next time yeah so you'll be here for

that I know okay thank you for being

with us and it's not something but maybe

we can play with these dolls turn the

cameras off okay let's go