Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic

And Anna can you explain what [our] laws? I'm breaking right now

Go get about money obstacle dropping logic tomorrow

paragraph of all dos pilas

Daddy now CVG actually g

Means our own organs. [oh] no, don't you touch my hospital? Oh?

We're like a cartel right now ah I see

50 near their chairs

So during most of your probs junkies live like junkies anywhere they hang out on the streets they beg for [change]

They peddle stolen goods then get it. You know anything get enough money to buy more smack

What's unique?

here is once a year when the czech poppies are in bloom they go out into the fields and they harvest them and it's a

Little vacation

Despite producing some of the 20th century's best music opiates are the black sheep of the drug family

Not only do they kill a good chunk of their users

They're grown by some of the most evil people on Earth then pass through even eviler hands on their way to your veins

But hard narcotics don't have to come from the Golden triangle

Or the Taliban hope in producing poppies can grow almost anywhere

The Czech Republic one of the least evil places on Earth is actually leading poppy cultivator in the world

officially the czechs grow up for the poppy seeds like the ones on your bagel and

claim that the morphine

Content and their particular strains of poppy is too low to make into harold or to get high off of on its own procera, Avh

a pharmaceutical drug and the said elites crowded [achievers]

also a to misshaped

entrepreneurship about our program

also teaches proposal for the new dictator [observe] with the

maximum [in] Mullets

11% oppose nominal [Jenna] however the fact that czech farmers have started selling their leftover poppy straw at the drug industry

Kind of suggests the complete fucking opposite

While the czech police and poppy growers union try to keep up the front that you can't turn czech poppies into smack

Prague's Junkies know better

This is where we a lotta more basically right here

Stop the bus and we are in Poppy level this year the junkies invited us to the Poppy Fields

Just outside the suburbs to join them at their heroine summer camp

Relax learn a little campfire cooking and see how their product stacks up against the usual New York Bundle

So there are the Poppy fields right there?

You can actually they stand out really well against the rest of the crops you can see the red flowers and the blue Pods

Nobody's out in the fields though right now

So it may be a little early for the first arvest we're going to go umm find the junkies camp in the surrounding woods

so starting to see evidence that the junkies have been here um if you look all these uh

Poppy Pods have been slashed up, and that's how you get the opium out of it

It comes out kind of like tree sap. So they've all been scored with like a knife or something. There's also

slightly more Obvious Junkie [dentists] like this

Cardboard bed, and there have been needles all over the ground

It's clear somebody had a camp here

Probably just like lay down

Drempt and [order] [box] very slowly, so the main Junkie Camp must be pretty nearby

We're gonna Follow the little syringe crumb trail to our junkies camp out


Thomas oh

Carolyn Camp turns out is a lot like regular camp dress code is lacks [wakeup] times whenever you want it

No one ever seems to take a shit although that may be more in effect the opiates than general camp poop

constipation despite Urban Heroin addicts reputation for selfishness

Everyone here shares their drugs on a who's kicking hardest basis and pitches in on the basic camp duties

For making dumpster runs the nearest grocery stores to keeping the campsites Myriad clocks and sync to taking their turn cooking the dope

Everybody's favorite cook though is banana. Who's been coming to the fields the longest and taught most of the other Junkie is his recipe

He is so named because he also makes a mean batch of yellow colored speed

Sorry, Junghwa, Tyga's

[Naruto] Blue Key to Nagas

Couch gosh give this place a cupcake photometer. Oh

Take the weight [out] of them nasty opium Marvin a statistical joke on

Looking pretty tectum good, okay?

So why do you do it this way instead of cutting them is it?

Just doesn't is it better or is it just quicker economist comes to the [vertical] to [share]?

Could you typology?

Technomage I'm Chicano talking computer store

But doesn't this upset like the farmers doesn't this bring the [policemen] more because you can't use these for poppy seeds anymore mmM?

[Lawson] you are stuck a rush to Marry Fujio [jubilee], I will [beat]

You know how many puppies you have to pop before you have like a good dose [knoll] opinion [Bardo] teleports took this [yeah]

Cheese star ok you want to really soak the gods then it's Gonna be damn

This is hard work junkies. Have a reputation for being lazy, but honestly in terms of addicts are

Kind of the hardest working addicts on business

Take the wiring out of buildings it to keep up all those lies and their lives even out here on their vacation

You're basically doing like fruit picking

So how they do it in like turkey and Afghanistan it's more this method

Just make with little tiny scratches in [the] surface and as it dries on the sun it kind of collects more and more

The milk problem is that this just takes a lot of time?

The Czech poppies looked like [they're] turkish and Afghan counterparts and certainly milked like them, too

But I couldn't help but wonder how strong their opium was by comparison confirmable. Go [tofu] some bogus [telexes] [Mr.]. [Lawson] to [Sadhana] [was] [a]

[given] [tempo] [to] reach [every] [turn] I said [lost] [oh]

Pretty damn strong I guess

This rag is getting pretty moist

Think it might [be] about time to head [back] to Camp and do a little cooking

On our way back from the field we swung by another camp side to say hi

Rinette would you actually go and final table shit? Yeah, I woke up would you guys?

getting the chair remember that officer Nikki

So what do we do with it now?

Put it on the jeans okay, so we wait for it to dry. Yeah, okay?


To [pep] themselves up for the night's cook banana and company shot up the previous night's leftovers

Straight from the field right up the vans well as simple as it gets is about as organic as it gets


While facial itching is a regular part of the opiate experience the home-cooked campfire job banana mix occasionally throws a hot

Full-Body shiver into the mix

The Junkies call this getting the pine needles and it means you didn't cook out enough of the excess plant matter

professional classical to

Banana bread Banana

Was supposed to walk me through my first cook

But he nodded out midway through and passed the label to Kuba his sous-chef or second banana if you will

Listen just just [Duncan] Straight

Kubo was then supposed to explain the whole process to me

But he was a little song to so I guess I'll just tell you first you take the opium Soak gauze

Dunk it in vinegar heat it up a little and then strain it out into the ladle with the excess vinegar

Opium contains an enormous number of alkaloids of which morphine is only the best known and pretty much [safest] bet for getting high

so the whole point of the process to try to cook it down to just the morphine and if possible to

acetal eyes the morphine and to die signal morphine

[Aka] Heroin just like toasted marshmallows

In a slightly more professional setting you'd use a chemical like acetone, but this is campfire cooking so household vinegar it is

You repeat this process a few times until what you're left with is a thick Tari brown gum

You can either heat up, and inject right away or wad up into a little silly putty bulb for safekeeping

But when does the harvest end of this computer you [could] push?

Are you able to save up during the harvest to like last you a little while when you go back you go back to town?


Cool again a profit or not no be [$1] [cause] what she will do Mr.. Producer euros [sucre] [taneous] [was] cooking systems of it

Now ask me honest knowledgeable Saharan Terry my yellow [ash] [tree], Presenta [Auto] Tomica [washing] out my parasol

The tahoe just in Spirit keeps us all to the secret

Now did you roll this from there for yourself? Just about possible to the [Cootie] Jokowi hMM?


All right, well

Just have your bed rules. I think [that's] it for [the] night [doughnuts] that

[is] these guys are the the locavores of heroin users? We just uh?

We just watched smack comes straight [out] of a plant about five minutes that way

to a campfire and right up their bands there was no no terrorists involved and uh

The Junkies seem to like it. Oh

God it's hard to walk into I thought you could just walk through wheat field it dreams my fucking ass

The next morning everyone got [there] [to] wake me up fixed then it was off [to] the fields for the day's first harvest

Back in the cold war days before prague's dopers could even get their hands on real heroin they had brown

A loose admixture of crushed up painkillers they injected

Because the checklist avakian authorities couldn't admit that their pristine communist society have such decadent western problems as drug [use]

Junkies were treated with the same heavy hand as political dissidents

So they started behaving like dissidents

Forming a little underground support network to help each other find access to drugs share needles and safe places to shoot up and crash

these cold war drug circles are where banana learned his cooking skills and

also how to instill in preserve a sense of community among some of the lead Civic minded people in Society as

one of the campers said the problem with heroin addicts isn't so much the heroin as the lack of

Heroin that's where the stealing lying and hustling come in when junkies have free access to their drugs

They act like regular people better than regular people really they share they cooperate they look out for each other

It's a model of Little-a Anarchy in action

Perfect, okay, all right, and then just like little bubbles. That's what I'm looking for it

Master [Chef] is kind of [taking] over

Over my duties a little bit

Think I understand the mechanics with the art of it. I'd have to practice

[become] Disney Babushka Bobbie Thomas food at Saps in Silico doctorate Sedessa TV is so sitcom a leprous treated women elliptical Arjuna aperture

Is the one I could okay?

We're gonna go test these outs. Yeah while I did against the master

Well, this is um

the end of our holiday

bananas going back to Brno

someone can't last forever

That's what?

Thank you for everything. That's been a very a

Very great vacation. I don't know

With summer ending and the poppy seed harvest approaching it was time for banana and the campers to return to their work today city lives

We just had one last niggling question

we're about to go to a lab in the addict ology department of Charles university, and they're going to run some tests on the

The supposed Heroin we brought back. I've been keeping in my notebook. They're gonna run some tests on it

See if they've been what they're shooting up out

There is in fact heroin or some weird morphine derivative or if it's just like black [gum]

What is what? Do you learn from our class repartition irritate a [morphine]? You know does morphine include heroin does it include the subtle morphine?

- if it's personal Heroin Kimochi can you tell if dog food salad chicken what would be a facts p of shooting this compared to?

Compared to pure heroin I'll say I'm [for] [in] a speech in

sober water good appetizer protein [where] Tom dosed motor finger thumb goes no

So the lab seems to show that this is not a heroin as we'd hoped, but rather just isolated morphine arm

which at the same time is pretty impressive for [a] bunch of campfire chemists and

Arguably a lot better for them than whatever they're getting on the street in any case. I think the takeaway from this we've seen them

shitty fucking lives

That suggests. [you] should not do heroin or any kind of smack ever as we've all been taught

But if you're going to do it, I guess grow your own