Flipping Funko Pops: A Beginners Guide (Funko Pop Reselling)

there are tons of ways to make a few

bucks online there's a lot of also

get-rich-quick schemes out there

oftentimes those don't work but when you

put it into a realistic sense like you

can make an extra ten dollars a day

these things become much more realistic

so today I'm gonna talk about how I made

money by flipping Funko pops that's

right these things right here behind me

yes I do collect them but I've bought in

so many more than I actually have on

that shelf simply because I bought them

with the intention of reselling them now

I did this at the beginning of the year

from probably about January to April

before I transitioned to selling video

games on eBay instead just because I

felt like video games had a bigger

profit margin because I could buy them

at a garage sale or a pawn shop and if

they were rare enough often times with

ps2 or original Xbox games I could make

a pretty good profit and I say ps2 and

original Xbox because that seems like

the generation that's really getting

drug through the mud right now when it

comes to selling locally oftentimes I

would see those games for you know a

dollar or two apiece at a pawn shop or a

garage sale and just seems like anything

older than that

ps1 NES and SNES people are like oh

that's pretty old

let me check how much it is with the ps2

people who just seem to slap a couple

bucks on regardless the Funko pops are a

different thing it's unique in the fact

that if you want to get into flipping

Funko pops you don't have to go to

garage sales you can actually just go to

any of your local stores and many of

them do carry these pops these vinyl

figures I'm talking you can go to

Walmart Target Best Buy

Walgreens you name it even Game Stop

sell disease now they each price them a

little bit differently oftentimes

Walmart and Target are the cheapest

there are about $9 some of the stores

charge 10 some of them charge 11 so

oftentimes your best stores to check out

first or probably Walmart and Target and

they're probably also the stores that

get picked over the fastest now you're

thinking who would want to buy one of

these vinyl figures for more than you


nine or ten dollars well I didn't think

anybody want to do it either until I was

able to successfully resell them now

before we get too far into this I will

tell you I don't ever intend to resell

any of the ones on my shelf if they

aren't in a box they're not quite

worthless but they're worth like

probably a third of what they'd be worth

if they were in the box the box is very

important and be sure that when you're

buying these you're buying them new or

at least buying them in the box and the

box is in pretty good shape so the

interesting thing about these Funko pops

that sets them apart from reselling

other things you know like I mentioned

video games from garage sales that these

Funko pops all are worth different

amounts of money

you see when Funko is making these pops

they make some of them be more rare or

more scarce than others in fact some of

them come with a little sticker that

even designates that maybe their store

exclusive maybe they're exclusive to

target maybe they're exclusive to

Walmart maybe they're you know a chaser

special edition so they come out you

know with stickers on some of the boxes

indicate that yes special edition and

then some of them are also just simply

more rare than others I remember when I

was collecting for the stranger things

collection I was trying to get Steve and

for a while Steve was one of the more

rare pops in the collection even though

he didn't have any sort of sticker on

him so they definitely make different

quantities of each character even in one

series and this is where the opportunity

lies for flipping these if you can go

into Target or Walmart or you know a

countless different stores find either

you know the store exclusives that might

be worth more might not be or some of

those more rare pops when they come out

you know you're buying each one for nine

or ten bucks depending on the store and

you're able to sell them on eBay for

more money that's one of the nice things

about these you know that if you're

buying a pop you know depending on what

store you're going to you're only going

to spend nine dollars but the reality is

the pop could be worth significantly

more than that and when the stores are

pricing these pops they don't take into

consideration how rare they are just

simply because this kind of has that

trading card aspect to it you can buy a

three ninety-nine pack of pokemon cards

pull-on $50 card but you didn't know

that because it was mixed in randomly

well Funko pops aren't as random you

know what you're buying

but the shipment they get is random and

that's why they don't bother to price

these individually

now obviously the big concern that comes

up is how do I know how much a Funko pop

is worth there are literally tens of

maybe even hundreds of thousands of

different Funko pops that have been made

how do you possibly know which one is

worth more than the other especially

when some of them have different

versions of the same character in the

case of again stranger things when me

wanting that Steve character there are

multiple different Steve's that you can

get they each have a different outfit

and thus they each are worth different

amounts of money because some of them

are more rare than the others so I use

an app called pops PDF now I assume this

is also available on iOS and basically

what this is is a pricing index for pops

so you see when I open up the app here

basically has all of the new ones that

have come out none of these really have

prices on on you see this Missy one does

$15 el Diablo $22 nada nada now I do

have my collection on here the ones that

are on the Shelf behind me and you can

see many of them aren't worth very much

these are because you know they're older

ones I knew they were gonna be common

ones and they were ones that I simply

wanted to keep myself now the prices on

these do fluctuate even kind of from day

to day only a couple dollars and these

prices are actually based on the prices

that they're selling for on eBay so this

app is actually drawing in these sold

for values on eBay and then giving you

an idea of how much the top is worth so

you can see all the ones in my

collection are worth less than $10 with

the exception of parsable now my wish

list see these are some of the ones that

I was looking at buy and you know if I

can maybe find them locally I'm not

gonna buy them on eBay but you know if I

ever ran to these locally I've tried

take them up now none of them are super

expensive except for Cameron's 23

dollars because I don't get into

collecting the super the super expensive

ones just because I don't see the value

in that and I know other people

definitely do but my intention when I

get it - take it out of the box and put

it on the shelf and never resell it

again now the search function on here

you can even scan a barcode so I did

this a lot when I was in stores I would

simply scan the barcode of the pop that

I wanted to see the value of and boom it

would instantly pull it up so you can

see some of the ones I recently viewed

here the ken griffey jr. bronze one

which obviously it's gonna be super

difficult to get is trending at over

$2,000 another ken griffey jr. here

again exactly the same pop different

outfit all of a sudden is only worth

five hundred bucks and you know some of

these are gonna be not able to be bought

in a store right some of them are

special to an event I would assume that

this special ken griffey jr. bronze one

is specific to some sort of MLB event

which makes it be really rare but even

the ones that you're running into at

stores are gonna have you know varying

values that could be higher or lower you

know you see Pikachu here he was sold

only at Target so he was available in

Target stores and yet he's trending at

$30 he was released in July of 2018 you

can see the price was very high back in

August it's kind of leveled out around

$30 I've seen that often times you know

within the first week of the pop being

released you're getting pretty good

value maybe two weeks after that you

know three weeks after release you could

end up higher or you could end up lower

that's kind of like the deciding point

and evidently for Pikachu he went up

even higher but then it seems like after

that you know after the Pops been out

for a month or more the value is pretty

much set it's not gonna change that much

if it does it's gonna go down a little

bit cuz new pops have came out that

people are interested in getting instead

so you're saying well it sounds like

there's some opportunities to make some

money here but not a ton of money and

again like I said this is a realistic

thing that you can do and I think that

often times when store gets in a

shipment you know you get there and they

happen to just stocked the shelves or

you can tell the shelves haven't been

stocked that long ago they're not super

picked over oftentimes I find that there

are you know depending on the size of

the store many shipments the

often times with each shipment it seems

like there are about two of them in

there that are worth 20 or more dollars

now that could be you know $40 could be

$30 could be $25 what have you but let's

say you pick up one that's $25 and you

paid $10 for well your profit margin is

$15 now if you're selling them on eBay

like I did it's gonna cost you two

dollars and fifty cents 10% to pay the

eBay seller fees you're now down to

having made 1250 now you also have to

ship the item and typically the shipping

on these runs about $3 when you put them

in a box that I was gonna pick up from

Walmart a six by six inch box six by six

by six it's six it's a complete square

it fits very well into that box without

even really the need for additional

packing and those boxes costs I believe

about 50 cent so that's not a 350 spent

on shipping I'd said you were at 1250

now you're down to you made $9 on that

pop well if you're able to do that

multiple times let's say you're able to

pick up two of them well now you've made

$18 you stopped at another store you

know I mean I hear for $27 you can see

how this can add up quickly how you can

take a pop that's worth $25 a net a $9

profit on now the other thing I want to

mention is some of these stores do have

pretty nice rewards programs that buying

the Pops can help you take advantage of

you know stores like Game Stop Walgreens

Barnes Noble which is also a big seller

of pops have good rewards programs you

can earn points or other incentives for

making purchases at the store well if

you're making all these purchases you

know you're buying a hundred dollars

worth of $10 pops that you're turning

around and selling on the Internet

you're able to gain points that you can

probably use to get some other cool

thing at the store as part of their

rewards program so be sure to check

those things out as well I know Target

if you get a red card you get 5% off and

you know that's not much but definitely

helps the profit margins on each one so

flipping pops is you know a very

realistic way to earn a few extra bucks

it's not gonna make you Millions it's

not something that you can scale into a

huge business but if you want to get

into flipping I think this is one of the

easiest ways to do it just because you

don't have to go to a garage sale or buy

things you

and all the prices all the values of

what they're worth are right there for

you just simply by scanning a barcode so

thank you guys for watching I'm Bailey

and I will see you in the next video