Anyone Selling Facebook texas hold em poker chips (ZYNGA)? I am buying$$$

hello everybody today I'm making a

proposal to anybody who's selling Zynga

Texas Hold'em poker chips for Facebook I

am ready to boy son so if you're willing

to sell me some my listing prices are

over there on notepad as you can read I

pay with PayPal oh by mail but I don't

trust online sites because last time I

bought I purchased an order they screwed

me over so I don't want to do that again

so you couldn't add me on Facebook we

can talk about it and if the prices are

too cheap for your standards we can talk

it over and discuss what your price is

you want to have because I really need

chips right now I only have 2000 and I

love playing poker on Zynga because it's

fun you know so if you have some chips

and you're wanting to sell me some

please please contact me the link of my

Facebook is in the description so you

can just add me through that and send me

a message once you do telling me how

much chips you want to sell and then you

can give me the address or I'll give you

my address I'll send you the money then

you can give me the chips or vice versa

whatever suits your needs so things look

a lot guys

if you have some chips please add me on

Facebook so we can get this over with

and please do it quickly cause I want to

play badly with some tips alright guys

thanks see you later