Tips for Selling Pokemon Cards

hey YouTube this is primetime Pokemon in

this video I'll be sharing some more

tips for pokemon card collecting now

this video isn't necessarily a tip for

collecting but it's if you would like to

sell those cards you have collected so

the question when should I sell my

pokemon cards now if you'd like a more

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book I have an entire section all about

how to make the biggest profit on

selling your pokemon cards and I can

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description of this video but when it

comes to selling pokemon cards the

biggest thing to know is the different

formats in the competitive pokemon TCG

the different formats really changed the

demand of certain cards now the cars

that are most valuable on the whole are

those in the standard format now the

standard format for the 2018 season

would be breakthrough and newer these

sets in this format are all in high

demand so the cars are worth the most

for example Tabu lele GX from the

Guardians rising set both the regular GX

the GX full art and then the GX rainbow

rare are worth anywhere between 45 and

70 dollars a piece now the reason that

table lele GX is worth so much is

because this card is in almost every

competitive deck out there in the

standard format so the demand is really

high and everyone wants to buy this card

now a lot of times people ask me should

I sell my cars right now or wait several

years and see if they go up in value for

a card like this taboo lele GX when the

guardians rising set is no longer

playable in the standard format that'll

be a couple of years still the price of

this card will drop quite a bit and a

couple of examples of price drops for

example Shaymin EXL art which is in the

Roaring sky set and it is

in the expanded format so it's still a

popular card but it's not in such a high

demand at one time that card is worth 60

to 70 dollars right now you can get that

card for less than $20 just because it

is not in the standard format anymore a

car that's older than that and that used

to be worth almost $80 would be luxray

gl level X this is from the rising rival

set and this set is out of the expanded

format and the standard format so there

is very little demand nowadays this card

is worth less than $10 so the key if you

have newer cards is sell them

immediately now a lot of times cards in

the standard format that are valuable

would be uncommon trainer cards trainer

cards are very popular and really the

most important type of card for the

competitive TCG so things like Professor

Sycamore supporter and Brigitte max

elixir anything like that they're worth

two to three dollars apiece sometimes

even more so that's a good place to look

as well if you're trying to make some

money off of your cards now going back

to that top Aleli example that I showed

at the beginning of this video all three

forms of taboo lele are very valuable

of course the hardest one to pull from a

pack the GX rainbow rare is going to be

worth more in the long term than the

regular GX the regular GX is worth

around $45 right now the GX rainbow

where were 70 when those cars are out of

even the expanded format they're gonna

be worth maybe $10 for the top of lele

GX and 20 to 25 dollars for the GX

rainbow rare so that's really the same

for every card out there now when it

comes to selling your pokemon cards I

would recommend sell your cards

individually and it is best to do that

on your own

so if you go on somewhere like eBay and

you can really get

of what the purchase price that you sell

the card for you're gonna get a majority

of that money if you sell to a place

like an online retailer they're going to

offer you a lower price just because

they have to resell their card whatever

they buy from you you can also trade

your cars in for store credit now if

you're only looking to make money off

your cars that isn't the best option but

if you're looking to reinvest those cars

into new cars that is a good suggestion

as well and you can always sell your

cars in bulk price per car is going to

be less but it's a good way to get a

fair amount of money for a lot of cars a

really clear space if you have a lot of

pokemon cards taking up everywhere and I

know that's the case here I really don't

sell any my cards but I have a lot of

experience buying cards so I really know

the prices when selling now when it

comes to older cards and really cars

that are out of the expanded format

they're too old really to be in demand

at all Pokemon that are in the first

generation like on my shirt here are

always going to be more popular of

course cars that are harder to pull from

packs are going to be more valuable and

then cars that are graded are going to

be more valuable as well so tips for

investing some cars long-term you're

gonna want to try and get secret rare

cars ultra rare cars graded cars and

then first generation Pokemon now when

it comes to sealed products that's a

great investment if you're looking to

profit on Pokemon cars buying any type

of seal products specifically a booster

box though and saving that for several

years down the road that's almost a

guaranteed profit on what you paid for

the box now when it comes to the

original series of pokemon cards like

this base set Charizard here the base

set chars are unlimited print is only

worth forty to fifty dollars all the

other cards in the original series of

sets really aren't worth much mainly

because of supply and demand there is a

very high supply of those original

series sets base set jungle fossil base


ooh those types of cars so these cars

really aren't worth much you're going to

want to get either those cards graded

which I have done or get first edition

prints of those cars now this is a

shadowless print charizard hollow which

is worth more it's not the best of shape

but those are the types of cars you want

to look for as well now I wouldn't go

out and try and invest in original

series cards what I would do if you are

looking to invest and then sell your

cars in the future wait until cars are

right out of the standard format like I

was talking about the top of lele GX is

gonna drop in price once it is out of

the standard format go out and buy the

cards then and then just hope that the

price will increase over time it's never

gonna get up to that $70 price that the

cars are right now but it may make it

from you know if you pay $20 they may

make it up to $30 in the future so it is

by no means a very profitable investment

to do that but that is one suggestion if

you are trying to invest but again best

investment would be buying seal Pokemon

products now talking about some other

cars to collect specifically graded cars

but first I'll talk about some cars

they're very tough to pull from packs

for example these gold star cars from

the X series of sets at the time they

really weren't worth that much they're

worth maybe $30 when these sets were

brand new but because they were so hard

to pull and because the Pokemon are

shiny which ties to the games these are

in extremely high demand nowadays like

this Charizard gold star I have here is

worth over $200 so going forward

definitely try and collect secret rare

and ultra rare cards you never know the

cars that are going to be extremely

valuable in the future but your best bet

going out and buying cars that are very

tough to pull from packs another good

way now it isn't the best strategy to

buy cars that are already graded but if

you do buy sealed products or if you go

on somewhere like eBay where you can see

the front and the back of a card you can

try and buy cars to get them graded now

like I was talking about with the

original si

resets the cars ungraded raw that is a

terminology there they're not worth much

if their unlimited print now if you send

those in to get graded it can sometimes

triple or quadruple their value if you

even get a nine grade it can really

almost make the card go 10 times this

value if you get a Jim mint or a 10

grade as far as grading companies go for

pokemon cards you have the Beckett and

then the PSA for pokemon cards I would

say PSA cards are more valuable Beckett

is actually a tougher grading service

and actually I would say an overall

better service as far as far as sports

cards go that is the service to choose

but both types of cards can increase in

value that they are graded you

definitely have to pay more to get cards

graded but that is a way to increase the

value of your older cars just because

they aren't worth that much now it isn't

a good idea to get cars graded that are

in the standard format just like I was

talking about you just want to sell

those right away if a card is graded it

can't be used in competitive play you're

gonna have to break open the case and it

makes no sense at all to buy a graded

card just to break open the case but

there you have it really there is all

the tips you need to know for making the

most and when you should sell your

pokemon cards again to summarize sell

all the newest cards as soon as possible

don't wait until you know a few years

down the road they're not going to

increase in value for future investments

or future value try to look for cars

that are ultra rares or secret rares and

popular Pokemon specifically starter

Pokemon and then first generation

Pokemon I think that will give you the

best bang for the buck on future

investments and then again if you are

looking to heavily invest and make a

profit in pokemon cards buy seal

products like booster boxes especially

the newer sets like Sun and Moon series

success right now you're gonna have to

pay about $90 for a box about 5 years

from now you're going to be able to get

about two to three hundred dollars for

that box and the box is only going to

increase in value but there you have

thanks everyone for watching as always

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