How to sell your Pokemon Go Account

what's up guys today we're going to be

addressing how to safely buy and sell

your Pokemon go accounts we're going to

talk about what you need to do to

protect yourself as a buyer and the best

place online to buy and sell those

Pokemon go accounts so stay tuned guys

the beautiful thing about Pokemon Go is

that there's only two ways to log into

it whether you're on Apple or Android

and one is Google Mail so Gmail so

you're going to have to get there Gmail

information the other one is a pokémon

trainer Club and that is a separate

thing that you sign up for online and

when they give you both their

information so when they give you their

pokémon trainer club information it's

extremely easy to change from that and

the Gmail couple steps involved but

again extremely easy to change it to

protect yourself to make sure this

Pokemon go account is now yours so when

the Pokemon go account that you have

purchased is linked to somebody's

pokemon trainer

account what you're going to want to do

guys is type in Pokemon calm in your web

browser from there we're going to head

to the left-hand side and we're going to

click login they're going to have

provided you with their username and

password so you type both of those in

and press sign in from there it's it's

pretty simple actually all you're going

to do is change all the basic

information so the country the date of

birth username email address to all your

information obviously social settings as

well you want to change all of your I

just change it all from what they have

country of course and then you hit save

now one other thing you can do is if

they've ever attended an event so

there's a play Pokemon settings if

they've ever attended an event they may

have received a player ID card and this

will also link their account to them so

what you're going to want to do is

you're going to want to do please assign

me a new player ID number and change

from the number that they have there

because again that's just one way that

they could recall their account other

than that guys change all the

information change the email that's

linked to it the original owner is going

to get an email saying would you like to

confirm that this has changed they're

going to click yes and this account is

now yours via the Pokemon Club login

method so guys if the seller has a gmail

instead of the trainer

club account the next part I will talk

to you about how to change the all the

gmail information to make sure you get

that email is now yours but if they only

have the trainer club account then you

can skip this next section which is

about five minutes and you can learn

where to buy and sell your account so

first things first when you've logged on

to the sellers gmail account you're

going to want to go to the top right

you're going to go to my account and

you're going to go to sign-in and

security from here you're going to

remove all the security settings

including the sellers phone number

security answers secondary email

addresses and add your information the

sellers information needs to be

completely removed from this gmail

account after that we're going to go

back to the main a security page and we

going to go to personal info and privacy

and we're going to do here is remove all

the emails here and you're going to

replace them with your own because

easier recovery emails these are we're

going to use in case you forget the

password or you need to recover it so

make sure you delete all the sellers

recovery emails and add your own now

it's recommended as well that you go

back to the Gmail and you delete all of

the emails in this account reason being

is so there's a chance that the person

the seller can recover their gmail

information by providing email addresses

that he commonly receives the slash

sends mail to so you're going to go here

and you're going to delete all of the

messages after that we're going to go to

the Settings icon here we're going to

click settings and when I go to labels

here you're going to delete any labels

all the labels that the sellers created

and create five new random labels any

name is fine just remember these labels

the seller can try to recover this gmail

address providing those labels he

created so you're going to create your

own that are unique to yourself and that

you will remember so that you can

counter any possible recovery that the

previous owner will try to do now for

the most important step to ensure that

the previous owner cannot recall their

email in any way and to completely

protect your account is we are going to

go back to the shield after that we are

going to go to sign-in and security and

we are going to set up the 2-step

verification process and what this is

doing is it's linking your email to your

phone number so it's going to prompt you

again for your

for your password to make sure that it's

going to ask where you live what country

what state and you're going to enter in

your phone number you're going to see

how you want to get the codes either via

text messages and phone call and this is

going to just ensure that no one can

recall this email at any cost and if

they do try it goes right to your phone

number and ensures that there's no no

shifty business going on here guys

you're going to want to set up this

2-step verification process to ensure

that this account is now yours for the

keeping all right guys now that we know

how to completely change and all the

information and save our Pokemon go

accounts as our own where can we buy and

sell Pokemon go accounts the easy answer

the best place on the web to do it is

epic NPC comm so here we are this

account is phone verified if you are

just signing up they're going to ask you

to phone verify your account if you want

to post any new threads but just to

browse the threads you do not have to

the purpose of phone verification is to

protect the buyer the buyer and the

seller so let us check out Pokemon go

let's see what we have here Pokemon go

accounts so there are a fair amount of

accounts fair amount of views

1k views 30 replies 600 200 views and

there are 97 pages a whopping ninety

seven pages of Pokemon go accounts and

why shouldn't there be this is like the

hottest thing going right now Pokemon

goal has been the number one app in the

App Store for for a couple of months now

but let me teach you guys how to post a

threat so you have a Pokemon go account

and you want to sell it so what we're

going to do is we're going to go to

hover over post new thread and it's

going to give you four options it's

going to give you low-end level twenty

thirty or level forty level forty is

going to be hard-pressed to find at this

point because that is a lot of Pokemon

going anyways let's let's just create a

simple title here Pokemon account that's


let's go with Dragon Knight CP 3200

there's just something relative to the

account that's really a selling point

after that we're going to add some tags

we go Pokemon go level forty blah blah

blah let's say it's a not bought at

account so there's no chances that we're

going to get banned and then you get to

add several options to to stand out when

you post your thread you can make it

green you can make it glow pink you can

bold it you can highlight it let's just

submit this as a new thread and then

there are some more options here to

again stand out and get your Pokemon go

accounts sold even quicker so you can

bump it you can evade the bump timer you

can auto bump it every 10 30 days these

are just awesome options again to make

sure your account is going to get sold

as fast as possible other than that guys

this is exactly what how you sell your

Pokemon go account this is where you do

it and this is how you do it I'm going

to talk a little bit about trade

Guardian now and that's it that's all so

the beautiful thing about their system

here is that they use something called

trade Guardian I mentioned it a little

bit earlier but I'll explain it a little

bit more in-depth so this is your item

delivery guarantee so what it is doing

is protecting the buyer and the seller

by doing by by doing this it is just

acting as a middleman so as you can see

you're going to create the transaction

the buyer is going to deposit the

credits the sellers going to deliver the

items he doesn't get payment until the

buyer confirms and releases the credits

to the seller so the buyers gotta

confirm that the count was everything

that he said it was and then the credits

are released only after there is

confirmation and then it's and then it's

done so it's a beautiful middleman

system that protects both the buyers and

the sellers if there's anything that's

wrong at this if the seller didn't click

like if his account isn't as he claimed

it to be it is just gonna be dismissed

and he will not get any money and the

buyer can definitely get his uh can get

his money back so it's it's a beautiful

safety safety net here