How to sell Pokémon cards in 2020! (eBay selling tips)

what's going on guys hostel beast here

and today we're going to take a look at

the ways you can sell

your old pokemon cards online whether

it's you've been collecting for like two

years or you collect a bunch when you're

a kid you want to get rid of them now

or you're still collecting but you want

to get rid of some of your bulk or cards

that you don't need anymore this video

will be divided into three sections

first one right now is gonna be modern

the second will be vintage

and the third one will be for those who

want to make this you know not a job

but a definite source of income which is

going to be buying and reselling cars

and things online without further ado

let's get into it but i'm guessing

that any if you're between the ages 10

and 20 and you're watching this video

then you probably have a lot of these

guys so ex's and break

cards you know we've got like a flareon


this is a gx card ex breakthrough and

then you got your full art

exes so those are worth uh more money

than the regular cards

exes are typically worth between one and

five dollars i'd say the majority of


are worth uh three or four so even if

you only have like 20

you know ex's and they're all worth four

to five dollars that's still easily

another 80

to 100 which is pretty good what you

also have to look for

on the exes and typically rare cards is

you can see the star down there which

means it is a rare card if it's a star

or it is a larger black star so for

example there's that

and then on this uh white kirami x

there's a black star right there that

says promo

these are referred to as black star

promos obviously i think that

name speaks for itself and these cannot

be pulled from packs these have to be

gotten from like tins

or pin collections so these are

typically rare as it goes on because i

think this white curami x

and obviously in mint condition is worth

like six or seven dollars

instead of the usual three to four that

you would get from a poll ex

just because you have to buy a specific

product to get those types of cards now

you might be thinking to yourself oh man

i've got

three exes i have nothing that's worth

money well that's not true

you see you also probably have some bulk


so what you can do to sell is make card

lots that guarantee you one ultra rare

so for example if you have three x's and

you think oh it's only gonna be worth

like 12 or 15 dollars

that's actually not true if you take

some bulk cards and make for example

like a hundred card lot

that guarantees one of these guys you

could sell it for

anywhere from 15 to 20 25 dollars and if

you only have three of these ex's

you sell three for 25 25 that's still 60

to 75 dollars i think that's pretty good

obviously that's worst case scenario

assuming you have like no cards

if you have more you can make even more

so it's a great way to get rid of the


that you generally wouldn't need and

also there's something extra in there

to get people to buy it now the site

that i use for buying and selling

is ebay and you might be thinking well

you have to be 18 to sell on ebay

actually that's not true what some

people don't know is that to sell on


you just have you just have to have a

parent or guardian's permission so you

could be you know 12

14 16 anywhere below 18 and you could

sell on ebay

with your parent or guardian's

permission also buy on there too you

just need a debit card or credit card

also you don't have to be

18 to get those things or you could use

your parents obviously and have them pay

you back

so if you're an adult you don't have to

worry about this but this video is

generally gonna be recommended for

younger people who do not have a huge

collection and they just want to get

some extra money out of it

and so to wrap up our part on the modern


obviously like i said lots of cards with

bulk you know you throw

some reverse holos you can also sell

your like bulk reverse holos

and um holographic cards to other places

in the palette form or you can do you

know just lots

if you have some rare ones individual

ones don't be afraid to look the price

up you know and check

because it's worth it if you find out

you have one that's pretty rare so you

know your ex's

throw in the lots uh do one or two me

what i'm selling right now is i sell 100


two ultra rares guaranteed so two exes

or like an ex and a break

and then obviously there's mega ex's

fuller mega ex's

those are worth more so you could sell

those individually if it's i'd say if

it's worth above ten dollars

you should probably sell individually

just so you can make sure you're getting

the most value out of your cards so um

if you're just here for the modern

section thank you for watching

hope this video was able to help you out

and now uh stay tuned if you want

for the vintage section and now we're

taking a look at some vintage cards so

obviously the backs are the same

as the modern car doesn't matter what

year they're from whether it's 1999

or it's 2012. um they're

like this they do not have any um ex's

most of them don't have any x's

vintage now uh as of like 2020 and it's

probably good through 20 21 or 22.

um vintage cards are anywhere from the

black and white set

to the original base set back in 1999 so

cards from probably

2010 11 all the way back to when the

card game first started

so they look like this some of you have

set symbols right there see this is a


uh marowak and with vintage cars really

to look out for is that first edition

stamp this charmander from team rocket


has that first edition stamp right there

which automatically makes it worth more

with that said holographic cards from

earlier eras

such as anywhere from like base set to

like the neo series

so you know like this base set blast

toys it's not first edition

it's holographic it's not the best

condition but it's

still worth you know a decent amount of

money you also may have just some


cards from the old series you know


so these are from you know the 90s early

2000s all these cards

you can see the set symbols these are


some of the base set cards even not

first edition are worth you know a few

dollars a piece in good condition

and you always have to remember that

buying and selling pokemon cards

is that the condition matters a ton you

do not see this card

is in great condition there's no

whitening this the centering is really


and there's no nicks or scratches

whereas other cards

like this card right here you see the

whitening on the edges

if i had one that was this card perfect

even if it's only you know a cheap

holographic card it's gonna be worth so

much more

in good condition because that's what

people want so if you want to be selling

a lot of old cards

i'd recommend you do lots you know maybe

smaller ones like 25

um vintage cards you could just say from

there from the base set or you know like


and then maybe include a hollow if you

have them that being said

lots of people do not have um basic

hollows i have you know just a few

holographic cards so whether you got

them you know from trading or during

your old collection um these are worth

quite a bit if you have them in really

good condition so definitely make sure

you check them out

if they are and they're not sleeved

definitely sleeve them or put some you

know hard case top loaders on them

that really helps preserve the cars to

wrap it up if you have any basic cards

you like the dratini

squirtle charmander you know bulbasaur

any of those basic cards especially

first editions

those are worth quite a bit no one is

going to go but try and buy you know

like a first edition dark radicate i

mean who sits around

and asks oh man i wish i had more

raticate cards no

people want charmander people want the

more iconic pokemon

so the more iconic pokemon the more

well-known pokemon cards that you have

the better that you'll do so like i said

the card lots that guarantee a hollow or

ultra rare are very good ways to sell

them or your rare ones

sell them individually and now if you're

seriously entertained and you're

wondering about

the buying and reselling part two things

that i recommend do looking into

graded cards just like these two and

then sealed products

like these two xy ancient origins packs

one of my favorite sets actually

so steel products and graded cards this

is a

mint nine card so it's actually worth

you know probably 20 to 30

the grading system that these cards are

graded by is psa professional sports


so they're really backed up right now

and like they take months and months for

your cards to get graded so i'm glad

that i you know

got these online um this heatran gx not

a super sought after card but it's still

a mint nine

so it's still a decent value the best

thing i would say to buy right now is


the mint nines because psa 10s cost so

much more than nines and nines are not

even that far off

so mint nines best thing to buy and

resell um

for graded cards wise or obviously psa

tens if you have that kind of money

and then the packs these packs are from

i believe i won't say 2014

but they're from the mid 2010s so

they're already getting pretty old

obviously i'm not gonna open them i keep

them sealed

um and then also back here i've got my


i've got a cosmic eclipse elite trainer

box i got for really cheap was on


and now they go for anywhere from like

50 to 70 dollars

so you know great deals buying reselling

burning shadows

elite trainer box lots of times uh

targets and walmarts will have those

those can be worth 50 to 60 um online

uh usually like 50 55 and you give them

a target for like

30 so pretty good deal especially to get

a lot of them and then resell them

and then a great deal how many people

know about is these pokeball tins

these pokeball tins cost i think 12 or

13 dollars regularly

they come with three packs obviously the

tin and the coin

now if you find these on clearance for

like half off which no one really buys


so they're often on sale if you get one

of these for six dollars

they have three packs and they usually

have an ancient origins pack or an

evolutions pack

this is a seven or eight dollar pack if

you're spending six dollars

on a 10 with this and two others it's a

great deal i love getting these i have

four of these

i opened you know two of them but i

still this that's how i got these

ancient origins packs from

other two because you get them and then

you can resell them so you always have

to be looking out for those good deals

that you can buy and resell cards that

are hot right now

or would be the charizard v-max from

darkness ablaze and

you have to be investing in cards that

you know will go up or at least you have

a strong suspicion that will go up

general there are two things to um not

worry about but think about

when you get into uh selling stuff is

that one make sure that you know

and you remember this that money big

money is not going to come right away

you have to start investing and then you

have to start buying you know

better cards and as you you got to work

your way up so you know

i started buying you know like

individual packs and individual cards

and you know like that mystery box was

kind of like the start of it you know

like the 50

you're not gonna be selling cards for

300 right away

obviously you're gonna have to work your

way up there so you know maybe spend

anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars

you know the first thing you ever do

and then try and flip that around try

and double your money try and get back a

fifty to a hundred dollars on that

and then you can maybe spend half that

make sure you still have some money

though don't jump right in

and spend all the money you have saved

up on cards there's going to be a time

when you buy something and it's going to

go down in value that's just that's just

how business works

you're not going to make money every

single time if you do it right though

you can make money most of the time and

also this takes patience

you have to be able to wait like a few

months ago i bought a card here i'll put

the picture up on screen now

i bought a card for two dollars and 30


and then recently i sold that exact same

card for 50

that was not a one-day turnaround that

took a few months

but still i was doing other stuff during

that time think about if you bought 10

of those for two dollars

and resold them for 50. that's a lot of

money but also think about if you bought

10 cards

and then they went down in value you

have to be you know wary of is this car

going to go up is it going to go down

you have to be thinking about that you

know like this heatran gx

it's not going to get super popular so i

might as well try and sell it right now

or get rid of it so to speak right now

while the gx's are still popular

cards like these base set holographic

cards are this is not a base

what are you doing here these basic

holographic cards

are going to be relevant um probably

until the end of the hobby

so i'll see those you can hang on to

wait for the value to go up a ton until

they're in like a bubble

your ex cards you know they're starting

to get pretty old you've got cards from


2013 you know anywhere around there um

those cards are starting to

be worth quite a bit more because those

sets have been out of print for a long


so this is the perfect time to start you

know getting rid of your ex cards

getting some extra money and if you want

to invest it back into the hobby you

know or start collecting

again or even just buy and resell that's

a great idea

and a great way to make some money

especially while you're stuck at home

and then

the final thing is people might say oh

you know pokemon cards are for kids

yes that is absolutely right pokemon

cards were designed

for kids i will say that right now


is making money and getting a job

designed for kids no it's not

if you're out here making 50 a day

selling pokemon cards

um i don't think anybody's going to be

insulting you and calling you a kid

that's a lot of money

all trading cards were originally

designed for kids

baseball cards football cards basketball

cards pokemon cards were all designed

for kids

but are kids out here spending two

million dollars on a baseball card

no are kids spending 55 thousand dollars

on a charizard no they're not because


are into this too and that's where your

target audience is at that's why the

base set cards

are worth so much because it's the

adults that have the most money

and that are buying them so um feel free

to comment down below with any questions

you might have my best to respond to


hopefully you got something out of this

video you know always looking for deals

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