Selling Cards At A Garage Sale!! I Made $_______


hello everybody welcome back to another

video in today's video we are gonna be

trying to sell some pokemon cards at a

garage sale stay tuned to the very end

of the video to see

how much money we're able to make and

how many pokemon cards you're able to

sell to get into the video

how do we get here you may be asking

well let's go back in time we took some

pictures for advertisements

the good cards that are extras and i'm

going to take out all the other ones

we took all the cards and we gathered


to bring them downstairs then i got to


explaining the costs of different


that should catch you up



that's a good deal because you've

probably spent four times that autumn


boom and just like that we had completed

our first

transaction and he had his cards i had

my money

i was happy all right guys so i just


fifty dollars on the electric and fire

type pokemon

tins i gave him the tin i gave him

everything inside of it

fifty dollars proof right here i was

literally just clearing out extras which

was nice

meanwhile are you coming over here

i sold two tins for fifty dollars what

bro what are you talking about man two

tins for

fifty dollars yes who were they two some


some nerd no like no it was some guy and

he was buying it for his son

because his birthday's in like two days

oh cool yeah



so luke we found a mole head in our


room and we found the other half of it


here's your toy your toilet

she's just laying there she loves it

there i think it's that right there i

can do it you can do it

i hate you guys


why'd you have to get that trouble that

shovel doesn't even have a grip



oh my gosh don't look if you don't


nope i think my dad was right about

putting them in laws and just having

people buy them for

a lot i don't know if you guys noticed

but there's a lot of people just looking

at the cards and then just

not wanting them the reason for this is

because they're literally trying to buy


just so they can resell them for more

money like bro

nobody wants that


oh honey you are

so beautiful

why is this a game who knows

who knows what the person who made this

mistake it's an arcade game

until and then they made it oh no who

knows what the person that made this was


oh go go get somebody get somebody get

that yellow guy it doesn't matter i'll

run them off

you feel luca i feel like i'm never

going to get my driver's license you

want to charge yourself

no okay yeah you're getting one anyway

so i'm probably gonna put some of this

stuff away

brought all the stuff up from downstairs

and i'm done selling everything

i made 50 and i gave 10 of it to them so

if you guys did enjoy this video

and you guys do want to try this

yourself i would suggest you guys put

them in bundles like a dollar for this

much or whatever this was definitely the

most successful

thing i've ever done at a garage sale so

if you guys do enjoy this

and you guys like pokemon please

subscribe 50 likes if you want me to do

something like this again

we're gonna play some minecraft thank

you guys for watching and

peace out



i found the ice cube for this

and this i need a million dollars for


million dollars for that million dollars

for that i'll give you 20 bucks

okay i'll take the 20 bucks but you

can't have them