How I Sell Pokémon Cards on eBay FAST AND EASY!

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what's going on folks my name is Ronnie

I'm a part-time seller of many stuff and

things on mostly eBay dabling on a

couple other websites but I really love

collecting cards have my whole life and

so here lately I've been marrying the

two things that I really enjoy in life

which is collecting cards and selling

things online so I'm buying things on

what not with the intention of going to

eBay and selling them for a profit so I

thought in this video I have another

nice little haul here from my favorite

what not streamer two pounds worth of

Pokemon cards we're gonna open it up

we're gonna do a haul with you guys but

then we're gonna go in we're gonna list

a couple of these Pokemon cards and I'm

going to show you exactly how I do that

the materials that you need in order to

protect your cards during shipment and

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