Get Paid To Write Poems Online: Earn $10-$300 Per Poetry Submission

hey I'm Shay the publisher at dream home

based or calm I am back with a brand new

video today I found another interesting

way to make money from home did you know

you can get paid to write poetry so how

does it work you can write submit and

publish points to various sites that

accept points they can even appear in

large magazines view by millions of


so should you quit your day job of

course not this is just one way to use

your writing skills to make extra cash

on the side I'm sure many of you guys

are wondering how much can I make so

I'll be honest you won't make a ton of

money writing forgery however your

poetry publications will help you build

a portfolio of your work and best of all

poetry writers have the potential to

earn anywhere from ten to three hundred

dollars per poetry submission so what

are you waiting for

keep watching to learn more in this

video I will show you where you can

submit your points online and also some

guidelines for each company the first

company is the Sun magazine this company

pays for writers to submit their work to

their magazine you can earn anywhere

from a hundred to two hundred dollars

per submission they don't have a minimum

word requirement and their best

submissions are personal poems even

though they will accept personal

political and cultural style points now

they do discourage simultaneous

submission so try not to submit more

than one poem at a time they accept your

poems but online you can submit them

online or you can mail in your

submissions you can simply visit their

site by going to the Sun magazine org

and then click on the submit tab this

will this page will give you a little

bit more insight

the company and then I'm also some more

information about you know submitting

your poems online they also provide an

address here where you can be able to

mail in your points the next company is

the Poetry Foundation now this company

pays foreign writers to have their

poetry published in their magazine as

well now this company pays per line so

it's ten dollars per line or a minimum

of $300 per point this company also pays

an additional sum of a hundred and fifty

dollars for a first serial rights which

means that that company will have the

right to be the first place that your

appointments publish that so they want

to you know pay you that additional

money so you can just give them approval

to be the first ones to publish your

point now this company accepts all types

of written poetry so they don't have any

limits to or they don't have specific

poetry submissions that they accept now

these poems must be written or

translated into English language it must

not be previously published material so

you can't submit anything that has been

published on another site and then you

also must submit through their online

trackable online submission platform you

can simply visit them online by going to

Poetry Foundation org go ahead and

scroll down to the bottom here and click

on the how to submit and then they'll

provide some additional information on

you know how you submit your portrait

online and then you can click this link

to be directed to their online

submission manager the next company is

Blue Mountain arts now this company also

pays plural writers to submit to their

digital magazine this company actually

has contests so you can get pay anywhere

from a hundred to three hundred dollars

depending on which place you win whether

it's first second or third place now

their best submissions are points of

personal emotion and filling

now you must these pawns must be

original of course on they must be

written in English and there are no

limits to the amount of poems that you

can submit they accept submissions

online and also you can mail in your

submissions as well you can visit their

site by going to SPS comm and then click

on the poetry contest this is where

you'll find some additional information

about how you can answer they have

different guidelines and rules they also

have a mailing address in also a forum

here where you can just attach your poem

the next company is Threepenny review

this company pays poem writers to submit

also to their digital magazine now this

company pays up to three hundred dollars

per point this company only accept

submissions anywhere between January 1st

and June 31st so if you're just viewing

this video if you have viewed it past

the timeline I'm just kind of get your

submissions in the works before January

1st but if you're watching it right now

during this time you definitely get your

submissions ready to submit on their

website you can submit online or you can

also Mel in your submissions

now the poems must be in a word format

and one single document they must not

exceed 100 written lines they only

accept 5 poem entries at a time and of

course you may not submit previously

published points the turnaround time is

anywhere from two days to two months you

know where they will get back in contact

with you and let you know if your poem

was accepted simply visit their official

website by going to Threepenny

and then you can go ahead and click on

submissions here definitely get your

points ready they have an address right

here where you can submit via email and

then they have you know some other

details here you know so you can be able

to follow and just make sure that you

have your poems ready for them to be

review the last company is chicken suit

for the soul now this company also pays

porn writers to submit their work for a

print book series of publications now

this company pay up to $200 per after

publication so once they have already

published your poem they will submit

payment to you of $200 submissions may

must tell a story a personal emotion

drama love courage it must be written in

first person and you must submit true

stories um now you know they are you

know a little bit more strict you know

we're you know poems they can't sound

like a greeting card they can't have

excessive rhyming

they must be 1200 words or less and with

this company they don't have any

submission limits so you can be able to

submit as many as you want

simply visit them online by going to

chicken soup com you can submit your

poem by going down to the bottom and

then submit your story this page will

also you know share with you guys some

more guidelines they also give you an

idea of some of the topics that you can

be able to touch on you know that they

would like to add to their publication

the deadline date for story employment

missions is December 15 now they do have

an extended deadline date to December

31st so definitely keep an eye on this

page of when they have their deadlines

for submissions depending on the topic

because it seems like you know depending

on which topic you want to touch on they

have a different deadline say for in

stories about miracles that one doesn't

have a deadline until June 30th of 2019

so yeah just keep an eye on this if you

need to submit your story you just go to

this tab right here and they have a

little forum here where you can be able

to fill out all of your information this

was a very detailed video for those that

really enjoy writing poems and really

want to make some extra cash using their

writing in their creative skills

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