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welcome everyone we spoke about the

value of the currencies in the path of

Exile and also you know what who is

worth what and next up we're going to

speak about trading this is gonna be a

quick guide on trading we will be

advanced guys on trading and we know

finding a free money with trading you

know making better trades in the future

so this just teaches us how to trade

firstly let's look at how to buy items

here we have two website will be I'll be

using to buy items with path of Exile I

was introduced with BOE trade and this

is the official website for path of

Exile buying items and as you can see

there's a lot of settings you can look

litems there's lots of categories you

can field items what I also recommend is

trying out a trade with part of X or

trade this is our fish or trade and

similarly you can go categories you can

set up items you can actually do a lot

of things so what we're gonna do is

we're gonna look into the general

process of buying we're gonna try to buy

an item in the currency market and I'll

show you guys the details let's say you

file to buy exalted off I'll be clicking

exalted up

I also click the chaos up which I'll be

offering to the seller and I'll click

search after this I'll be brought up

into a window oh that's a really cheap

one so it's one two and eighty I click

contact seller this gives me a message

to copy/paste I copy this one with

mahaki I go into the game click enter

and I'll send this message to this 11

then let me get a D and E so Los Alamos

is the seller and this basically says hi

I would like to buy your exotic for 180

chaos and if the seller responded by

inviting me into the party I can

teleport to his hideout and I can have

the chaos of ready to trade

keep in mind there is equity with the

trading system because I said I have to

find items within his - to have it ready

for you so if you teleport to him you

should have your currency ready to trade

I also have the free spot trade and

after that you should wait for him to

interact with you you should wait for

him to trade you first because he might

be looking for an item you shouldn't be

rushing him

after trade with you you should be given

items onto the side and double-check

this is the item you wanted if you buy

an item make sure you double check

everything you search for online so over

here make sure if you're actually

searching for item everything you search

for all items that's is actually correct

if you're buying currency make sure you

search the right amount of currency he's

giving the right currency so when you're

trading make sure you highlight all the

items he offered and double-check the

stats and he will be doing the same with

your items and once you click trade

except you have the item keep in mind if

you're actually buying at him and the

sellers don't respond that means he's

either FK he's not available or maybe

his price is too cheap for the market he

already sold to other people and he

doesn't want to respond to us and if he

actually want to respond to us he will

actually message us back and you know he

was a hey juice wanted and it's actually

very efficient after getting used to it

basically you can you might him to party

you can tell about it but I recommend

waiting for the seller to invite you and

proceed with the trade and some time it

does take a little while to buy the

currency you want because we're always

going for the cheapest price and people

doing that as well next up we'll be

looking at how to sell items selling is

a little more tricky because it requires

you to have a special stash in your

stash inventory and this allows you to

sell items what you can do is you can

actually purchase a trade tab within the

particular micro transaction market and

yes we mention micro transaction but

this is not the expensive one this is

one of the cheapest transaction we can

get actually so let me have a look it is

so 15 points here 15 of the currency

points will cost you one dollar 50 USD

and this allows you to purchase a

premium stash what does premise - do is

not only its enormous - you can also

market list your item for example here I

have a bunch of items that's listed and

basically if you hover my my cruiser

onto other items you can see I'm asking

for exact price of 13 chaos all and

these actually transfer the data arm to

online and this websites

we'll actually be able to search for the

item actually listed so I'll show you

guys here now if I'm actually searching

for a socket of six I'm looking for six

link I'm looking for let's say if I'm

looking for any item and was click


and what's gonna happen is you will show

me items that are six linked for a

particular price what I can do is if I

was the person listed those items the

buyer can click Whisperer and they'll

copy a message you can go here you can

message the seller you'd be like hey I

want to buy this item and this items

located on those location so for example

if I get a message earlier which I did

he's like hey how to buy one of the

items 469 yes and it's in 9 and 11 so

this is a boot I listed and let's have a

look 9 1 2 3 whoa

so we know here right and if I actually

can't find it properly I can search for

the name of it I can go to domed which

is the two-tone boots here this so I

need to type everything correctly I

missed the line in between so if I had

the line between the I'll be better so

he wanted to buy this bridge for 1690s

that's the price I listed so how do you

actually list item within the premium


after having the premise - you can put

any other items in after putting

don't worry people won't get this off

you you can only see that other you have

to trade with them manually to get it

off so if you miss prices it's ok as are

you realize the mr. president when you

get 20 messages saying on the buy it and

people always want to buy it quickly

because it's so cheap so once you have

item in you can right click on an item

you can have a note which usually people

go with the exact price you usually use

the meeting of exchange for chaos off

think chaos of as in terms of one go to

one dollar and sometimes you can go for

other things if you really wanted so

mostly people go for chaos up for

example I know the price of my my

particular inch top will be selling for

anyway about 90 to 95 chaos up I can put

it expensive for 95 and this now is


to the websites with the trading for

part of exa so when people see this and

they want to trade with me they will

come with 95 ops they were sent me a

message here like this and I can get

back to them by inviting them to my

party and having this ready by finding

whether it is and trade with it so this

allows to sell items effectively notices

lots of items for sale and a small trick

what I started to do is if no one buys

my items I lower the price of all the

items slightly and hopefully they buy

them I have there if you don't mind them

again I lower the price even further

keep in mind people can only see the

items you mister for sale if your

character is online because only online

character can trade and if you're not

online anything you know if you're not

really trading then people can't see

those offline so people don't usually

see the offline items and that means if

you're online your items getting shown

by people ain't never buying it you can

lower the price but if your offline

items can be sold so nice no need to

lower your price if you still offline so

every time I play for hours online no

one buys them and lowers the price also

a double check in the market prices are

so this is it for the selling pad and

buying pad we as part of Excel of course

is a lot of tricks what I recommend if

you first get into selling and buying

make sure you double check the price of

similar items that you're not under

selling or if you're not paying

overpriced items I actually understood

one of my exalted our point that started

it was worth about 180 cares I saw the

full 160 because I saw the average price

on the website I just used it people

rushed me with messages I actually

panicked I sold it really quickly and I

realized I don't have to do that people

often don't interact with the trade

that's really you know distorted or like

under priced so you can just tell people

sorry I miss priced it one indication is

when you decide them 10 minutes later 20

people or five people versus you see

double check the price make sure you

know the price is correct so don't do

what I did I actually hunter sold for

about twenty cares which was quite a bit

for the early game and game for me so

definitely something to keep in mind

thank you so much for watching guys

hopefully you found this helpful

I'll be making more small guys for you

guys for part of excel now see you guys

next time