Episode 1: How to Sell Podcasts Online (fast)

look looking like crap doing a mount fun

high school welcome to two girls watch

TV are you in Fast and Furious Tokyo


maybe reincarnates so welcome to two

girls watch TV I'm Sienna

I'm Daniel and you can now put faces to

our names we usually will go up better

than this let's film a video I thought

it would be fun to get this is my no

makeup day I get one day a week and you

picked today to be my no makeup day okay

so your color is very clean like ours

never never like I have been in

Cristina's card I've been split like

this sitting on top of stuff because her

card is always so much like I can't put

my feet here comfortably and it's not

full of coffee things and water bottles


okay ten minute clips that are little to

kind of talk about the show a little bit

what will be talking you over the week

maybe answer some questions and we also

want to interview each other because

Danielle and I only watch television

together when we're watching the same

stuff for this show and we kind of

mentioned this an episode zero but

Danielle is more of a religious bin

Binger and I am a casual Binger and

those might be cool bestfriend T's to


religion religious venture and then

casual Pinter and it's like a beer glass

but like it has a big television on it

how did you start being such a religious

Binger I've always been this way

no I'm serious I've always been this way

I think the difference but okay

we're both only children which is

something we've bonded over but I think

the reason the difference between you

and I is that your mom is a doer she's

always doing something so you're also

always doing something meanwhile my

family we watch television constantly

just especially my dad my dad's a huge

TV watch I mean that was my father's his

entire life he would just sit in front

of the television all the time no matter

it could be static and he was enjoying

it just get the image of your father

with the tinfoil on top of this here's a

funny story about how we talked about

this with my father watching static when

we first got TiVo you can only record

two things at once

that's it what a primitive age we lived

in and then you lose access to

television because you're recording few

things a month so my father wanted to

record something and my mother wanted to

record something and she had it on her

phone she had it on the app and my mom I

was playing college sports at this time

so my mother came to a game in South

Jersey so it was easily two hours away

and he couldn't watch television because

both things were t-bone at the same time

so he sat in front of a blank television

and called my mother and he was like

dead she was like what's matter he goes

what time do you think you're gonna be

home and she's like well the bus broke

down so it'll be awhile and he's like

I'm staring at a blank television for an

hour now and she's

what are you doing that for like and so

he couldn't watch TV because everything

was recorded and she couldn't figure out

how to turn it off oh my gosh I could

see him being television but so sorry

side sorry you're religious I want to

bring up that her mom specifically still

to this day lays the guilt on me because

I used to get viral like videos like

that not even before you it was before

YouTube it was like funny junk calm if

you were a man cute stuff calm oh my god

I would get these videos that her dad

would watch so many friggin times and

her mom would just your cat and she

still to say she's like you I freakin

wring your neck you'll ruin this family


I'm to blame it's my all my fault with

the freaking kitty cat video

kitty dance I'm sorry kitty news

everyone look this is what my father

would do he would say dad this is watch

nine million times and my mother was

like yeah cuz you're eight million nine

hundred ninety nine of them religious TV

watcher yes I remember I used to watch

everything under the Sun I remember like

being a little kid waking up before my

parents on the weekends and like

watching like peanuts like and like just

watching television constantly I loved


I loved Nick at Nite I loved watching I

hated Roseanne unpopular pigeon did not

like to show Roseanne what so popular

pigeon opinion I'm popular unpopular

opinion I know it's opinion but I know

I'm popular t-shirt

I loved friends oh no not friends I love

full house I love like facts of life Oh

family matters your own way back yeah

like I just love television I remember

are you afraid of the dark

I return it off oh I would watch it I

remember when I finally turned seven and

it was like why seven watch are you

afraid the dark I couldn't I couldn't

watch it at 14 we're still Tuesday you

refuse to watch I'm terrified I watched

one episode of this car that was

possessed because I think and was an

episode there have been a lot of horror

movies with the cars being it Stephen

King one streetcar named desire

that's not Stephen Casey Christine

Christine yes based on the she car named


pretty sure okay pretty sure I don't

want to just like spew yeah I want to be

a cliff Clavin here I click you have to

watch cheers to understand that

reference my god he spews fast and like

5% of them are correct see though is he

the one who rotzinger he's in every

Pixar movie yes I was gonna say he's the

he's at the sardines who weren't know

who's the big school yeah yeah yeah yeah

that's him he was PT in a bug's life

okay yeah he was the Mack truck in cars

yes school of tuna is it - enough yeah

yeah like oh you guys nailed it I

remember wow that's gonna bother me

because I know like I've seen all of

those movies but yeah he's in like all

of them sorry I lost are you afraid of

the dark are you afraid the dark it was

a car and the car

this kid bought it and he would drive it

in certain places in the car would just

take over and the whole story behind it

was that the car he was supposed to pick

up a girlfriend the sky who I used to

own the cars girlfriends and she was

like in real big trouble so she I think

she ended up dying or something and then

he crashed the car and he ended up dying

for the car like it was actually like

like a nice ghost I guess or a nice

possession because oh yes like Casper

his main mission was to finish the job

that he was never able to complete he is

in the car

right but I still couldn't handle it I

was still like nope this is scary and I


I would like to see you watch a scary

movie on this podcast let's talk about

it the next time we need to one of these

videos because I don't know if I can do

that I'm not certain that I could get

through an entire scary movie

comfortably we should watch it together

and your game of Thrones you do that

with Game of Thrones what's gonna happen

now what is he doing that for why does

she have that knife in her hand how did

you get a sword what are we supposed to

be talking about oh how to get away with

drugs this week yeah this is the show

they're going to talk about it's very

silly we experienced technical

difficulties so bus no well did we talk

about how we're damaging control let's

do that next time because we're over

it's like 10 minutes per week I'm gonna

be editing this so we couldn't film 20

minutes I don't know a shout out of it

no no I'm definitely editing because I

need to make it entertaining we are

entertaining oh okay

I mean he'll anthem then I'm gonna make

it in time gonna edit it so it's cooler


this is real 100% real my hair looks


so here's my I can't watch scary movies

I went on a date with somebody in

college we were talking about how to

sell drugs online fast or do we just oh

okay so have that bet we're doing that

we're we're talking the thing we're

talking about that we had technical

difficulties yes I knew you weren't

gonna die she didn't try to save me she

didn't ask me if I was okay you're such

a tourist in the know I'm Italian in

Catholic and I'm laying on the guilt

oh god ma Nanami leave me alone I knew

you were going if you were in serious

danger you know that I would care about

you you were just coughing we all

coughing have you ever heard of a

coughing yeah


it I'm sure it happened I'm sure if we

watch that show a thousand ways to die

these are far-fetched I bet you it'd be

somebody coughing to death or maybe

that's how about how about this

situation so I'm talking about the show

it's gonna be good

we charged we highlighted the best parts

we had a section that we had to cut out

because something happened with the

microphone so there's a big chunk in the

middle meaning if you're really upset

about it you can fill in through email

and if you want us to do it again then

we will I guess are you done making

faces in the camera can we wrap this up


over and out