How to SELL PLR eBooks or any products ONLINE (FAST AND EASY)

hey everybody this is rick landry from

today another exciting video i'm gonna

be showing you how you can start

selling online how you can start really

seeing money

in your banking account and honestly

it's not as difficult as everybody


before we jump in the heart of the

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okay now let's jump in the heart of the

subject which is

how to generate money on your website

landing page whatever you have working

so our goal is to bring visitors to your

instagram account

and then make them click the

the your link in the description that

will bring

to you know where you're selling your

product that would be for us that would

be our website

so now what you're gonna do is really

simple you go to the search bar on


and you look up for popular accounts uh


are related to your business so be care

so be sure that you're choosing accounts

that they

are related to your business

you know that it covers the same not

exactly the same subject but

you know the same category so let's say

your business is

about marketing okay so i'm gonna write


i'm gonna pick this guy and

you know he i make sure first that he's

legit he has

real followers really likes a real

audience because if you choose a fake

account and use this trick

it's not gonna work so be sure he's real

and and what you're gonna do is simply

click on his followers

and you want to follow all his followers

simple as that you click follow follow

follow follow you follow

you follow his followers and but there

is a limit be careful don't follow more


uh 50 accounts every eight hours

so follow 50 accounts every eight hours

and you'll be good

and what you're gonna do by doing this

is you know

you're saving time by reaching to people

that are already interested

and what you're offering by doing that

you're building

an audience through your account you're

building followers as you can see all my

followers here

are from follow back and i gained


i gain a lot of likes comments i gain

visitors and i convert them into sales

and the second trick really simple again

it would be instagram shout outs so what

you're going to do is

the same idea look up for popular

accounts related to your business

uh you must prepare a text a paragraph

that you're going to copy and paste and

send them

in a private message to a true instagram

to those accounts and you're going gonna

say hey you know my name my my business

i do this i do that

uh please can you shout me out i just

started i need

you know i'll put a little push there is

people that is gonna shout you out there


really nice people out there that are

gonna take time to help you

i can tell you that's what i do that's

what i do for my website

and i have a lot of sales from it so

yeah guys

uh that's what it's about for today i'm

gonna keep this short

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