what's going on everybody i'm back with

another video and in this video

i'm going to be showing you all the most

effective way to get all of your players

slash cars to sell not sure what you

guys call them players cards

whatever it is you guys get what i mean

how to get your cards to sell

here nba live mobile and this has been a

really continuous

issue for a lot of people playing this

game we get

so many of these elite cards and ultra


like these 98 it's like um all these 93

see all these 93s you have i have and a

lot of others have

all these 90s all these elites we get so

many of these

from many things in promos we get a

bunch of packs

for from as rewards from dining promos

in the store

we get um free pro packs every day

and yeah we just get tons of these from

various things in the game tons of these

players in the game

and then this season e has made it a lot

harder to sell the cards it's been like

this for a couple seasons now

so in season one we could sell our cards

no problem

you posted a card everyone else in the

game that was in your same server

saw that card could purchase it if you

want you just had to post it up for a

cheap enough price

that was season one then there was coin

sellers people who

illegally sold coins you could go to

websites buy

like for you could buy like 50 million


for really cheap like 25 i don't know

something like that it was like

five it was very cheap like 25 cents

for a million coins it was we had it was

very cheap people would

you just had to give them your account

and they made you coins ea did not want

that because that was taking money away

from ea

ea wanted to be getting that money that

people were

um paying the coin sellers so they

eliminated coin sellers by taking over

the auction house

so now all the players we put up eacs

they're the they have bought two buyer

players and then they

repost the players that we sell and

that's what we're seeing all these

players in the auction house

not there here these are all from ea's

bots ease bots are um

putting these in the auction house this

is not

other players players it's not other

people that play this game posting up

these players

you're buying this from e from ea not

from other players so

and this has made it extremely hard to

sell our players since ea did that to

eliminate coin sellers

our players rarely sell if you sell

yours cheaper than all the rest

um say 50 000 cheaper it still won't


and i don't know exactly why a lot of

people say there's minimum maximum caps

and it doesn't

it makes kind of sense like if you put

yours too expensive it'll never get sold

if you put yours too cheap it will it

also makes sense because it seems like

all players are like

above one price so for example if we

look up 90 ones

they're not going to be 10k what am i

doing i forget how much 91 to go for 100


for sure yeah let's do 70k find the

cheapest 90 ones

nope way cheaper than that 30k

nope okay we're getting close 35 000.

nope come on bro where are the cheapest


here they are okay 38k were there any

for 36

000. okay there's the cheapest 36 000.

now look we do like 38k you'll see all

them are above that price

all of them seem to be above this price

and yeah i just

people have said there's mint there's

minimum caps and um you can't sell your

players below those

so what i've done is i've tried so many

different ways to post up players i've

tried everything that people have

have had theories about i found the

cheapest players for each overall

put all mine for that cheapest amount

the cheapest bid too let's go with the

cheapest bid is for these 91s

thirty thousand nope thirty two thousand

uh no thirty three thousand

thirty four k must be thirty four


yeah there now look it all these are up

for thirty four thousand starting bid

and none are cheaper than 34k i put mine

for the cheapest starting bid that i

found for an overall

cheapest um buy now i've tried that with

all my different overall players

it net it barely works a few will sell

each time but i'll be posting up like 20

of one player

and only like one will sell and it's so

it's very um

it's very hard because these minimums

keep decreasing

so i have to keep on checking it takes

so much time

and so that was not really the best i've

tried well i just don't go below the

minimum bid

i i put my starting bit as the as the

lowest i

found that has worked okay but it has

not worked

good enough like it's for the time i

have to put into doing that

it does not work a lot good really just

a few players will sell each time

so um yeah a lot of ways and then

the final way is the way that i think is

the best to get our players to actually

sell because it is has been a huge


it is really hard to sell players on

this auction house

oh and i've the last the last thing i've

tried also without the last but another

thing i've tried is just putting my


cheaper than the rest in the auction

house so we found the cheapest 91 was


i've put mine for 29.99 for the buy now

price 25k starting bid

that doesn't work i've tried going super

cheap going barely cheaper

it really just does not work it's i and

it's just hard it's

and that's one reason that ea has added

trade-up sets here

so that you have something getting for

your players but a lot of us

still want to be able to sell our

players a lot of us want the coins

i have consistently tried all these

different ways and that is one of the

ways i've gotten to over 100 million

coins there's a lot of other things

one of the things that make that got me

there is i've always kept on putting on

my players

and that has added up the little bit i

get each time has added up but we want a

way that can make most of our players

sell each time

and there's not really a way where a lot

of your pla where

over 50 percent of your players are

going to sell each time but this way

that i'm about to tell you

is the most effective way i've tried

almost everything guys and from what

i've found

this next way is the least stressful

and gets the most players to sell each

time and what and so

we have these things people have found

where you post your study bid for a


and all nines like this this has been

another way

or one-on-one starting bid i've seen

i've also seen where the um

starting the buy now price is just 10

million or 100 million i'm not sure what

that is

and same thing 100 or 101 for the

starting bid

and yeah and what i found is the most

effective way to get our players to sell

is doing 101 starting bid

and all nines for the buy now price

and then each time you'll have just some

players will sell

so this and it's more than the other

ways i think

so gold's actually we can sell pretty


these actually it's like season one you

just put yours cheaper than the rest and

it will spin their cell

chords are really easy like that but um

with these players you see these random


seven eight five seven one all these

random prices

that is because i put mine for one on

one starting bid

um buy now price and and just eas bots

bid these

weird prices i've been able to sell a

good amount i've been saving up for

like two weeks now not two weeks

actually no like one week

i don't post up my players every day i

just i forget about it and then

a few days later i'll be like okay let

me go real quick post up my players so

yeah but i've been able to get a good

amount to sell from this and it's not

easy to get even this many to sell

how many options i have 93 auctions it's

not even that easy to get this many but


yeah so i found this the best way and

what's great about it is it's super easy

you don't have to go on the auction

house find

a price for a player no all you have to

do is 101 starting bid

and then all nines right there

now look i'll literally do them with my

players now 101

paul millsap 100 babyface assassin

100 deal nope he's not auctionable

uh i'll do this

while i'm talking i'll post up all my

players for this place because it is the

best way

and luckily it's not super difficult you

just have to post them all at this price

it takes a long time to post up

these players for this price but um

hey do you gotta do what you guys do to

make your players sell in this game it's

the easiest way

and yeah actually it would take really

long to post up all my players doing

this video so i'm not going to but guys

that is the easiest way that i found to

make your players sell

also i've seen some people do where you

first do that what i just showed you

and then you find ea bids for it so for

90s for example

um actually let me do let me find a

better example a7s you see they're all

getting bid for for eight through two

three and 101.

um some people have said then post all

your 87s up for that price

eight two through three and 101 and find

what price they all sell for when you do

the 101

999 trick and then post all them up for

that price

here's why i don't think that's the best

way because you see these eighty ones

one bidding for four thousand one

hundred one for four thousand one

four thousand six hundred then one for

eight thousand

you want to have the chance of getting

the most coins possible for each and

every one of your players

when you do this you have that

opportunity to get that high price

when you don't do this and you just do

them all for the same price you could be

getting more each time than you're

selling them for

so my recommendation to y'all put all

your elites your ultras any players that

are not selling that are not off i mean

auctionable not non-auctionable

because you can't sell non-auctionable

players any players that you can't sell

put them up for 101 starting bid 999 buy

now price

and a lot of them will get bidded for by


so yeah guys i think that's going to

wrap it up for this video i hope you got

i hope this video helped y'all out

that is what i have found to my through

multiple continuous trials of so many

different ways that is the easiest way

and also the least stressful way you

just have to post them all for the same

price it's that

simple you don't have to go search

through the auction house for

the prices for each different card just

all post them up for that and a good

amount will sell

so hope um that helped you out guys if

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