yo what's going on welcome everybody we

are back with another video in today's

video is one of those tips and tricks

for FIFA 19 and FIFA 19 career mode in

particular if you guys want to see more

tips and tricks let me know in the

comment section down below what you guys

want to try and do that you haven't

known how to do in the past and want to

know how to do from now on and in the

future I will try and get that one done

for you guys I'm going to be showing you

in this very video how to sell players

for double or more their value in this

very career mode and a way to do this

I'm just gonna pick any team me I don't

know who to be let's get Leicester City

but the way to do this is literally a

negotiation skill but at the same time

you do have to do something pre the

negotiation skill and I'm going to show

you guys exactly how to do that in this

very stream in this very episode even in

this very video of how you guys do it

initial squad I don't know the

difference between this I'm pretty sure

it downloads the current squads the

latest squads even before you start the

career mode if it a lot of people were

wondering about that I'll put that in

the video as well but we get strange to

the career modern I'm going to show you

guys how to sell players for double or

more their values the man UNITA caramels

come in alright tomorrow make sure you

hear and I'll have the video out for you

guys so be honest unless you're a really

good friend you can play at this

standard when you play those top teams

right Leon and whether bro men and other

teams like Leipzig in their call name

which and grab back as well

if you can play against those top teams

then go ahead and choose the one with

the most amount of money but you can't

and you're like me and you really bad at

the game go for the one that's the least

like money and it's not the worst

opponents not much of a difference in it

anyway so now that we're in the career

mode menu all you want to do is go to

advanced and you want to go to the first

game you may get transfer offers in over

this time as you can see we've got a

couple of transfer offers in there at

the start of this career more one for

d'marie gray and one for marty after try

on them without actually doing what i

said you have to do pre blue add the

transfer and that is his values between

twelve point six and eighteen point five

is actually valued at ten million and

like I said I want to try and make

twenty or maybe even more than that I

want to try and double the value or make

more than double his value so it will

negotiate on and I'll try and do that

with my negotiation skills but a lot of

this is down to chance but I'm gonna

actually take it further than that

and show you guys exactly how to do it

without going down to chance and

literally go in pre chance if that makes

sense you're gonna do something before

all of this okay so I'm gonna try and

get it

Association skills and that is to ask

higher than what I'm willing to take on

in 25 million pounds they come back with

seventeen point six which is actually

bad but like you guys want to see more

than value more than double the value so

I'm going to try and sell him for twenty

two million pounds and see where I come

in from that eighteen point four you

guys would probably accept that I'm

trying to make double Israeli for the

purposes of the video we're gonna try

and make 21 it's probably not going to

play pay it because of the fact that I

haven't done what I do pre the transfers

like I said they're not gonna pay over

the values but trust me after we do what

we do pre transfers you're gonna see all

of these transfers will actually happen

and we probably would have made the

25-minute name as well

let's negotiate on this one if coming

with six million pounds I think he's

valued at what four million pounds or

something like that we might have to

double check that one MRT is valued at

six point five sort of comment with less

than his value this tends to happen a

lot in career mode

let's try fifteen million pounds that's

a lot more than double his value they're

literally gonna say no way he'll they

were not going for that one now I'm

gonna show you guys why good timing FIFA

cuz it gives me a reason to show

everyone what to do so we're in a squad

help as you can see you can see the

positions you can see the kit numbers

the players the overall rate in the role

but what you want to pay attention to is

the form and the morale of the players

you can see that is happy right now

and he's in OK form but if you went

ahead a press X on this you can see that

other players are content at the club

those content players aren't going to be

worth as much as the happy players for

some odd reason in career mode also the

form plays a huge part in it as well so

what you really want to do is play games

before that I'm going to show you guys

how to up the form and how to optimal as

the players that you guys want to sound

so first off don't put them on the

transfer list okay because as soon as

you put players on the transfer list if

I went ahead and put James on the

transfer list for say for example if

it's worth 2 million pounds a lot of

teams are gonna offer like 1.2 1.3

million pounds on him however if he's

not on the transfer list a lot of teams

will come in and offer like 3 million

pounds or 2.5 million pounds on him ok

so when you play games I'm actually

gonna simulate the games for the

purposes of the video obviously will

take long the otherwise but you want to

play the games and get the players to

play really well if you have to pass the

ball like 10 times

go ahead and pass the world ten times

this is a very good example actually

Ruby simulate in the game you can see

two goals for gray they're a couple of

goals for other players as well so it's

probably gonna increase their form as

well we got a transfer offer info

Wow now if we go over to here you can

see that they're coming with 11 point 1

million pound is valued at 8.5 like I

said not transfer listed and he's

probably in good form now you want to go

ahead and check the squad huh before you

actually go ahead and do a deal on this

so a six point six average rain it's not

bad it's not great it isn't going to in

a previous form as you can see there but

he is happy at the club which means it's

gonna be worth a little bit more now so

w's value is technically seventeen in

fact it is seventeen million pounds I'm

gonna try and make more than that though

I'm gonna try and make around maybe 18

or 19 mil and the way to start is

negotiation skills you want to try

higher than what you're willing to take

and that is 20 million pounds they're

coming with the release clause or the

salon clause even go ahead and remove

that straight off the bat and go back in

there with a little bit lower let's try

19 million pounds no straight off the

bat they're not willing to take him I

guess form comes into it a little bit

more than I thought now we have another

match what you want to do before you

simulate this match a few similar in the

games if you're playing the games

obviously don't need to do it just put

your honour easier difficulty for you go

ahead and score a lot of goals play some

really good passive football get those

passes going at the back as well to make

your defenders in great form as well

what you want to do is actually save the

game and go ahead and go back into it

and this is just in case everything goes

wrong for you drew in this game you can

go ahead and reload to save and then do

it once again so we're gonna stimulate

against fly an old try and get the W

again you can see Jamie 40 Madison I

think it was Madison a Borah and 2 for

gray who scored the last goals for

Lester C we do get a go through Jamie

Vardy but like I said we could go wrong

for you we do lose this game against fly

an old what you want to do is go ahead

and quick and quit out the career mode

and load it back on okay final again

this time we're gonna simulate and

hopefully we get the win this time you

have naturals on a bench with a silver

on the bench all of these players can

come in in when it starts off well cuz

they've picked up a yellow card which

means they're gonna be a bit risky at

the back now simulate and we wouldn't

want no not exactly the best result not

bad either cuz we do pick up the W but

like I said you want to be getting the

best result possible

we got a 4-1 in the first one when it

maybe like a three nil or a 3-1 or

something around there you want to try

and get three goals that would be great

but we're taking one nil and check out

the form again and now in FIFA 19 you

seem to get a load of transfers after

the games as well so I'm pretty sure

they go after players that have played

well in the previous game so what we

want to do is simulate up to the next

game waiting for transfer offers to come


they don't come what come in which they

haven't what I would do is before

simulate in this game save it again just

in case you want to keep the progress I

wouldn't have kept that progress I would

have kept doing it until we win three

nil or whatever but because of we're

doing this video I want to try and get

through it quickly for you guys so you

understand what I'm trying to do here

and just go through to the next game

simulate again like I said you save it

just before just in case it goes wrong

like he did against fire node or another

editor visa club as well that could come

out on top Oh bright let's go straight

off the bat and we win four goals to one

Jamie Vardy getting himself to and DD

with a goal as well

very good result right there also one of

their players had a red card which is

crazy for them or maybe that was my

player I don't know and we should be

getting some transfer offers in like I

said we do get transfer offers in yeah a

natural probably came off the bench I

don't know what didn't really read that

but usually after a player has a really

good game in the team that is when teams

start to come in with their transfers is

valued at 9 million pounds right now

they came in with ten point three

million pounds you do want to go ahead

to check his form and his morale before

doing this but I think I've got a little

bit of a hope in me that they may come

after a high nacho anyway because I

could see him move into that Club so I'm

gonna go in there straight off the bat

with 20 million pounds see this is the

kind of thing that happens eleven point

three million pounds and a 10% sellin

clothes and a reason of common with

eleven point three is because they're

not yet convinced that he could be the

guy who's going to take them to the next

level and that is because of his form

and like I said everything else like his

Morales well everything plays a part in

the transferable fee that they're

willing to pay they're nowhere near what

we're willing to take on him Leah yeah a

nice eighteen million pounds to double

its value thirteen point two is what

they're gonna come in with and that's

probably gonna be their maximum it's as

simple as that and we're gonna reject it

because you don't there's no point

wasting your time on it it's not going

to happen unless these players have

excellent form or they have very good

morale and I'm gonna show you guys that

I mean if you're willing to take that

then go ahead and take that in the

career more but that's not the purposes

of this video the purposes of the video

is to show you guys exactly how to sell

players for double their value or more

than double their value and that is

exactly what we're going to do during

this video so we've got another game

coming up with the Hoff and I'm this

time Otto change all of that just

quickly I don't know who it is that's

been injured or whatever oh it's red

card for Pereira who was actually a

Leicester City man so it was there man

obviously that wasn't the case with the

hoffenheim and we width Reno massive

victory body

the goal a Brighton with another goal

they're probably in excellent form now

or if anything good form now we'll go

ahead and check the squat hop real quick

you can see we've got three messages in

there maybe a transfer offer we'll have

to double check that real quick but

first I want to check the form you can

see a load of players in good form and a

load of players are happy here we got

Jamie Vardy Morgan a Brighton Madison my

gosh Michael great show Wow a Bora and

DeeDee so many players is literally too

many Danni tips on a future there was

only two more left

so now what you want to do is just go

ahead and simulate and wait for the

transfer offers for those players to

roll in and it shouldn't take that long

either it should probably take maybe a

day or two before you get your first

transfer offer obviously if you're not

getting transfer offers it wouldn't mean

you have to put players on the transfer

list but because of the form of the

players and the morale of the players a

lot of teams will come in as you can see

right there we've got a couple of

transfers in we had that uprighted deal

which I went ahead and rejected because

it just doesn't match the purpose of the

purposes of the video they weren't

willing to go anywhere near what we were

trying to make on that deal as you can

see crystal palettes coming with

fourteen point three million pounds

straight off the bat for Damari great

less negotiate proposing a new transfer

fee right here as you can see was over

23 million pounds double e's transfer

value is 20 million pounds but was going

for more than that and never accepted it

23 million pounds we probably good as on

25 maybe 26 million right there

I may be messed up by not going a little

bit higher I was going a little bit

risky right there but they've accepted

23 which stood God actually rejected

because of the form of the player I told

you the form of the player and the

morale of the player plays hugely into

the hands of you trying to transfer

players for double or more the value of

the player it's as simple as that

so that's basically how you could do it

on that off the right there also I want

to show you guys an another career mode

with other players as well I've actually

started a brand new career mode so don't

worry about this one it's not leaking

any information on a Manchester United

career mode but we've got a 14.4 offer

in from Watford for Marcus row home and

it goes straight in there like swimwear

and ask them for 25 million pounds and

try and make double his value of ten

point five million pounds they come back

with eighteen point five which is close

enough to that 20 million pound

valuation we're gonna try make a little

bit more than the valuation like I said

and we already offered 25 if we drop

that now

we'll come back to 23 they're offering

more than its valuation you only get

three chances at trying this

so trying that two times obviously

takes few chances that third chance

better be close to what they came in

with or you might as well go ahead and

accept it we're gonna try 22 mil cuz I

think they will come back with that so

22 million pounds for markers roll and

just like that you've made double e's

value huge deal right there but that is

basically how you do it you've gotta

negotiate but do take into consideration

the form and the morale of the players

as I said to you guys as well because

obviously it's the morale means that

they're very unhappy at the club a lot

of teams will try to capitalize on that

and try and take advantage of that fact

and try and bring them into the club on

a cheap and if they're in excellent form

a very happy at the club they're gonna

be not us willing to move to the club so

they didn't have to offer up a little

bit more money and that is how you make

double the value but if you've enjoyed

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