what's up guys I'm McKenzie and today

I'm gonna be showing you guys a little

cheat on theif rating creamer which will

help you get hundreds and literally I

mean hundreds of million in your first

transfer window of the creamer so if you

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then this can work for any club any big

any small club it's gonna work

absolutely wonders for you if you're

doing your road to glory but it's still

gonna help you a lot if you're a team at

the top as well I have done other cheat

videos in the past and I do think those

videos help a lot more and I think

they're better cheat videos to use so if

you wanna check them out instead you

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millions potentially billions then check

that out I'll leave a link down below or

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check them all out I think those work

better than this but I still do think

that this works a treat so you should

use this seat but let's get in toward it

in now there are a few people that

probably already know this cheat and to

be honest I'm surprised that there are

so many that dog because I know for a

fact I've seen people not know this I've

told people about this and they've been

like oh you could do that and I'm like

yeah yeah yeah you could easily do this

it tricked you to get hundreds of

millions of dollars it's something I've

been doing since v49 as a little fun

thing first of all what you want to do

is you're going to go across a to edit

player and you're gonna edit place and

what you want to do is you just want to

make plays 99004 basically so you're

gonna make them really high overall and

the idea is yes you are gonna sell them

but now there are a few tricks and you

don't want to be making mistakes you

aren't always going to be ever sell all

these players and that's really

frustrating EA seem to change it up a

bit so you don't get as many offers as

you used to but as you can see we're not

giving these plays ninety nine overall

or relative to that only really put up

the attribute that makes sense for that

position so a striker only put up his

shooting dribbling whatever but do not

put up their defense cuz it doesn't

affect them whatsoever and you just

wasting your time using a defender don't

put up this shooting it's a waste of

time and that's a little trick to just

save you time when doing this uh also

you don't want to be doing this on old

players because one they're gonna be

less value so you're not gonna make as

much money for him too

they might be

and if they're retiring that is really

unfortunate another one though you do

not do this on players who are loaned in

so if you've got old player who's on

loan at at your club

do not make him a high rating why cuz

you won't be able to sell and William

ate because he's on loan at your club

another one you probably want to put

this on to young players because they'll

be worth more the younger the player the

more they're worth that makes sense but

here's a little one if your player has

just arrived at your club do not put

this onto them you will not be able to

sell them if they're in the first season

so you've got to have a player that's

been there for at least a year and then

you can improve that reviews and as you

can see I've made a lot of players grow

the attribute so you can see that

they're they're in their 90's there's

about eight of them really high rated

most of them young Stekelenburg of

course old now what you want to do is

get into your career mode you go into it

and what you want to do here is go to

squads use make sure its current

customized if it is not a current

customized you're gonna fail so what you

do it you put character customized

Carney's default you can't use updater

squad now let's get straight into here

and we're just gonna go over all highest

of course and add to transfer list when

i transfers all of these EI unlike what

they used to do don't like to get all

your players sold so you might not sell

all of these but as you'll see in a

second with their weight as there was

their weight their value if you just

sell one or two of these you've got a

lot of money the ask 200 million Luqman

200 million of course you see they're

Stekelenburg is worth only 63 million

and he's 97 overall that is one because

he's goal key with two because he's old

so now you're gonna stimulate into the

second day of the season maybe even the

third day in the season for which when

you get a transfer offer for a player

that you don't want so you go any

similarly again until you get another

transfer for a play you don't want until

eventually you do get a transfer for a

player that you want to be sword mason

Holgate and you're gonna you could

either accept this straight up because

i'm 24 million there's quite a lot or

you could negotiate

try get some more money try out make

your riches a bit more there is of

course upsides to this you're going to

start off the career mode in that first

transfer window with

of millions and you gonna have a lot of

fun it so it's not really for a see

remember you can have a lot of fun the

negative of course I've just sold Mason

Holgate 94 overall to Manchester United

and that's gonna make them a lot better

but we look at the budget and we see

we've got a lot more budgeting now just

for that one

sale and now we're gonna sell loot

Garbett to Manchester City so funny that

but I'm oh god but it gets back in the

Everton team anyway so we accept the

offer basically and then we see our

money from just those two sales is

massive we've got a quarter of a billion

in transfer budget and over a million

and a half in wage budget that's

incredible I could sign Messi I could

sign learn our darkest time Palma

probably not all three but just from two

selling outside but two players being

sold yeah it's looking really good you

see these are the plays that weren't

sold but of course can be sold in

January and stick them back for some

reason went down 22 overall there which

is really weird but pretty much you can

soul these players but at the end sell

in the first season then of course you

don't have to just tell them in the

second season or in January or whatever

and if you having a bit of fun you can

end up putting these plays in the team

anyway and you are basically cheating

because you got 99 overall players in

your team another tip though do not use

create players because creating a player

will basically do the same thing as

having a player at the club for one year

only so if you were to create a player

you cannot sell them in the first window

which of course then is annoying so what

you want to do is not create by his edit

existing players preferably young and

that's basically the cheat not too long

go check out the other video that is

probably on your screen now or in a few

seconds it's it's a lot better than this

one I think but this one's a little fun

one that you can do really quickly

taking maybe 10 15 minutes and you can

have a few hundred million in your bank

account buying a few players and I

alternatively you could just transfer

them to your club before you go into the

career mode but if you want to do this

that's cool if this was a cool little

idea for you doing the life on I

appreciate it a lot sharing around if

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