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especially those of you that been

watching my diamond dynasty video since

like 14 15 16 and so forth we're gonna

start off the year by covering the

community market the marketplace this is

where you go to buy and sell cards and

it's a lot different from other game

modes other Ultimate Team modes like

mutt FIFA Ultimate Team NBA 2k so we're

gonna cover the very basics and over the

next couple days probably over the next

week there's gonna be a lot of videos

that are gonna cater to you guys that

are new to the diamond dynasty game mode

I know there's probably a lot of people

out there searching and trying to figure

out how to do things I think that this

game mode is gonna see a big influx of

players with the troubles that Matt and

gameplay have brought this year and

people just wanted to try something new

and Diamond dynasty looks really really

promising this year so let's not waste

any time we're gonna jump right on over

to the marketplace now some things have

changed this year as far as buttons you

have to press in ways you navigate to

different things but there's a lot of

different ways that you can buy and sell

cards hopefully I don't forget all of

them I think I got it pretty much down

pat here I went over everything this

morning so community market this is

where you buy and sell cards you have

different types of cards like MLB cards

is are gonna be your players you have

equipment sponsorships stadiums lockable

we're gonna focus on just MLB cards and

then of course you have your orders

thing here where you can keep track of

your buy and sell order so MLB cards

will go right to it the unique thing

about the diamond dynasty market is that

if there's a card out there that you

want you can kind of set the price that

you're willing to pay for these first

four cards Don Mattingly

goose Gossage these guys nobody has this

card to sell right now but you know and

this is very premature but if you wanted

to buy this cart you can set your price

and right now somebody is saying hey I'm

willing to pay 36 K now obviously it's a

super-duper undercut and nobody's really

gonna sell that card somebody could make

a mistake and do it but you can

basically set your price so we're gonna

go through the auction house here and

we'll just take a look at Nolan Arenado

so we'll go ahead and pick him up right

or not pick them up a hit X and you can

hit buy or sell options so this is where

if you have this card you have two

options you can either sell it to the

highest bidder which is gonna be ninety

five thousand and one coin and if I try

to sell it it's gonna say no okay maybe

somebody just bought it so now let me

try it again that order disappeared

right as I was making the video so if I

tried to sell it for ninety five

thousand it's gonna say insufficient

item quantity meaning I don't have the

card but if I did have the card I could

go create sell order and you know

instead of selling it for ninety five

I'm gonna list it for ninety four

thousand you're gonna notice of it and

it's just it is what it is that's how

the market setup there's gonna be

nothing but undercutting that's just how

you get your cards to sell and there is

a 10% tax I want to make sure I pointed

out but if I had this card and I wanted

it to sell I would have to beat out that

95 K so I would go 94 K now it's gonna

give me an error and invasively say you

know better options available but

obviously I don't have that card in my

apologies you would have to go a higher

number not a lower number so I would go

create sell order and do 96k but again I

don't have this card so it's gonna give

me the insufficient item quantity error

now if I wanted to find this card

obviously I could just go right now buy

it now this is the cheapest one

available 121,000 Stubbs but it's gonna

tell me I'm broke I don't have enough

stubs okay but if I wanted to set my

price and say you know what I don't want

to pay 120 1k for this card I'm just

gonna you know hope that somebody might

sell it for 100 15k you can do this

again it's gonna be an error because I

don't have this card or I don't have the

funds for this car but if you hit

finalized order it would then put my 115

K and and it would put it on the on the

list here as as the cheapest option so

then somebody's selling it they would

see it over here and say yeah I could

either sell it for 95 K or I could sell

it for hundred 15k and my option

obviously would be the better sale for

them so really you want you know you can

set the price is what I'm saying

something let me go to some cheaper

cards here now they're all our filters

that you do go through just by hitting

square I believe the name filter is new

this year forgive me if I'm wrong I'm so

you can search by name and then you can

go just down to filter and this is where

it's gonna give a few teams various sets

positions and whatnot so if we go over

to the Rockies we hit the options button

to search now it gives me every Rockies

card in the game okay and this is gonna

be a better example so we'll go to Mark

Reynolds here

we're gonna hit X we're gonna go to buy

sell option so right now I could go

ahead and buy this one for 100 steps and

I'm gonna go to buy create buy order and

I'm gonna say I want to pay 25 stubs for

it so we put 25 finalized order so now

right here if somebody wants to sell me

this card and they're willing to you

know not undercut the 100 but let it go

for 25 and this is a really good way to

make stubs I'll cover this in detail in

another video but they would just go to

sell and they'd say sell now at 25 now

again I don't have this card so it's not

gonna work there and you now see

quantity 200 the 25 buy order that means

somebody else out there in the world

basically just copied me because I'm so


so that's that's one way to do this okay

right through the marketplace the next

way to do it is you can go to

collections and we have a gajillion

collections not really but we have some

nice collections here again you can do

stadiums you can do this with all the

cards and if you go to Coors Field okay

you go ahead and hit select nope you

could hit square told you some of the

buttons have changed and now we have

view it in the marketplace it pretty

much brings us back to the same screen

but now we have our buy sell options so

if I wanted to sell this card I could

sell it at ninety four again I don't

have it if I wanted to buy it I could

create a buy order and put it in for 99

stubs finalize order and there is my

order there at the top so the person who

might want to sell this card said I

didn't want to sell it to anybody for 94


but somebody named popular stranger just

listed being able or being willing to

buy it for 99 stubs let me quickly sell

them they would go to sell now and bam

so that's another way you can get to it

and this is all through collections now

live series this is probably going to be

the one you're going to spend the most

time in you can go to any team here and

you do get different rewards we'll go to

the Rockies sorry I'm using them as so

much an example but you do get rewards

for basically collecting a whole team so

with the Rockies

if you

let's collect all of the Rockies you get

an 86 diamond cargo

if you collect 30 you get some stubs and

some XP 20 stubs and XP tents 10 stubs

and XP it does sort these by basically

not good too good so you have your

lowest cards there again you can hit

square on this guy hit view marketplace

there's none up there that anybody is

willing to buy so I'm just gonna put in

a buy order go create buy order and I'm

gonna lowball it I'm gonna go nine stubs

so hopefully and I'll show you guys my

completed order hopefully somebody will

sell me this card for nine stubs instead

of me paying 93 stubs or it's just a way

to set your price and trust me

especially early on you can get people

are gonna sell you cards for cheap I

don't know if they make mistakes

sometimes you want to make sure your ear

careful going through these menus you

know you hit the button the X button too

many times you might accidentally buy a

pat velika for nine hundred army nine

thousand stubs when you didn't really

mean to so be careful there don't hit x

too many times take your time there

but again that's how you go through the

different collections now you can also

go to my inventory and go to my player

collection and you don't necessarily

have to have the card to be able to buy

and sell it so now we're looking at a

top down so this is greatest to lowest

look at each team so in this one you can

tab through each team with your r1

button this is the way I prefer here and

this this is not going to show you all

the cards that you need to collect and

this is gonna change as the rosters

change throughout the year but this is

the best way for me to say hey I got

three Red Sox hey I got two Yankees let

me sell them so these are some cards I

bought early this morning for example so

I'm not gonna try to pronounce this

guy's name but we'll go ahead and get X

we're gonna go to view and market and we

have now none are willing to be sold and

the cheapest one is 75 K so I'm gonna go

to buy sell options

I'm gonna go to sell I'm going to create

sell order and I'm gonna sell my car for

69 K you

giggity so finalize order now my 69 K is

the cheapest one up there we go back

we're gonna go all the way down it's a

little tighter tedious to go all the way

back down and up and down and up and

down but it is what it is it's always

been like that we'll go ahead and hit X

view and mark it and the cheapest one

here is 50 K now don't be afraid to

maybe go above this number 50 K is a

little bit low I think that mum somebody

eventually might buy this card for 55

and I'm sorry I keep saying K I'm

thinking MOT my brain still in mutt 55

Stubbs we're gonna list it as we'll go

ahead and finalize order so now we don't

have the cheapest option there but if

somebody goes and buys both of these

cards for 50 subs and assuming nobody

else lists another one we now will have

the cheapest card up there at 55 and

again I can put in another buy order

here and just say hey let's let's see if

somebody sells this to me for 9:00 okay

9:00 Stubbs go over to the Red Sox here

we have a little bit more expensive card

so we pick these up I believe for

roughly 225 and a new thing they added

if you look in the upper right hand part

of your screen right now it shows me

that something just completed one of the

orders that I put in completed that I

don't believe ever happened last year so

if we go to one of these two silver

cards we bought again we're gonna view

and market I paid 225 stubs for this

card so I'm gonna go ahead and go to buy

sell options go to sell and I'm gonna

try to sell it for now 415 so that's

gonna beat out the 425 that was just up

there but I'm not gonna sell it to

somebody for two hundred and five so

it's you know it's we're setting the

lowest price but it's also not the

lowest price that somebody's willing to

pay right now

so somebody who might want this card is

gonna go hey bye they're gonna click buy

now here I'm not gonna do it cuz then

I'll end up buying my own card and if

you're wondering yes you can buy your

own card stupid cuz you're gonna lose

10% tax but you can do it and then

Eduardo Nunez so we'll go ahead do the

same thing select you and mark it I paid

225 stubs for this one he's roughly a

little over 550 so we're gonna go to so

we're gonna go to create sell order and

we're gonna go like 540

hope somebody buys on that and again

that's a great way to make stubs we'll

cover it in more depth later on now if I

wanted to say buy another one if this

one sells for 540 I'm like damn I hope

somebody else will buy another one for

540 I'm gonna go buy create by order 225

stubs again finalize order and there we

go they subtract the 225 for my stub

count which is up in the right hand

corner it's listed here now if

somebody's willing to sell me this

they're gonna go to sell sell now 225

then ban that comes to my inventory then

I can go ahead and list another one for

540 so those are basically the three I

guess three best ways to get to cards

and don't be afraid to explore

especially if you go back to collections

I'll be you know the first view that we

took a look at gives you every single

card you can sort by team but there's

also a lot of different random things

out here that I haven't really gone

through legends and flash bags we go to

veterans we got all these cards here we

can go ahead and hit square it's not X

we can hit square

go to view marketplace now some of these

cards are not sellable or not viable and

it'll give you an error if so but we got

a lot of mer Guerrero here 250 stubs for

the 7 now 700 for the buy so I might be

saying let me put one in here for 260

and hope that somebody sells that car to

me and if they do then I can sell it for

a little under his 700 it possibly make

some profit now if you get confused and

you're trying to keep track of all these

different orders that you have remember

you can go back over here to community

market all the way over to my orders and

you got completed order so these is

everything that I've completed our day

up three pages worth of completed orders

and you can get to those through r1 so

you see kind of see my history there

there is the little pop-up menu that I

mentioned in the top right hand corner

but if we go back to active orders and

another one sold there these are all the

cards that I'm either trying to buy or

sell and it's a good way to keep track

of these and again the

thing that you can sort or search by

name so if a card sells or buys

specifically if there's a card that you

buy that you maybe forgot what team they

played for you can just search by their

last name just by going to your

completed orders and whatnot and then

the last thing and this is kind of a

tedious way to get to it but you can if

you hit your big start button here I

don't know what it is on Oh God

this game isn't on Xbox how losers I

spend almost said if it I don't know

what the button is on Xbox and then I

remembered so if you hit this button

this is the big Start button it brings

you to a quick menu you can get to

community market by going right there

let me back out to the main menu here so

again you can go to community market

that way you can hit it again and go to

my inventory and get there that way I

don't think they have collections show

shop my inventory yeah they don't have

collections on there but that's two

other ways that you can get to those

menus and make changes so I hope that

covered everything I hope I didn't talk

too fast the growth rings go through

things too fast if you guys got any

content anything you want me to cover

regarding MLB Dinah dynasty make sure

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section I'll try to put a video out on

it again we should have a pack opening

later today we should be doing some type

of how to make Stubbs video hopefully

later today if I don't run out of time

and I should be live-streaming this

tomorrow morning for sure maybe tonight

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