BioLife Plasma Services -- Donation Process

what if you could save a life and

squeeze in some quality me time while

doing it

thousands of people are catching up on

reading work and simply relaxing while

donating plasma a life-saving ingredient

used in biological drugs that saves and

improves lives I think it's important to

help out as much as you can to help

people who need it

I've been donating for about a year it

feels basically able to sing someone

like you know I helped somebody I've

been a donor with bio life for over 15

years the best part of donating is

knowing that you're helping others

you've probably heard about donating

blood and may have done so yourself but

what about donating plasma I was nervous

when I first came in but it was so much

easier than I thought it would be and

I'm really glad I started doing it

plasma comes from your blood and makes

up a little more than half of your blood

volume it delivers water and vital

nutrients to all the cells in the body

plasma regenerates so quickly that

donors can donate twice a week with just

a day in between donations in comparison

whole blood donations require a way time

of eight weeks to allow the cells to

regenerate who benefits from plasma

donations some of the more common

recipients are people with hemophilia

immune deficiencies emergency room

patients or burn victims at BioLife

plasma services will follow Erin a

first-time donor through the donation

process to see just how simple painless

and safe donating plasma can be I am

donating because I had a nephew

who needed to have a plasma treatment

and I wanted to help others by donating

my plasma requirements for donating

plasma are you must be 18 years old be

in good health and weigh at least 110

pounds the process of donating plasma is

very safe that is one of our main

priorities here BioLife is to ensure the

donor safety make sure that they are

well enough health that they are able to

donate the whole purpose of the

screening process is to determine donor

eligibility so we would examine any

health conditions that donor may have

and answer any questions to make sure

that we're having a safe donation during

the screening and donation process

donors can take advantage of the free

supervised playroom for children

Aaron checks in at the front desk to

start the screening process next she

provides her identification information

so she can be entered into the center's

electronic system she'll have her photo

taken and her biometric registered for

future identification the medical

historian will cross-check the N ddr

system the National donor deferral

registry to make sure she is eligible to

donate identification and medical

information is confidential once in the

center system donors can identify

themselves biometrically and then enter

their medical history online each time

they donate

all donors must pass a pre donation

screening at every appointment when you

come in regularly um once you have done

your first appointment the screening

process takes just a few minutes it's

really easy next thing we're gonna do is

called processing the medical historian

checks Erin's hematocrit the Machine

separates your red blood cells from your

plasma the hematocrit is going to be a

ratio of the two so the red blood cells

to the since this is Erin's first

time donating a nurse will take down her

initial medical history some of the

questions we ask are you taking any

prescription medications do you have

allergies have you ever had any

surgeries we want to make sure that the

class of the nation process is safe for

the donor and also for the recipient of

the final product

Erin like all donors is compensated for

her time donors receive compensation in

the form of a debit card this is your

debit card the nurse will also perform a

physical exam with Erin's donation

eligibility confirmed she's ready to

donate plasma the plasma donation

process is similar to donating blood the

only difference being you've got all

your blood cells back to you so you're

able to donate twice in a seven-day

period the safe and sterile process for

donating plasma is called plasmapheresis

what's going to happen is your Bloods

going to go up through these tubes into

the separation device your plasma will

fall down this line it's the collection

container hanging from the machine this

red the world will pull with your

concentrated blood cells and once it

gets about three-quarters the way full

you'll get all that blood returned to

the collection and Riaan fusion phases

are automatically repeated until a

target amount of plasma has been

collected the whole process usually

takes less than an hour it's very safe

to donate every piece of equipment that

we use here on the donors is disposable

so it's only their blood that's going in

and out of everything that we use we use

sterile techniques - for the

venipuncture the process is safe with

minimal if any side effects

donors are monitored throughout the

donation process that the people here

are friendly and everything it was to

tell you make sure that everything is

going alright they do a good job and

they make sure they check on you very

often to make sure that you're

comfortable you want to make sure that

you're well nourished and that you have

eaten a good meal prior to donating

plasma you'll also want to make sure

that you are well hydrated particularly

the day before your donation thank you

for donating so you won't see back at

your next nation okay thank you the last

step in the process is checking out new

donors generally do become repeat donors

we want to ensure that they have the

most pleasant experience that they can

while donating the first time all that's

left to do is schedule the next

appointment appointments can be made at

the center or on the internet since

plasma can be obtained only from healthy

adults it cannot be produced

synthetically donations are important to

replenish the supply of plasma I would

definitely come back and donate the

experience was great the staff was

friendly I was able to use the Wi-Fi and

my tablet the seats are comfortable it's

easy and you're helping someone plasma

hopes ms son who has a new deficiency

and others with health issues I think

our donors every day for coming in you

can actually be saving somebody which is

of every big thing

so it's definitely worth the time and

effort to do it you can find the nearest

plasma center by going to