Life of a Facebook Plant Seller | Buying & Selling Houseplants Online | Jumanji P1 | Ep 78

hello playing friends so today I am

driving to visit Jumanji John Jumanji

John is a collector and seller he mostly

sells on Facebook I think I would

consider him an up-and-coming seller or

maybe he's like up and recently arrived

seller on Facebook if you guys are

already on the Facebook purge groups and

you know some of the plant groups I'm

sure you've seen his name he's a very

very energetic very social super nice

guy yeah he's he's I think he's on

social media quite up quite often

because every time I iMessage he seems

to respond back really really quickly so

I'm pretty excited to hang out with him

today and I hope you guys enjoy this

series I really don't know what to call

it yet so

you know but I figure it out you guys

well we'll see how the titles and stuff

alright so I'll see you guys when I hang

out with them alright alright a little

plant friends I'm here with Jumanji John

and yeah say hi

I guess hello everyone nice to meet you

all so do my junk you want to tell them

a little bit about yourself I'm just a

plant nut I love all plants growing up

doing this with my grandma honestly I

think that's where it started maybe when

I was just a kid four or five years old

or need the basics you know breaking up

root balls whatever other than that I'm

a building inspector by living I have

you know two beautiful daughters a

beautiful fiancee so I am a busy man but

honestly still the plants take up 90% of

my time

I love plants it's all good so John you

you're you sell plants yes right yes and

I think that's that's fairly sort of a

new thing

yes it's only really started in the past

three four months and it honestly came

from Jimmy uh just my love of plants I

realize like hey if I bought three of

these I might get one for myself for

free or hey if I bought ten of these I

could get two or three for my friends

even you know so that's kind of where it

started from and it just spiraled out of

control I guess in a fun way

yeah I think for people who are thinking

about selling it's it's a lot harder

than it seems

oh yes it's yes yeah definitely I mean

if you want to sell a handful of plants

you know that's easy but I think once

you step beyond that even just trying to

keep inventory alive trying to track

everything trying to pack everything

it's very time consuming it's a

full-time job yeah yeah it'sit's really

time consuming and so you you mostly

sell on Facebook

correct right yes I think

that when you're selling on Facebook

there are additional challenges right

usually for me when I was selling on

Facebook it was like the communication

yeah it takes a lot of time yes I would

say that's probably the number one thing

like I said I spend 95% of my time on

plants and 50% of that is just

communicating trying to track everything

and recently you know my fiance's been

helping out a lot and we you know not

only have log sheets on the computer and

actual physical paper invoices but it's

still something slips at the crack here

there and or a busy family so it's

really hard you know and other people in

different time zones might be why isn't

he replying what's going on you know but

really or just making dinner over here

yeah there's there's just so much

communication involved and I think a lot

of it it's just kind of like you're

you're getting inquiries right people

are asking you you know not in was like

trying to waste your time right no no

there's no curious yeah

and it's it's just like you know I get

ten messages and only one sale yeah all

right and it just it's a lot it's a lot

of work and I don't mind I'm a people

person I like talking to everyone I like

talking about plants I wish I could do

it all day you know it's just

responsibility gets in the way so it is

a little hard and people want to know

well what plants do you have for sale

well it'd be easier for you to tell me

what plants here looking yeah you know

yeah send me a picture if you don't know

the name send me a picture what you like

you know yeah I think everyone does it a

little differently some people on

Facebook I know that they they actually

have like a list of plants that they

have on sale we know with the prices and

stuff other people who are sort of like

you or it's kind of like you have so

many that it's a little bit harder and

it's still more of a hobby for me you

know it's more just of a hobby that

happened to turn into a side business

and just my love for plants you know

maybe one day will turn into something

bigger I never know you know I honestly

Jimmy I know you're from Los Angeles -

I'm tired of driving around in the

traffic so I could hang out my family my

plants all day it would be great I think

it's a lot more work than people think

it is yeah you're trying to like resale

planets it's you know it's a lot of

driving around a lot of dis

communication with people yeah that's it

just takes a lot a lot of time equally

shipping there's been numerous and I

I'm over here waiting for my family to

go to sleep so I could start packing

plants early in the morning or something

like that you know and it's a lot it's

time to say I don't even I I feel like I

don't sell mostly because of the

shipping the shipping it's really really

time-consuming yes I'm the one who

mainly takes care of all the plants

unpacks the plants everything but you

know maybe that's just me need to let go

a little control but everyone else I

love the plant so much don't want to

hurt them so everyone else is starting

to help out with it you know I'm packing

them up and it's hard to find someone

else who loves the plants and as much

dedication is needed to be my sidekick

and help me though so let know let's

talk about some about Facebook Facebook

has has really become a very very

popular platform too so I by itself yeah

fine cell plants as well as you know

talk about things right but you mean but

you know we're talking about the the

buying and selling part there's a lot of

Facebook groups now and I know that you

do a lot of selling on Facebook correct

you know for those who are not doing the

Facebook thing can you tell you know

those people that like explain what like

purges are planned purges planned purges

are mainly you know it's on Facebook and

it would be a group generated on there

someone created and it could be named

whatever it wants but there's a lot of

people that join these groups and

occasionally sellers like myself or

other people will post on there and

we'll list our plants on there and

various different methods with a bunch

of pictures and you know have at it

sometimes their auction Styles sometimes

their prices out there but you know

another good thing about the Facebook is

you can search and you can find reviews

on people and see who else is known and

who else is done it before and make sure

no offence is someone trying to start

out but sometimes beginners might not

have the packing skills down or might

not have everything down so Facebook

platform is really good for sellers and

buyers to get research and information

on you know ya know I think it's a it's

a great community even if you're not

buying or selling you just want to talk

to other people who love plan

it's yeah it's a great community I've

met a lot of friends through Facebook

already that I ate it didn't even know

you know and people that same boat as me

people come over here with their kids

you know we have a pond in the backyard

kids will be feeding the fish whatever

we hang out it's fun it's open we've met

a lot of friends to the basement plane

commander yeah yeah I think the plant

purges have have really become really

really popular on Facebook

basically they think you know people

just like list tons of plants with their

prices and then it's kind of like a

first-come first-serve auction a day yep

rockers first type first type and it's

it's lightning fast sometimes particular

plants can sell out in minutes you know

I I think I've I think I've tried try to

participate in one months and months ago

but but I never I was never fast enough

to do buy any and then so now like

occasionally I will

quite honestly why I've only ever bought

and bought three plants in a purge maybe

um it was just a plant that was so

beautiful I couldn't have I couldn't

help it I had to have it you know and I

rolled the dice but I I'm still nervous

every time I get one two in the mail but

do your research and you can usually see

who's done it before and find something

good on Facebook you know I love

Facebook it's fun it's it's kind of

entertaining for us to post something

and I might turn around for two minutes

and turn around there's 20 comments on

my home over well videos yeah you I

think it's very easy to get overwhelmed

yes screenshot me screenshot me or sold

comment please oh my god I think I had a

few Francie's like tried and they sold

like five plans on a purse and they said

it was just like it totally tired it

totally tired it it's a four I say a

purge for me start you know I'll start

posting and I'll take pictures of stuff

and I'll get prices ready I'll start

posting so from the minute I type of

purge to the end of the day you know

finally like okay I'm done I've gone

through most of the comments did I send

most people an invoice that didn't have

a question I bet it's a four to five

hour deal oh yeah yeah you know that's

not even that's not even packaging the

plan no that's not even I'm ordering the

plans or thinking about what plans

you're purging that's purely just like

the purge

and the communication invoices and

that's only probably 80% or so the

communication because there's still

people hey did you need a heat pack

what's your zip code always like what

else do you got can I add this on and

you're just like well you're gonna get

lost in the mix wait till I send 50

people tracking numbers and then you're

a message where we were just talking is

50 people down yeah it gets overwhelming

yeah I think that yeah you know I think

that for people who are just just

collectors just buyers just you know I

just want you guys understand that

there's there's a lot of stuff behind

that happens you know on the seller side

yes you know and we're not even talking

about like growers and then sellers

right there's there's a reason why there

are a lot of resellers in plants because

a lot of growers they just have basic

need to unload tons and tons of plants

at a time from their facility they're

not going to like they don't bother with

the people who just lie it's like one

plant Riley if they if a grower has

hundreds or thousands of plants they're

not gonna like care about you wanting

one or five maybe even or even a ten

just because they need to move hundreds

if not thousands of them yep they need

yeah exactly they need to move it so

that they can grow yeah they can grow

more and then us that's where our you

know my position comes in you know and

then we could sell them and not to say

that I don't grow my own but I just

can't keep up with yeah there's no way

you know what with like the

corporation's are there's no no way no

way you can get but we could try it's

fun but uh no it's hard to compete with

a big corporation yeah yeah see the ones

that so these are the ones that have

sold yes this is the shipping lane um

you know we start with the boxes over

there we have the paper grab a paper

yeah we have the bubble wrap over there


well this is yeah this is uh yeah we

make sure we have stickers you know

people can be rarely be aware that

there's a live plant a huge role of a

saran wrap this is just the lane rubber

band you know different masking tapes

it's a yeah it's a it's a thing turn all

of you

you know which Amazon's been slacking

sorry everyone they're coming oh wow

yeah you even have a yes yeah just it's

just a it's just a bunch of it uh it's

it's real it's a yes it's a thing it's a

thing yeah I mean like there's an

Arsenal Arsenal a variegated sidonians

right here waiting to go out all sold

these are popular these are popular

popular I think well rated yeah I think

super fun very classy easy to grow easy

to grow yeah but you do gotta pay right

some people they cost some money they do

cost some money it's weird how they cuss

considering how fast and how easy they

are to grow then the price is a little

yeah the price it's a little bit

overpriced but I think the hype is worth

it me too beautiful overrated plan Jimmy

the more anta I just don't like it it's

very difficult it likes a lot of

humidity the lease will get crispy I'm

not I'm not afraid to tell people to not

get it I may not be the best salesman

but I am yeah

I don't I don't know I don't even know

how popular it is it's a very calm it's

I would say it's cooler on the common

one so it looks cool it's very common

yeah just very picky these two people

seem to like these a lot

it's a little polka dot plan I just like

to have a little something for everyone

I just like the color yeah but this is

shipping Ali go down the road okay so

you have cheese Jay you really you

really went serious on this you have a

scale yep cuz you need to do that

there's a printer over there any

shipping this is just you know twine

well you have the bobby pins only pin

stuff down you know the 99-cent store we

got our stickers tags labels here's all

the cloning stuff everyone I mean number

one number eight number sixteen cloning

gel the cake a pace or however you

pronounce it uh Kiki or a KKK I don't

know I mean either I don't know either

oh yeah this is like a serious like work

bench jacketing

yes it's a lot we probably fill up that

container full of soil every week yeah

we have enough taking all the plants out

of the pots oh I see it yeah I mean

yeah this is this is nuts we make our

own soil - Jimmy you have the chunky

mitts over here oh yeah

do you sell soil the people I will

locally if I just started making it

mainly for myself cuz I got tired of ya

mixing it up so we have the chunky I

just have like your basic soil down

there's like a fluffy mix Orca Lydians

and calla cages and stuff but yeah I

will sell it as people coming out yeah

as this you know buying seasons coming

but people who are thinking about hey

I'm gonna try Facebook what are your

recommendations if you want to try face

but the only thing I could say is you

know I'm not the most tech-savvy with

the social media either I'm getting into

it more um all I can say is use that

search bar research stuff type in the

name of your plant that you want see

what other people are selling it for you

know make sure you're getting a fair

price you know and yeah maybe yours is a

little expensive but maybe it's a nicer

plant just because one person selling it

for twenty another person selling it for

sixty doesn't mean they all have to be

twenty necessarily yes more vice versa

you know so just do your research and

compare them so I think that you know

especially like new collectors sometimes

they you know they see like you know one

plant the same plant buy one for 20

bucks and one for 60 bucks and then

they're like they get really mad at the

person that's selling it yeah I think

for sixty dollars but you know you don't

you don't really know what's what's

behind that sixty right like did they

grow it from seed yeah is it like a

really funky version yeah larger is it

more unique like you just don't you know

it's really hard to compare yes there

are some people that are selling the

twenty dollar plant and they want 64 yes

that happens there is really yes alright

but I think that it's it's not a good

thing for us to automatically assume the


yeah it's a situation very well I have a

lot of rare plants and then you know

some some unique ones here there and

people will be like oh how much for that

and then I'll tell them a price you know

and it also has my emotional value

attached yeah you know exactly usually

doubles that but you know and they're

like well no way I saw it over here for


watch your crazy our hey did you know

you can get that the 99-cent store I'm

at all really have fun over there I have

to say that like when I sell like my

personal plants the plants that have

been in my collection it's pretty hard

no like they're more expensive it's just

like that motion right you're surprised

my double yeah yeah the prices are I

would say yeah they are higher and I

don't know I can't let a percentage on

it but I don't think oh I don't think

it's conscious 200 it's really I don't

mean one my ring the fire over here you

know maybe we'll see it later but I love

this particular one and I see him going

for you know whatever 75 100 dollars all

day but no way yeah exactly know what I

don't think it's conscious on our part I

think it's just like automatically you

kind of think about it as being more

special yeah how you both so anyway it's

just as a you know if you're looking

around and yours you know you're

thinking about buying if you know

there's a plan out there that you think

is overpriced or whatever just let it be

like you don't have to come you know

don't be mean about this P+ about it

yeah move on yeah exactly

just move on just ignore it you know go

find him get a laugh out of it yeah yeah

all right sometimes I see prices and as

I go wow look at this yeah I think yeah

I think like let it go take a laugh out

of it also you know you may try to

figure out why it is true as expensive

truth yeah maybe you could dig deeper

and educate yourself like you said it

was something rare is something unique

oh look it I didn't know that only one

out of ten look like this you know one

out of whatever that's like you know so

it is special that's why I got not my

cup of tea

yeah but you know I see why exactly yeah

so I think like for me when I when I

when people ask me about Facebook or

social media you know Facebook and

social media you know Facebook and

Instagram yeah a lot of people are

selling and buying plants on those


they don't have a rating system right

like when you sell on like eBay or if

you have a storefront with yellow yes

exactly right like Facebook sellers and

sellers yeah and growers and it's the

grand people they they don't have like a

rating attached

them I think you kind of have to be a

little bit more patient and give it a

little bit more time like for you right

like like you said like if they spend a

week or two weeks on Facebook already

those book groups they're gonna see your

name yeah like yeah you are pretty

prolific pops up a lot it amazes me yeah

my mind - they don't like you comment

you have things for sale people interact

with you you yeah other people right

like what's fun for you and yes exactly

and you you enjoy it and other people

you know other people enjoy active

members in the community yeah so so yeah

really realistically all they need is

like a week or two to sort of

familiarize yeah you know what it

wouldn't take very much you're right I

mean with two weeks have seen all right

I want to see in this person post one

time and then offer one plant but I've

seen this name ten times so you might

tend to lead toward the ten you know or

whoever's yeah it's a way to see who's

who's more professional with it or who's

done it more often yeah you know so yeah

so yeah guys if you if you're thinking

about buying on Facebook this season

just give it a little bit more time ray

legate's just don't just go in and buy

them join some groups yeah joins join

all the groups and then you can you can

get rid of them later but uh enjoy some

groups and uh

so many and let it fill your newsfeed up

and you'll see like who's the good one

who's not yeah no all right John so you

have a family mm-hmm you have a job yes

a full-time non plant related jobs

sixteen years in it uh-huh and this

whole plant thing sort of went from

maybe not zero but maybe like 10 mm-hmm

to like 150 yeah 200 yeah you yeah you

went from probably a small collection to

much rarer plants much bigger

collections and then much more

maintenance much more time-consuming

yeah and then now you're selling so you

have to keep an inventory yeah I plants

that are initially alive no ants that

are in addition to your regular

selection yes

how has your your family taking it or

how have you fitted in to your busy

schedule I would say the most the only

way I've done it is just completely blow

off 95% of them I

regular responsibilities okay honestly

I'm completely overwhelmed over here it

is insane Jim ignore the family yeah the

job yeah I just don't go to the zoo no

part trips regular regular nine-to-five

just show up late you know two or three

hours late to your job if your boss is

cool with that luckily I'm the boss but

uh yeah Jimmy it's been a lot I'm still

so transitional hey excellent advice

there done okay you're welcome

know that everybody see all that goes

for ya your boss will love it but no it

is um just trying to get more organized

Jimmy that's one thing I could say I try

to get more organized try to stay clean

my family's been helping out a lot yeah

so that's it just don't be afraid to

invest in things too if you're a seller

try it don't be afraid to invest it or

gonna make things easier for you it

seems like your family has really

pitched in and they kind of really

embraced this this hobby

yeah gig career thing my fiancee

definitely helps out a lot and she helps

me keep my head straight because if not

I would oh my gosh I'd be all over the

place you guys are beginning the wrong

plan sent to the different address and

who knows you know I'm very good at

talking and being personable and all

that I'm also very organized but

sometimes it's a lot that my fiance

helps out a lot my kids help out a lot

whether it's cleaning or moving plants

and it's kind of fun as a family though

you know you could ask my kids about per

lights or Toyota's or whatever and they

know all about it you know what a

drainage layer in there you know so it's

it's fun it's been good well maybe one

day it will turn into something bigger

you know yeah so I guess you guys split

the responsibility of watering potty

that kind of I think that like you guys

Jimmy I think I know I think I'm such a

no but the Jimmy that I do it all right

ooh let go some responsibility but uh as

far as planning I'm and stuff yeah I my

fiancee she helps out she does some of

them but I think it's me I need to learn

to let go Jimmy it's pretty oh don't

break that how about leave don't touch

that ha ha so she everyone tries to help

out but I I need to learn to let go a

little bit I think it's part of it so I

think I think you're gonna get to that

point where you sort of have to yeah I'm

there else yeah I'm there I'm like if

yeah I'm there for sure there's no way I

can maintain all this without my family

like it's insane my personal collection

is so big that that's it right there

that's even hard for me to take care of

yeah so to add in the business no way I

could do it I and if it gets any busier

anyone know any friends locally they

need a job man it is it is busy it's

crazy so but it's fun I enjoy it I'm


hope you guys enjoyed this episode and

tell next time happy planting