Selling Plants On eBay Experiment

hey guys welcome back to the thrifty

Christian YouTube channel in this video

we're gonna talk about selling plants

live plants so this is something that

when I was up early one morning doing

some research I discovered that people

were selling live plants and they were

selling seeds and cuttings from plants

and it was something that I really

wanted to just kind of test to see if it

could be done now I'm gonna give you a

little bit of a backstory here my mother

loves plants and when I stumbled across

this I thought wow you know my mom I

used to own a nursery a long time ago

when I was in the landscape industry so

my mom was always helping me you know

she always loved to come out and take

cuttings and and you know propagate

plants so I thought I wonder if this is

something that would interest my mom

because that's all we really talk about

you know we talk about our plants and we

talk about you know wouldn't it be nice

to just grow this plant if we could it

was always a challenge for us to go in

and try to grow or propagate from either

a cutting or a seed you know certain

types of plants so that's what we've

done over the years so in this um you

know I explained to my mom what I was

finding on on eBay and I challenged her

I just said basically hey let's let's

see if we can grow you know a tray of

tomato plants and let's see if we can

sell one so basically we did that we

grew a tray and in these following Clips

I'll show you the process on how I you

know we're how I grew that how she grew

the plants I could give her credit for

that and how we did the shipping so if

this interest you guys I can show you in

another video or something else where I

found these sources

but you can just basically go onto eBay

and look for you just type in seeds

plant seeds or live plants and you can

put in a variety of a plant and like I

said in this case we grew little tomato

plants and they just grow so easy and

they grow so fast that you know it's

it's not much of a challenge to do but

if you figure you can grow 72 individual

cells with multiple plants in each cell

you know and it's not something that you

have to yeah you don't really have to

monitor these plants you just have to

have a little bit of us you know spaced

so it's something that people can do now

I'm gonna add this disclaimer I am in

way a no way shape or form versed in

trans transporting agricultural products

across state lines so in this video I am

actually taking a risk now I can say

that when we listed the product right

there was a pop up and it was a warning

stating that you need to read and

understand the laws for each state as

far as how to you know ship plants and

what can be shipped across international

lines as well so since we're not doing

anything international which I know is a

no-no thanks to that border wars show

that I watched years ago that

specifically talked about people who got

caught the airport's trying to introduce

a fruit or a plant or something like

that so that's my disclaimer if you guys

want to do this please do your own

research please do not hit me up with

comments because I cannot answer those

questions simply because I need to keep

myself free of any liability in those

areas okay

so the first thing that I do is I just

come to the little tray and I just

extract the little plant like so these

trays are called cell trays and

basically what they have is just a

double liner so here you can see the

little roots on the bottom the bottom of

the tray holds moisture or water and

that allows you to just set them out

here I've got them sit out here by my

pool patio because my mother actually

grows them so anyway just pull a couple

of them out and then we walk them inside

there's Chico and I've already pulled

them so I bring them and then I put them

on this paper towel so that way some

excess moisture can get pulled off of

them and then I just wrap them in

cellophane like that and then from there

I took two plastic water bottles and

basically I'm just gonna slip these two

together and put them inside that and

then put this over the top of it and

then put them in the box but I'll also

put some paper or some bubble wrap

inside the box so that way it won't

jostle around and shipping so let me do

that real quick okay so there we go

I just put them right inside I didn't I

don't even have to tape this together I

don't have to tape the two halves

together it's about the same size as a

regular bottle and at this height they

fit in perfectly if they're not crowded

there the stems are not bent but yeah so

now I'll just

strategically place it inside the box so

there we go

it's not gonna go it's not gonna get

damaged the plants are gonna be fine you

can see that they're not gonna they're

not gonna get damaged in any way so now

I'll just tape this up throw a label on

it and get it out as soon as possible so

being that this is the first time that

I've done this I'm really really curious

as to how much this weighs and what it's

going to cost me oh my goodness

I can't believe it only seven ounces

that means that it's gonna cost me to

ship it to Illinois

and thanks to USPS for messing up all

the pricing it'll cost me three dollars

and twenty eight cent to ship that to

Illinois and that's gonna be awesome so

that's right about where I wanted the

pricing as far as shipping and I may go

in and modify these boxes or find a box

that's a lot smaller to reduce maybe

another couple of ounces and get that

price down even further so considering

that I've got air pillows very

lightweight the plastic bottle very

lightweight and the two plants or the

two cells inside seven ounces that's

great but I'm happy with that

so my profit margin will be hanging

tight let's see okay I think let's see

okay so I put in that the I put in that

the cost was a dollar and I sold it for

951 I could raise that price in the

future if the sales go well which is

what I'll do incrementally raised the

price if these sell very well so the

shipping cost me three dollars and 28

cent and my total profits after PayPal

and eBay fees is three dollars and

seventy eight cents so like I said if I

can get that around four dollars a unit

net profit I'll be really happy with


so anyway okay so one final thing I

forgot to show you guys I just put out

some printed out some instructions that

just typed up real quick and I'm gonna

put that in the box along with the plant

so that should wrap it up okay guys so

that's it for this video

thank you for watching as always god

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