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ever wanted to make printable planner

stickers to sell on Etsy I'm gonna show

you how to do it hey guys what is up

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today I am doing something a little bit

different I'm actually gonna be doing a

deep dive how-to video on how to sell

digital printable planner stickers on

etsy so I'm actually in the process of

converting a bunch of my printed like

printed files that I used to actually

make and ship to people I'm in the

process of converting a bunch of them to

printable format so I thought I would

walk you through my process how I do

everything best practices how you can do

it yourself and stuff like that I am

very aware that this is a very niche

kind of video so if you're not

interested no hard feelings

I'll see you in my next video but I

definitely wanted to put this out there

because I feel like a lot of people know

me from the planner world and a lot of

people are interested in selling

printable planner stickers on Etsy so if

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Monday Wednesday and Friday okay so we

are gonna go ahead and jump over to my

computer I'm gonna show you kind of my

workflow how things work how I do

everything and stuff like that so let's

go jump over there let's go ahead and

get started I've done a lot of the pre

work because I recorded this earlier and

it didn't actually record the whole

thing it took me about an hour because I

was just talking so much so I'm kind of

just taking that as my practice so

instead of doing all of the recoloring

and stuff on the recording I have gone

ahead and done that myself so first of

all let's take a look at my sticker shop

right now my printable shop so this is

what my printable shop looks like I

spent a few days last week reformatting

all of my listing pictures and working

on the SEO and stuff like that so this

is the kind of goal this is actually the


that I did earlier today so this is the

goal that we are going to go for it I'm

gonna show you guys how you can get your

listing photos to end up like this I

have all of my pages kind of laid out

and then this is what's included so I

include five PDF print files one how-to

guide including the paper that I use and

then five free bonus silhouette cut

files so the first thing to note with

printable planner stickers is you are

not allowed to sell silhouette cut files

so you'll see if you do your research a

lot of shops will say that they are free

I do suggest including them since they

are the most popular like platform and

software to use and cutting machine to

use but um you cannot sell them so make

sure you stress that they are free bonus

files I also have a picture showing that

you can cut them by hand because the

lines are there that you can trim them

to fit in your planner or to store in

your planner storage system and then I

do just have some information that you

can use them in a digital planner and

then to check out more info in this

little box here so that is the goal that

we are going with so the first thing

that I do when I'm making printable

planner stickers is I have let's go here

so I have basically working files so

these are working cut files and this is

what they look like so I use the same

files for each kit that I have so that

if somebody buys a kit from my shop they

can use the same cut files for every

single kit that they ever buy it also

makes it much easier for me to design

and reformat and upload new kits because

all I have to do is a recolor

these exact files whereas if I was

changing all of them it would take me a

lot longer so I go ahead and I recolor

all of these files so you'll see theirs

two sheets here to here to here to here

so that's eight and nine it makes a full

kit so I made the decision and this is

something I actually made two decision

so the first decision I made is that I

didn't offer a bleed on any of my

stickers and I also included the lines

so that you can see them when they are

printed out so this was done for a few


so one I wanted hand cutters to be able

to cut my stickers so they didn't have a

silhouette I didn't want them to be like

at a disadvantage so I wanted to include

those lines but also I'm pretty sure

with sill or with Cricut if you trace

they like import a JPEG of this which I

don't include JPEGs but I do include

like you can Google like how to

transform convert a PDF into a JPEG or

you can use Photoshop I do kind of like

include that in my FAQ guide but you

trace it right so it makes it easier to

trace for Cricut users I'm not a Cricut

user so I don't know how factual that is

but I did just kind of want to make it

as easy as possible so that's something

that you have to think about if you do

want to kind of cater to all audiences

and you don't want to do this method you

might have to do multiple files but I

just didn't want to I knew that if I had

too many files to convert I would never

get them up there so I wanted to make it

easier for myself I'm not gonna lie but

yeah so my full kits have 9 pages and

again because I know that some of my

customers use happy planner I wanted to

think of them too so I included happy

planner size boxes for the classic size

happy planner so that was just a way for

me to fill out the sheet so it wasn't an

empty space again not something that you

obviously have to do but I'm trying to

make this kind of work for everybody

with the washy sizes that I

have AI feel like they do obviously you

need to stop to trim them a little bit

but that's I feel like that's like a

small a small negotiate negotiation okay

so after I have all of my files

recolored in silhouette I go ahead and I

save them as a PDF now you will if you

don't have a Mac you will need an

additional software I believe to save as

PDF I'm not entirely sure how to save

this PDF from a Windows but I do know

that it is possible so what I do is from

my Mac I do file and then print as if

I'm going to print it and then in this

little drop down here you just hit save

as PDF and then this is going to save as

a PDF in this folder and this kit is

called Fleur this is the photo kit that

my husband and I actually took the

photos for and that's our cat baymax

but I love this kit it's so freakin

beautiful so yeah I save that as a PDF

into the folder so I already did that

for the other four files just so that

this wasn't like a super long video

because I did not want this video to be

an hour long you guys don't want this

video to be an hour long if you want

like more detailed info on like sticker

sizes and like how to actually use

silhouette there are tons of tutorials

for that on YouTube already but I'm just

specifically talking about how I'm take

my stickers which used to be printed and

I turned them into printables so after

that I'm going to go back here I have a

folder here called completed collection

so these are all of the collections that

I currently have up on my Etsy shop and

I'm working I have like honestly I

probably have like a hundred collections

that I need to like convert but it's

gonna obviously take me a really long

time to convert all of them so I'm just

doing a few at a time but what I include

in a purchase I have three folders so in

a collection say the America collection

you have the PDF printing files which

are the PD

so that you just saw and then you have

the silhouette cut files which if you

look they are very very basic cut files

so this is another decision that you're

going to have to make when you're doing

printable planner stickers you're gonna

have to decide if you want your cut

files to be super basic like this or if

you want to drag your PDF back into the

files that it looks like this but

basically the reason why you want to do

that is you don't want to leave it like

this because if you leave it like this

like a customer can like move and like

kind of change and chop up your work and

it's very easy for them just to like

duplicate kind of what you've done for

different things rather than like

supporting your shop again and all that

stuff plus they can recolor this kit

they can do kind of everything if you

just leave it like this so for me I just

do a basic cut file in my FA cues I say

print the PDFs and then use the

silhouette files to cut so it's up to

you how you want to do it but I highly

highly suggest not leaving your files

open to manipulation like this because I

I would just highly suggest it you work

a long time to design all of these kits

and you don't want somebody to just come

and like change all the colors and

basically get like five hundred kids out

of one purchase if you know what I mean

so I include the cut files for all of

those PDF files so you have cut files

and print files for each sheet I also

include an FAQ doc it just has some

frequently asked questions that I think

are going to be asked like how to print

how do I use it with a cricket what

paper printer do you recommend and what

can I do with my printables so for the

paper and printer I also have included

this which is a file with links to all

of the supplies that I use in my shop so

those are all of the files that are

included in a purchase you can include

more you can include less this is

just kind of what's worked for me so

this collection is now ready to be

uploaded to Etsy but you can't actually

upload a folder to Etsy so what you're

gonna have to do I know this is this is

not going to fully work and I'll explain

why in a second

but for normal printables you are going

to have to compress this into a zip file

so what you do on a Mac and again with a

PC I don't know if you need another foot

or another program you're gonna have to

look that up but what you do with a Mac

is you just right-click and you click

compress and this will compress it into

a zip file now Etsy's limits for zip

files are pretty small this is 87

megabytes that is way too big so I'm

going to show you a workaround for that

so I'm just going to go ahead and delete

that but as you can see here these are

not zip files these are docx files so

when I run into that issue and then I'll

refresh this that the new folder comes

up what I do when I run into that issue

I go to my Dropbox which all of these

are automatically saved to my Dropbox so

that I don't have to like backup or


and then I hit share so you can use

Dropbox so you can use Google Drive you

can use whatever works for you and then

I go in and I change this link to the

new link and it's just basic info saying

that Etsy doesn't have a huge file limit

so file size limit so you have to open

via this link which people understand

and then I save that dock so that dock

is actually gonna be what I'm gonna

upload to Etsy and what a customer is

actually going to receive and then

they're going to be redirected to this

Dropbox folder so that is everything I

need to do here we're gonna move on to

the listing photos now okay so for all

of my listing photos I actually use

canva and before when I did have a

printed shop I used Photoshop

religiously but I honestly I really wish

that I had known that camp I had

capabilities because I definitely would

have switched sooner so I use canva

basically if you don't know what canva

is it's basically like your design Haven

you could pretty much make anything on

canva and I'm talking like anything it's

pretty amazing

so I basically use canva for everything

I use it for my listing photos my

Pinterest pins my Etsy shop banner my

YouTube thumbnails my YouTube banners I

kind of use it for absolutely everything

I use it for like my freebie ebooks that

you get in my email list which by the

way I do have this freebie e-book going

out it is listed in the description box

down below so it's your steps to

step-by-step guide to creating a digital

listing on Etsy so definitely go grab

that for some more info because I do

know I am going through this a little

bit fast but yeah so if you haven't

tried canva I do have a link down below

too for a 30 day free trial for their

pro version personally I really like

their pro version so the main things

that I use with their pro version is the

ability to if you see this thumbnail

here you'll see that like I'm like cut

out or if you see this one here even

you'll see that I'm like cut out so the

pro version has like an option where you

can just like click a button and your

backgrounds to move from a picture I

also use some of the premium like design

elements like the little like cartoons

and I also use the ability to resize a

project so I could take any project and

resize it to a different size so if I

wanted to reuse it for like Pinterest or

Instagram or anything like that I could

do that with like one click so that is

why I love the pro version there are

tons of other Pro features that they

have I also love the design school they

have courses they have tutorials in case

you're like not comfortable with using

canva they even have one about the pro

version so I mean if you haven't like

tried it definitely go check out the

link down below and see what you think

tried the pro version out 30 day free

trial I mean I love it so yeah I just

wanted to put that out there

so this is what my file looks like for

my weekly collections so how we are

going to take this and turn it into a

listing picture what I'm going to do is

I'm going to open up all of the PDFs and

I'm actually going to screenshot them I

mean this was a pretty similar process

when I was using Photoshop Kelly I would

just drag the PDFs in but it was a lot

more tedious to set up with Photoshop it

was just so much easier with canva if

you want me to do like another tutorial

on how I set up my listing photos in

canva like how I actually created them

let me know and I can do that because

I'm like totally converted I love it so


okay so my name is screenshot all of

these on a Mac I'm doing command shift 4

and then dragging this box and that gray

box is basically what is going to be

screenshot screenshotted I don't know

you get what I mean ok so once they are

all screenshotted I am going to select

all of them and drag them into my canvas

project so what I love about this setup

is you can literally take a picture and

drag it in and it is that easy

I swear like it could not be more simple

so yeah that is essentially all I do and

I do actually go back and select a color

what color do I want for I think I'll do

this one actually there's more pink in

this collection so I'm going to take

this coral color

I do just select a color from the kit

and I

make up the accent color I was going to

do all pink like to match my branding

but I thought doing an accent color

would help the hit stand out and then if

somebody has like a favorite color they

would be able to like easily spot it you

know what I mean so I'm trying this out

and we'll see how it goes so yes I just

go down my files and I changed the color


okay so once you are all done changing

the colors and dragging in your sheets I

go ahead and I do Fleur

all right just change it to the name of

the collection I do two times the size

just so it's a little bit better quality

on etsy and then I download all of the

images and that is it for my listing

pictures it is seriously so vast okay so

my last step is to upload the listing to

Etsy so I am in the back end of my shop

in the listing section so I just go

ahead and I copy a weekly kit listing so

I just hit the gear icon and I hit copy

and then I'm going to upload all of my

pictures and what's great is that if you

upload them like so that their then they

go one through ten they'll upload one

through ten so you won't have to like

move any pictures around so this is the

current format I am testing with my

printable vertical weekly kits

for the title I'm gonna kind of assess

in a month and see kind of if my CEO

could do better and then go from there

but that's what we're working with right

now so yes now is the tags and that is

probably the hardest part

if you watch my SEO video you know that

I use ear ink so I always go to ear ank

and I kind of search not what is e I

search like kind of like what I'm

thinking for a tag so II rent

essentially will tell you kind of how

often a tag is searched the competition

that you have and stuff like that and

then it will also tell you like other

options that you might have so I'm gonna

go ahead and do floral stickers just see

how it goes I'm also gonna do vertical

we can

it's I have ec planner stickers in there

let's see how often vertical weekly kit

is searched okay I'm gonna go ahead and

do planner sticker kit instead then

what's - did I do weekly kit think

weekly sticker kit is probably too long

and it's not honestly it's not even

searched that often so what I like about

ear ank - is that it will show you the

character count so Etsy has a character

limit of 24 tags so you'll be able to

see here like what you can actually use

as a tag and also I'm going to show you

my little tip soap printable planner

stickers printable planner kit let's

search so what I do is for like say the

kit say like a shop like this plan hello

what you can do and this is like yeah I

almost feel like bad telling you this

but I'm just gonna like check out her

tags but you can actually put a shop

name in here do I spell that right and

you can analyze the listings for that

shop and then you can see kind of like

what tags they're using to get ideas for

your own I mean tags are not gonna be

the only thing that get your listing

found but

I mean it's worth worth checking out so

I have printable stickers plant stickers

is quite popular about flower stickers I

could do brunch too cuz like it's kind

of a brunch theme it has like Prosecco

and breakfast in the searched never

that's surprising it's like it's kind of

like stuff like that that would just

waste space you know what this could be

used for anniversary stickers or even


yeah we're gonna go with anniversary

because it could totally be used for

anniversary that's kind of like what

else you want to think of like what

would somebody use this for or like if

it's like a gift or say for example

you're selling mugs more than likely if

you're selling like a twenty dollar mug

nobody's gonna buy a 20 dollar mug for

themselves not like normally but they

will buy it as a gift for someone

especially if it's like funny so that's

also something you have to think about

like putting like something like

birthday gift and your tags rather than

just like kind of what the mug is about

if that makes sense

so you kind of have to like try and

think outside the box but tags are

something that like I go back to

constantly because I mean that's he's

always changing and I mean what people

are searching are always changing so you

have to kind of keep up so the last part

of this listing process is uploading my

file so I just hit Flur and I upload it

and then I publish my copy I like to do

renew automatically for my listings just

so that I don't have to worry about it

but it is up to you what you want to do

and then I'm going to view it on Etsy to

see our beautiful work so that is how I

take my printed stickers and I turn them

printable so I did create a coupon code

for you guys in case you wanted to check

out I thought maybe you might want to

check out like kind of how a customer

experiences the start-to-finish

purchase process or if you wanted to

grab stickers for yourself or anything

like that so you can use confessions for

10% off anything in popco stickers but

yeah I'm gonna go back to the Krissy who

has makeup on her face and her hair done

because spoiler alert I do not right now

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