Why is this Plane Causing Problems + Review [★WAR WINGS★]

hello pilots and welcome back to the

channel for a brand new video on war

wings and yes by the title you're

probably wondering what that's kind of

like deal is with this being backlash

that we're gonna be talking about as

well as kind of a little review of this

particular plane now people will

probably be wondering like diehard fans

of the game will probably be wondering

hey you know what's the deal with this

plane this is not really in keeping with

the kind of scheme of things how things

have evolved with the gosta jets and

other kind of planes and biplanes and

why the fact this is not world war two

related and I think that's really the

thing I did kind of explains in

yesterday's videos that why you should

play war wings and I talked about the

kind of evolution of games and how

things have changed and it's something

that a lot of games kind of go down the

line of changing this plane kind of like

is a big staple a big punch a big notice

saying hey well there's a few changes

they're going in now first of all

obviously people may have thought this

was to be an April Fool's but now it's

kind of like a plane that's actually in

the game first thing when I saw this

plane was it reminded me of Thunderbirds

so like fun Thunderbird three just by

its whole kinetic design and kind of the

point of the aircraft and some people

have said it is kind of like comparisons

can be drawn to other kind of planes a

lot of fictional planes and lots of it

but last thing is like is like a

fictional plane that wore wings have

come up with a big chunk of the backlash

can be found on the Facebook group for

this picture of the fighting sword which

obviously is the plane that we're

talking about today I'm not going to be

showing any of the people's kind of

things that they've said because though

anonymity and all that and like it's not

cool but the main thing to really say is

the main criticism is about the game

being all about world war two planes I

do understand that kind of you know

level of criticism I was watching this

trailer in a Dunkirk showing and that's

obviously where I found this particular

game and got so interested with it and

as I said in yesterday's video I kind of

judged this game based on playing it not

because yes I liked world war two plays

that's great but at the same time I

liked good gameplay I liked something

that seemed easy to handle and the same

time I like I like kicking butt and

trying to better myself each time that I

play which is the whole kind of concept

of gaming the fighting sword has got a

lot of unpopular feedback especially

when it comes to

even people singling out or something

they've got to shoot down because it

looks so out of schemes with a game and

and obviously that can become a little

bit frustrating when people are looking

to pick up this plane to fly it around

and find that not able to make any kind

of difference in game because there's a

target of everybody's firepower okay so

we've got the criticism and the kind of

backlash out of the way with regards to

performance side of things yeah okay so

I'm gonna run over the top of me some

footage of me playing with this and it

kind of speaks itself with a cast of

things like the speed like I found that

everything just speeding away from me

and that the speed of this plane is

pretty darn well low in comparison with

other tier 8 if we look over at than me

then we've got the speed of one to seven

we then go across the unicorn and it's

one one eight and I like the Unicorn

like it's a really decent review some

plane but the me one of my favorites the

only thing that lets down his

survivability which obviously if you

look on the fighting sword it's a little

bit better than the me but also it's a

lot less than the unicorn I'll come back

judging on which ones I actually like

tier eight but the comms guys like

premium ones are ones that really

perform for me and I really enjoy kind

of fighting with yes there's kind of

differences with the ghast

a lot all three of them but the fighting

sort is kind of mr. average in the kind

of plane Department and I don't know if

I'm gonna overly like recommend it but

the same thing is something that you

have to take away from yourself when

you're playing it if you choose to get

it but I do think there's other planes

are that a bit more exciting even though

one that looks a bit like Thunderbird 3

you know shouldn't be kind of considered

to be a bad one with regards to this

whole kind of makeup either way like I

said if I found it it was a completely

average build but my if I compare it

like I said to my other premiums which I

think you should do should we compare it

with things you like the mean 216

version 7 and as well as the unicorn are

two planes that I really enjoy at a and

videos will be coming out on those

fairly shortly because I had such a

blast but the Fighting's thought is

something that you have to make a

decision on I didn't really find

said that good I found it like a mr.

average tire plane finally your thoughts

on the plane in the comments section is

is going to be a plane that you would

potentially get do you think is mr.

average and the same times you think it

has no place in this game it's not about

those kind of planes they should go

obviously your thoughts thank you very

much for watching this video on the

fighting sword as well as the the

backlash and criticism that was

associated with the plane more war wings

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