How To Buy A Plane Ticket Online - How To Travel Esp. 3

hi this is Janice Skye shy travels with

the Scottish I travel guide I'm going to

give a brief tutorial on how to book an

airline reservation so we are at a a

calm and we're going to scroll down to

where it says fine flights and here it

says book round trip we're going to

choose round trip the other choices are

one way round trip plus hotel we're

going to book a round trip we're going

to choose the airport code if you don't

know the airport code you hover over the

magnifying glass and you type in your

city I'm going to type in Chicago that's

my hometown and I'm going to click on

Ord Chicago here International Airport

and then for where we're going to we're

going to click on New York New York has

several airports we're going to choose

New York LaGuardia LGA the date that we

want to travel we're going to pick let's

say November 7th

returning on Monday November 10th now

we're going to choose the number of

travelers and choose one traveler two

three four five up to six now we click



okay and so now it's going to give us

options oh here we go we're back in

business there okay so now it's going to

give us options choose your departure

flight and here list the days Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday chose a Friday

November 7th the airfare $292 is the

same for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Saturday through 14 Sunday 382 Monday is

382 normally the cheaper days to fly or

Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday here

there's a variance I believe this is

some a holiday weekend so that could

account for the difference so now over

here it's the flight number and this is

the departure time and it is in military

time so it's 0 555 am Rives in New York

LaGuardia at 9:00

900 am and it's 292 then they have

choice essential they give you one check

bag for free and you get to board first

and so you can upgrade to that for 350

they have choice plus that gives you one

check bag you board in Group one

boarding and you also get to change your

ticket for no fee so you can upgrade if

you want the most inexpensive fare you

would choose to 92 and so now it's going

to populate and once again it gives us

an opportunity to upgrade our ticket

you get one check bag round-trip $50

value you can change your ticket for

$200 Group 1 boarding 18 dollars so it's

worth to pay the hundred and sixty

dollars you're saving two hundred and

fifty and you can change your ticket

choice essential gives you check bag and

group 1 boarding board the aircraft

first and then this is first class for

five hundred and thirty dollars so we're

going to keep our selection and continue

on to our return flight and sell the

pricing for the return flight 382 if we

return on a Friday Saturday 336 Sunday -

90 - Monday it's - 90 - we're going to

keep Monday

it's asking us to upgrade to leave on

the 6:00 a.m. flight we don't want to do


it's $22 more if we want to leave at

6:30 a.m. 22 dollars more if we want to

leave at 6:59 a.m. and it's 292 if we

leave on the 7:40 a.m. flight so we're

going to click that and ask for your

advantage number you enter that

information I'm going to click continue

so this is a recap from Chicago to New

York for one adult Friday November 7th

returning on Monday November 10th

it's two hundred ninety two dollars

round trip if you sign up for the

Vantage um

city credit card you earn thirty

thousand bonus miles plus you get $100

off your ticket so that would make the

ticket one hundred and ninety two

dollars and your first bag is checked

for free so you would just complete all

this information and then click continue

and it'll ask you for the form of

payment so that is basically how you

book a ticket so if you have any

questions you can visit me at the sky

shy Travel Guide my blog you can call me

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