6 things to do with your Placenta

why on earth would you ever keep your

Plus sent attack there's a few different

reasons and they're pretty good ones if

you saw last week's episode about what

the placenta is and what it does and

what you can do with it then you might

be feeling a little bit of love towards

that placenta you might be feeling like

you're not quite wanting to throw it

away so in today's video I'm gonna give

you 6 things that you could do with your

placenta if you decided to keep it the

first thing that you could do is create

a placenta print and it's basically

creating artwork from the blood on your

placenta after you have your baby so

some might think it's a little gory

other people might think it's really

beautiful and artistic if you wanted to

make a print of your placenta there's

lots of instructions that you could find

online but basically you just lay the

placenta down with the umbilical cord

facing up and you lay a piece of paper

on top and it makes a print and then you

can go ahead and decorate that as you

like and and even put it up on the wall

this is a print that I found on

Pinterest that is just so beautiful and

so definitely thinking about doing this

for my necklace enta the second thing

you can do with your placenta is

actually what I have chosen to do with

my two placentas and that is to plant it

under a tree planting your placenta

under a tree it just feels like

everything comes full circle like you're

giving back to the earth and it's also

very symbolic right to have a tree that

is growing from what has kept your baby

alive so that's kind of a very neat

thing because the placenta is very rich

nutritionally and so the soil around

that placenta really gets the benefit of

those those nutrients

and one word of caution though if you

are going to plant it under a tree make

sure it's at least a foot deep so that

other animals aren't smelling it and

coming and digging out your placenta so

the next thing you can do with your

placenta is actually ingest it and the

reason you want to ingest your placenta

you might want to ingest your placenta

is because it does have health benefits

on the other side of your pregnancy that

will help you out in the postpartum

period so it's things like if you've

lost a lot of blood it's very very

punishing in that way it helps to

balance your postpartum hormones which

actually prevents or protects against

postpartum depression and anxiety it

helps with your breast milk production

it helps with your healing postpartum so

there are definitely benefits in terms

of like getting you back on your feet if

you do ingest your placenta so if you're

super hardcore you can straight up like

fry up your placenta with onions and

garlic and eat it like a steak that is

one option for you another option if

you're not quite so hardcore then you

could have it prepared so you can

actually have it dried and encapsulated

into pills that you can take or you can

have it created into a tan shirt so if

you don't want to make a print of it and

you don't want to plant it under a tree

and you don't want to ingest it either

straight up or in a prepared form like

pills or a teacher then another option

would be to donate it so you could do a

little bit of research beforehand to see

if the hospital or if there's a man with

reprogramme around or a birth center or

somewhere that they might like to have

your placenta donated for research and

then if none of those other options

sound good to you hang on to it if you

don't and throw it away and none of the

other keep options really sit well with

you yet then just keep it you can keep

it in your freezer like I said mine are

still in my freezer you would store it

into a plastic container that is also

inside a plastic bag that will help to

make sure a that there's no freezer burn

on your

placenta and also to make sure that when

you do decide what to do with it and you

want to thaw it out but it's not like

leaking that's not to juice everywhere

so that's it guys that's what I wanted

to share with you about your options if

you do decide to keep your placenta I

love some of these options I'm

definitely going to take advantage of

definitely that printless like so pretty

and if you like any of those options

that we discussed let's talk about it in

the comments below did you see anything

there that kind of felt nice or

resonated well with you if you like this

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