Little Zoe's Pizza -The Smartest Way to Sell Pizza - New Hampshire Tourism - Keene

stick with me as we discuss one of the

smartest ways to run a pizza business I

was at the porcupine Freedom Festival

located in Lancaster New Hampshire when

I came across this vendor who was

cooking pizzas in these specially made

ovens that could get to high

temperatures using propane gas they were

incredible I want to find out all about

how this business runs hi my name is Ed

Forster and my business is little Zoe's

actually this is our mobile unit we also

have a taken bake location in Keene New

Hampshire we offer the finest in pizza

that you get to take home and pick

yourself one of the advantages of that

besides the immense convenience aspect

is the fact that there is no tax

involved this is considered a grocery

item and therefore because it still

needs to be finalized with you are

finished with you you don't have to pay

that extra why would someone go to you

to do you know make your own pizzas to

take home compared to just picking it up

at the grocery store like where you know

you have to convince them it's

convenient just grab some at the grocery

store why would they come all the way to

you well there's a few different reasons

one we have a huge selection of topping

sauces and crust styles so you can

create whatever pizza you like I mean we

have over 12 different sauces 70

different toppings and five different

styles across the other thing is unlike

a grocery store pizza that has been

sitting there for who knows how long

ours is made fresh just for you when you

order it and then you pick it up in a

relatively short period of time and I

say relatively because you've got about

three hours of unrefrigerated time and

about twenty-four hours of refrigerated

time but like a good deli sandwich it's

not something you want to buy and save

for later it's you know it's maybe later

that evening that kind of thing so how

does it work so I've never been to your

location is it kind of like if I want to

show up and get a pizza do I put an

order in or is it more like buffet style

where I make my own pizza well it's kind

of funny

you mentioned that I remember a Seinfeld

episode back when Kramer came up with

this concept of the customer gets to

make their own pizza and we kind of like

that idea however you can't put your

food on the pizza but our our shop is

very much like that in the sense that

you know our kitchen is open you come in

you see your pizza being made you can

direct and influence the people who are

making your pizza make sure it's exactly

the way you like it because you're going

to take it home and you're gonna bake it

exactly the way you like it oh you can

find this at little Zoe's calm you can

order there you can call us up at six

zero three three five eight six thousand

one or you can just come on in to Keene

we're right off of Gilboa Avenue at the

center at Keene if someone wants to

invite you to their event you can email

us at comments at little Zoey's calm

there's actually or even ed Forrester at

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