This New York-Inspired Pizza Shop is Bringing By-The-Slice Culture to Toronto | Window Slices

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we just throw some oil on the top of the the  crust here it just kind of gives it some some  

great color as it comes out of the oven so this is  a fresh fior di latte that's made for us yeah this  

is actually some stuff from prince edward county  and we uh we hit it with just a little bit of salt  

a little bit of sicilian oregano a little grated  pecorino romano and grana padano cheese that's it

hey i'm Ryan Baddeley and i'm one of the owners of  Pizzeria Badiali this project kind of came about  

from a love of pizza whether it be some  travels in Italy and some trips with  

friends to New York i always found that Toronto  kind of lacked a little bit of that culture of  

grabbing a quick slice we have a lot of great  pizza here but i always thought that like a  

little nostalgic pizza shop in the west end would  have been something that everyone would appreciate

yeah i always kind of had my eye on this  corner spot here on Dovercourt and Argyle i  

live in this neighbourhood it always gave me  the kind of nostalgic feeling of something that  

would be in Brooklyn or like a borough in New  York somewhere and i always thought it would go  

well with having a little pizza shop yeah i always  loved the culture of just grabbing a quick slice  

and not necessarily grabbing like a whole pie you  know the culture in New York is so great for that  

there's a couple old school shops that i love like  the Bitondo's and Fresca in Toronto but i thought  

we could really add something to that put a little  bit more kind of concentration into the dough  

and a little bit more high-end ingredients into a  slice that's a little bit more special for Toronto  

so with our dough we use a combination of  Italian flour and a bread flour from Ontario  

kind of gives it that elasticity of like that the  double zero kind of gives to it but also kind of  

gives it some structure for some air and that's  kind of why i think our dough can be so light  

we only add just olive oil and salt to that  nothing else we add oil and salt to the dough