When Is It OK To Use PIRATED Software?

hi guys my name is Varro Dante are you

using pirate software let's talk about

that so in one of the recent videos I

mentioned that I don't do any ZBrush

videos because I can't afford the

license that costs almost 900 dollars

and some people were confused about why

won't I just pirate the software and use

it for free especially a Ukrainian

Russian portion of my audience what

question this knowing that I'm Ukrainian

and in Ukraine and Russia piracy is a

pretty big deal and generally I know

pretty much most of you beginner guys

probably use pirated software if you are

able to so I decided to make this video

to have a little discussion about

whether or not it's okay in any case and

generally what to think about it I'm not

just gonna be telling you this I want to

have a discussion you guys tell me what

you think about what I say because it's

obviously a bit of a touchy subject

isn't it I've been pirating software

since the dawn of my practice with a

computer's I think I was like 6 or 7

when I've got my first PC on my actual

birthday I don't remember exactly but

I'm pretty much almost sure that even

Windows operating system on that

computer was illegal this is just the

way it is in the second world countries

especially if we talk about this

situation about 10 20 years ago when

Ukraine and Russia just fell out of the

Soviet Union so people had no money and

there was actually no real way to

legally buy Photoshop or something like

that there were no stores there was no

internet actually there were only pirate

markets where he can buy a compact disc

with pirated software or movies or music

everything that was awesome but yeah

with that history I have to say that

only thanks to piracy I am where I am

right now

knowing everything I know and giving you

guys some tips and advice on how to

improve your skill in digital art

without being able to pirate software I


know anything I wouldn't be able to

practice any software we don't have that

kind of education where you get access

to like big expensive software legally

even in a university they say she of

course to use a pirated software what

are you stupid you know that kind of

attitude pretty much maybe it's changing

lately but as I was growing up this was

pretty much the case so yeah most of the

professionals that don't come from like

big first world countries they probably

like most of them at least got their

skills using pirated software in fact

there is an opinion a pretty solid one

that big companies that develop

professional software like Autodesk

Adobe and a no other ones they're

actually quietly unofficially quite

grateful to the fact that piracy exists

because that kind of software for

instance Autodesk Maya I think it's

license costs like nine thousand dollars

not a single future professional will

ever be able to afford that to learn it

and far from all countries actually have

an access to the educational license

while you're in the University of that

sorts I don't think there is an actual

like way to get an education on how to

work with Autodesk Maya in Ukraine I'm

not sure maybe it already exists but

again definitely wasn't the case at

least ten years ago so generally because

piracy exists and simple people that

really want to learn 3d or digital arts

or many other stuff programming these

people get access to the software that

they can't afford and they become

professionals that use this software and

then when they come to big companies to

work if they will be using this

expensive software and that's where the

company will have to buy this license

and that's how the big companies

developing this software profit so

pretty much big software companies are

at least supposed to be rather grateful

to the existence of the piracy now it

doesn't mean that you have to pirate if

you live in United States or in European

Union there are probably ways to get an

education and

actual educational license some of them

are close to being free or maybe

absolutely free maybe I'm wrong but at

least there is a thing as an educational

license I know that for sure so that

makes things a lot more affordable and

also if you live in one of those

countries there's probably quite a

different situation with the piracy I

think in United States and Germany and

some other countries you can actually

get punished as an individual for

pirating software in Ukraine that's

pretty much zero chance to happen only

if you're a registered company then you

will be monitored by for instance an

autodesk representative can come to your

office and actually look at your

licenses and if something's wrong they

will sue your company and it doesn't

happen with individual artists that are

just freelancing in Ukraine for instance

but I think you can actually get in

trouble even as an individual in the

first world countries

I'm not hundred-percent CERN that if you

guys know something about it feel free

to share in the comments all that being

said of course it's not okay to pirate

software as a basic rule if you're using

a software you have to pay people that

spend time and effort to develop that

software so they would be able to

continue doing it or not continue and

just get the money they deserve and the

only case where I personally can justify

piracy is if you have zero chance

practicing your skill with the software

that you need for your future work as a

future professional if you have no way

to get it otherwise in your country and

in your financial state and of course

this little nuance where you kind of can

justify it's only applies to a big

professional software that you really

need to study for your future work I

don't think there's any way to justify

pirating video games or something and

even with the professional software the

moment you start making money with that

software you absolutely have to buy the

license for all the software you use for

work and this is why being a youtuber

making videos about creating arts and

monetizing these

I can only make videos with ZBrush when

I buy the license for ZBrush and this

conclusion is not up to discussion in

the comments I just wanted to explain my

position and maybe start some kind of

discussion on this subject that I don't

think a lot of people actually have on

YouTube maybe they do I never actually

looked it up so yeah this is it this is

all I had to say tell me guys what you

think about everything I said do you

think it's justified to use the

professional software that you need for

your future works to actually practice

your skill when you're not making any

money and you actually have zero access

to that software illegally and also

there are any representatives of the big

companies maybe Autodesk or Adobe maybe

some of you guys work there tell me what

you think maybe there is some kind of at

least somewhat of an official position

of the companies on this subject I just

think it's kind of interesting and for

now this is it and I thank you for

watching if you did I guess I did if

you're here love a like and subscribe

tell a friend by that license too early

ones and I will see you in the next one



funny how most licenses an app store are

much cheaper because no one's gonna pay

a huge amount of money for an app and

also because much more people buy it on

the App Store what a time to be alive